Any good digital marketer (like yourself), understands the massive potential in advertising on Facebook. At the very least, you’ve explored the idea of advertising on such a popular source of traffic.

Even if you’ve seen a healthy amount of conversions from Facebook advertising, you can’t help but wonder how your conversion rates measure up. Comparing your results to the average conversion rates for Facebook ads can give you a good benchmark.

It shouldn’t be what drives every decision you make with your advertising budget, though.

Keep reading to learn about average Facebook ad conversion rates and more importantly, how to determine your company’s success with Facebook ads.

As social media algorithms evolve, it’s harder than ever to connect with current and potential customers through organic social efforts alone.

Social media advertising can help you connect with more valuable, targeted leads — and it’s a great way to support your business goals.

In this post, we’ll take a look at five of the most valuable types of social media advertising in 2019 and beyond. We’ll walk you through the ins and outs of social media ads, so you can get the best possible results from your social media efforts.

Just keep reading to learn more about five top types of social media advertising — or check out our social media advertising services to get started today!

Social media conversion rate is important — a matter of fact, it’s the very metric that makes your social media efforts worthwhile.

Although there are other important metrics you can look at to determine the success of your social media marketing efforts, like engagement, keeping track of your social media conversion rate will give you insight into how your social profiles directly affect your company’s sales.

Ever get an irresistible urge to try a new product or service? Did that smoothie your friend was drinking on Instagram occupy a spot in your mind for weeks until you tried it? Order a fresh pair of cowboy boots after listening to Young Thug’s remix of Old Town Road? You might have been influenced by social proof marketing, a wide-ranging social media marketing phenomenon.

Social proof marketing combines the power of social media with traditional sales and marketing concepts. In practice, this can look like a million different things but the gist of social proof marketing is taking customer reviews, feedback, and behaviors shared on social media and showcasing them as marketing materials. For example, a clothing shop could share photos of customers posting Instagram photos of them wearing their clothes. Another example would be an eCommerce store that sells yard supplies showcasing videos of the yards of happy customers in front of their homes.

The key principle of social proof marketing is the belief that the actions of many can influence the actions of one.

Social proof helps potential customers see a product or service in action. Seeing photos of other people enjoying a new car helps convince customers that they should make a new purchase. We’ve all felt this fear of missing out feeling before when seeing photos of other people buying a new car or traveling abroad. Social proof marketing can take elements of that fear-of-missing-out feeling and put it to work for your business.

So why exactly is it so effective?

If you think Facebook is critical to the success of your business, you’re like the 42% of marketers out there who feel the same way.

Facebook allows you to connect with your audience, provide a new level of customer service, skyrocket brand awareness, and even boost website traffic and conversions. But the only way you can reap all the benefits of the social media platform is to understand the Facebook algorithm.

Facebook’s algorithm determines what content users see and can greatly affect your posts’ interaction and engagement numbers.

On this page, we’ll talk about the Facebook algorithm in 2019, and why Facebook is more concerned with meaningful interactions on the platform.

Whether you want to boost leads or attract more qualified candidates, social media advertising can help you accomplish your business goals.

Specifically, LinkedIn advertising services allow you to connect with professionals in your industry, earn more leads and candidates, and grow your business.

In this post, we’ll look at seven tips for running LinkedIn Ads that drive results. If you need help getting started with LinkedIn ads, call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about advertising on LinkedIn.