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How to Leverage Social Media PR for Your Business

What is social media PR? Social media PR shares information to create a positive brand image and connects with influencers to build trust with an audience on social media platforms. Public relations (PR) and social media are like bread and […]

21 TikTok Tips & Tricks to Make Pro Videos As a Beginner

You’ve seen the explosion of TikTok, the viral videos, and the trends that appear in TV commercials, shows, and stores. With one billion monthly users, it’s no surprise that TikTok has made an incredible impact globally. With this impact, businesses […]

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9 Facebook Ad Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid Making

With 70% of Facebook users logging into the platform daily, this social media site is an excellent place for you to reach prospects where they spend their time. By running Facebook ads, you put your business in front of social […]

How to Create an Engaging Poll on Facebook That Increases Interaction with Your Social Media Followers

Your audience's feedback is critical for helping you make better business decisions. One of the easiest ways to get feedback is to put up a poll. It's an interactive way to ask questions and get answers from your audience. If […]

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The Instagram Ad Best Practices & Tips You Need to Succeed

Instagram ads generated an incredible $26 billion in revenue in 2021. If you’re not using the platform to reach your audience, you could miss out on enormous growth potential. However, the platform is highly competitive, so you must create engaging […]

An All-Inclusive Guide to YouTube Thumbnails and How to Create Ones That Generate Clicks

Though the saying goes that “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover,” many people rely on the book’s cover to tell them if it’s a worthwhile read. It’s no different with YouTube videos — people use YouTube thumbnails to […]

How to Run YouTube Ads in 10 Easy-to-Follow Steps

Did you know that YouTube streams over of video a day? This platform is one of the most popular places for people to consume video content, which also means it's an excellent place to advertise. If you want to know […]

4 Social Media Branding Strategies for SMBs

What is social media branding? Social media branding is the process of creating an identifiable and unique image of your business on different social media platforms. Stacey is looking for ways to encourage people in her area to visit her […]

5 Tips for Creating Engaging Social Media Videos

Video is one of the most persuasive assets you can create for your brand. It allows you to communicate quickly in a scroll-stopping format if you do it right. But how can you make the most of social media videos […]

Account-Based Marketing on LinkedIn: A Beginner’s Guide

You’re no doubt familiar with LinkedIn as a place to find potential employees and attract job applicants. But what about using it to find clients for your company and market to them? LinkedIn allows you to do exactly that. More […]

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