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Your Ultimate Guide to Awareness Advertising


What is awareness advertising? Awareness advertising is a marketing strategy that aims to increase consumers’ familiarity with a business’s products or services. While you may be tempted to focus solely on bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU) goals, like conversions and revenue, BOFU efforts […]

Google is Sunsetting Similar Audiences: Here’s What You Should Know


Google recently announced that its Ad platform will be sunsetting Similar Audiences. So, what does this mean for you and other advertisers who use Google Ads’ Similar Audiences tool to reach new customers? Read on to learn more about why […]

Top 5 A/B Testing Ideas for Responsive Search Ads to Maximize Your Conversion Rate


Are you looking for A/B testing ideas for responsive search ads? This post covers five ideas to help you optimize your responsive search ad campaigns and maximize your click-through rate (CTR). Your pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign is crucial to […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Google Ads Optimized Targeting and Audience Expansion


In 2021, Google announced that they were migrating their audience expansion-based video action and discovery campaigns to an optimized targeting system, raising questions among marketers about the difference between Google Ads optimized targeting and audience expansion. Comparatively, Google Ads […]


5 Best Advertising Agencies of 2023 In the World

With an advertising agency partnership, you can drive far better results for your marketing, ultimately leading to higher amounts of revenue. On this page, we're diving into the top advertising agencies in the world for 2023! Keep reading […]

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6 Steps for an Awesome Programmatic Advertising Strategy


Transcript:  Not sure how to create a programmatic advertising strategy? Don’t worry. We’ll give you some pointers in this video. Before we get into those details, let me quickly review what programmatic advertising is. What is programmatic advertising? Programmatic […]

What is Cost Per Mille (CPM) and What is CPM Bidding?


What is CPM? CPM stands for cost per mille, and it measures how much you spend on your ads for every 1000 views they receive. It goes without saying that you need to track how much you’re spending on your […]

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What Are Amazon Video Ads? [+ 3 Best Practices to Wow Your Audience]


If you’re an ecommerce business, then you know Amazon is a gold mine of prospective customers looking to make a purchase. Advertising with Amazon video ads can put your business in front of the right people at just the right […]

A Simple Guide to Google Ads Image Extensions and Set Up


Online shopping has evolved to meet the needs of modern customers, who prefer a more visually engaging experience. 86% of shoppers expect to see images when they go online to make purchases. That's where Google Ads image extensions come into […]

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The Best Adtech Software Solutions for 2023

Advertising technology, or adtech for short, enables you to streamline your advertising processes, manage your campaigns, optimize your ads for better results, and more. But not just any adtech software will help you accomplish your business goals. You need […]