With more than 300 million people using Instagram Stories, it’s safe to say that it’s a popular feature of the social media platform. That’s why Instagram has expanded Instagram Stories to include shoppable stickers, which make it seamless for users to purchase products from their favorite brands.

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With more than 2.2 billion active users a month, Facebook is the world’s leader in social media. Whether you’re marketing to seniors, couples, or singles, it’s an ideal platform — and often the foundation for every social media marketing campaign.

Facebook continues to enhance its use as a marketing tool with the launch of Facebook Brand Collabs Manager. This feature lets you partner with new and established influencers on the platform to reach your ideal audience, improve brand awareness, boost audience engagement, and more.

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With more than 800 million active users each month, Instagram is an increasingly important platform for influencer marketing. Businesses of all sizes, from well-known brands to rising startups, use Instagram to connect with influencers to promote their products and grow brand awareness.

The launch of Instagram TV (IGTV) signals a new chapter for influencer marketing on Instagram, as it provides companies and influencers with a variety of tools to engage users with original content and encourage purchases.

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If you manage a business Facebook page, you’ve probably experienced a few headaches trying to increase your reach and find new ways to break through the Facebook algorithm.

As Facebook makes more changes, it seems harder to find ways for businesses to increase reach on Facebook.

There are two things you absolutely need to increase your Page’s reach: high-quality content and an engaged audience. How do you obtain both? We’re breaking it all down in this post!