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Social Media Marketing for Facebook: Your Guide to Earning More Conversions from Facebook

If you own a business, you need new and exciting ways to reach your target customers online. With so many opportunities for getting qualified customers, how do you know what strategies work best? Facebook has over 2 billion active users, so it’s […]

Lemon8 for Marketing: 3 Tips to Master TikTok’s Sister App

Looking to add some zest to your social media strategy? With Lemon8 for marketing, you can reach new customers with engaging photo and video content. Keep reading to learn more about the new app that’s giving TikTok a run […]

10 Social Media Hacks for Businesses That Are #Genius

There’s never a dull moment on social media. Every day, new topics are trending, memes are created, and relatable content is shared. Users can scroll themselves down a social media rabbit hole, and businesses can do the same while trying […]

Top AI Tools for Social Media Managers Looking to Increase Engagement

Digital marketers use artificial intelligence (AI) tools daily to streamline and automate different marketing processes. AI tools are making a significant impact, from brainstorming new ideas to writing copy. When it comes to social media, new uses for AI are growing every […]

pinterest analytics

A Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest Analytics and How To Use It

Pinterest is a place of discovery — whether you’re looking for new recipes, browsing outfit ideas, or want to create a mood board, Pinterest has diverse content for everyone. More importantly, Pinterest is a great place for businesses to market […]

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8 Best Social Media Analytics Tools to Use in 2023

Want to know why some of your social media marketing tactics are working and others aren’t? With the right social media analytics tool, you can get those answers and more. Today we’ll talk about some of the top social media […]

Top Brands on TikTok: 12 Brands Who Are Killing It (+ What You Can Learn from Them)

When it comes to marketing your brand on TikTok, creativity is key to standing out among the noise of the other 100,000 TikTok creators active on the social media app. If you’re looking for that spark of creativity to get […]

50+ Social Selling Statistics to Know in 2023

The power of social media can’t be ignored, and these social selling statistics prove it. Social selling gives businesses the opportunity to nurture better relationships with their prospects while showing them the value of their products and services. Today, we’re […]

How to Advertise on Facebook [Your 2023 Guide]

If you want to reach new business leads, consider using Facebook.  In this post, we’ll discuss how to advertise on Facebook, plus offer tips for your ad campaign. So, keep reading! Why advertise on Facebook? Before we […]

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facebook reels

What Are Facebook Reels? (+ 3 Key Features To Know)

Looking for another way to connect with your Facebook audience? With Facebook Reels, you can create short-form video content that wows users and, thanks to Facebook’s Reels features, appeals directly to their interests. Keep reading to learn more about Facebook […]