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14 Critical Advertising Metrics You Need to Watch in 2023


Paid advertising is one of the most effective strategies for helping your business earn new leads and increase revenue, but how do you know you’re doing it right? By tracking advertising metrics, you gain insight into how your ads perform, […]

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Top 5 Benefits of Pinning Headlines in Google Ads in 2023 (+ Best Practices)


With the advent of Google's responsive sponsored ads, it's never been easier to show your ads to people interested in your offerings.   The increased word counts and the ability to dynamically combine headlines and body copy into a […]

The Ultimate Guide to Advertising Plans


Advertising is a critical step in any marketing process. By showcasing your products, services, and business, you can reach more people and increase your bottom line. For effective advertising, you must have a plan that considers your customers, goals, and […]

A Simple Guide to Google Ads Image Extensions and How to Get Started


Online shopping has evolved to meet the needs of modern customers, who prefer a more visually engaging experience. 86% of shoppers expect to see images when they go online to make purchases. That's where Google Ads image extensions come into […]


Google Ads Auction Explained — How to Improve Your Ad Rank

When it comes to online shopping, many begin their journey through their favorite search engine — which, for most people, is Google. As of January 2022, Google averages over three billion searches per day. Google ads are an efficient and […]

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5 Easy Steps for How to Write an Ad Like a Pro


Writing an ad can be a tricky business. With ads, you have limited space and words to impact your reader. You may find that advertising in a digital environment is even more difficult because people can quickly become distracted […]

Top 16 Display Advertising Metrics for Boosting the Success of Your Ad Campaigns


The real value of display advertising is in how it boosts the performance of your other digital marketing efforts. This includes search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, direct marketing, and even word-of-mouth marketing. You can gauge your display […]

How to Advertise on Netflix: What You Need to Know About the Ad-Supported Tier


Netflix has given us many things: From 80s nostalgia in Stranger Things to delicious period dramas and romances with Bridgerton. But now? The popular streaming platform is adding advertisements to that list. While audiences may not be entirely thrilled about […]

How to Set Up Offline Conversions in Google Ads


Google Ads is one of the most helpful tools online. You can use it to run paid ads in Google search results and on third-party websites, enabling you to reach your target audience and drive conversions. As you drive conversions, […]

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A Basic Guide to PPC Testing: How to Optimize Your Ads for Greater Conversions

Standing out in a daily barrage of paid online ads in today's crowded digital space might feel like an uphill battle. However, PPC ads that bring the best results are not created once and tossed aside. Instead, they're cultivated by […]

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