B2B Martech Pricing: What’s the Cost of B2B Martech Software

If you want your business-to-business (B2B) company to stay competitive, you need to take advantage of software and strategies that will help you maximize marketing efficiency. Marketing technology, or martech, is key to helping you maximize revenue through automation. But what’s the cost of B2B martech? Find out in this B2B martech pricing guide!

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Professional B2B Martech Services Pricing

Want to gain insight into the cost of martech? Get a preview of martech costs below!


$675 / month

  • 20,000 first-party data profiles
  • 10 Nutshell Pro seats
  • 300 calls tracked
  • 15 lookalike or custom audiences

Data Professional

$1,175 / month

  • 50,000 first-party data profiles
  • 20 Nutshell Pro seats
  • 500 calls tracked
  • 30 lookalike or custom audiences


$2,500 / month

  • 100,000 first-party data profiles
  • Up to 40 Nutshell Pro seats
  • 1000 calls tracked
  • 50 lookalike or custom audiences


Your B2B Martech Pricing Guide Cheat Sheet

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect with B2B martech pricing for your business:

Last Updated May 17th, 2022

Average B2B martech costs

  • The average cost for B2B martech ranges from $0–$5000 per month
  • Marketing automation software costs anywhere from $200–$2000 per month
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) software costs anywhere from $6000–$300,000 per solution for custom solutions
  • Third-party AI software can cost $0–$40,000 per year

B2B martech cost factors

  • Your software costs will vary depending upon how many tools you use in your stack
  • Your martech software costs depend upon who provides your software
  • Your costs will vary depending upon which martech tools you invest in for your business

B2B martech pricing tips

  • Set a budget before you look for martech software to ensure you don’t overspend
  • Determine what tools you need to help you run your marketing
  • Look at your package details and features to make sure you get everything you need

How much should I pay for B2B martech?

On average, B2B marketing software pricing ranges from $0–$5000 per month. This cost will vary depending upon where you get your software and what software you choose to use. You may also see varying costs dependent upon who provides the software.

The type of software will impact your costs, too. Marketing automation software, for example, costs $200–$2000 per month. On the other hand, Custom AI solutions can cost up to $300,000 per solution.

B2B marketing technology pricing can also depend upon the features included with your software. Software that offers more advanced features will cost more, so you’ll need to consider what features you need before purchasing B2B marketing software.


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