Looking for YouTube Ad Specs 2021? Your List of YouTube Ad Formats

Advertising on YouTube is one of the best ways to improve brand awareness, engage new customers, and sell more products. However, failing to follow YouTube ad specs can decrease the effectiveness of your ads — keeping you from reaping all the benefits of a YouTube ad campaign.

On this page, we’ll talk about all the YouTube ad formats and YouTube video ad specs for 2021 — including YouTube bumper ad specs, YouTube skippable ad specs, and so much more.

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6 YouTube ad formats to consider

Before we dive into YouTube video ad specs, it’s important to understand the different YouTube ad formats out there. Each YouTube ad format has unique benefits to different businesses, so let’s talk about them all!

1. Display ads

Display ads on YouTube are only available for desktop advertising. You can use images or animations in display ads, and they appear to the right of a video.

Use display ads if:

  • You want to boost brand awareness
  • You advertise to an audience that uses primarily desktops
  • You don’t need sound to adequately advertise your product (you can use sound, but it’ll only pay when a user clicks.)

2. Overlay ads

YouTube overlay ads are the ones that show up in the bottom 20% of your video. They appear like a banner, and you can use videos or images and text to advertise your product.

Use overlay ads if:

  • You want to boost brand awareness

You can also choose to launch a companion display ad with your overlay ad.

3. Skippable video ads

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YouTube video ads, whether they’re skippable or non-skippable, are like a commercial, and they appear at the beginning, end, or in the middle of a video.

Skippable video ads are just what they sound like — commercials that users can skip if they choose after watching five seconds.

Use skippable video ads if:

  • You want to boost brand awareness
  • You want to show off your product or service with a video

4. Non-skippable video ads

Non-skippable video ads are the same format as skippable ones — they appear as a commercial at some point in a video.

The difference? Users have to watch the entire thing before continuing to watch their selected video.

Use non-skippable video ads if:

  • You want to boost brand awareness
  • You want to show off your product or service with a video

Keep in mind that non-skippable ads could cause users to become frustrated and abandon the video altogether.

5. Bumper ads

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Bumper ads are short video ads that play before, during, or after a video. These ads are meant to be short and sweet and are six seconds or less.

Use bumper ads if:

  • You want to boost brand awareness

6. Sponsored cards

Sponsored cards are ads that appear over top of a video while it’s playing. They appear to the right side of a video, and you can use them to advertise products or services that you talk about in your video.

Use sponsored cards if:

  • You talk about numerous products in your video
  • Your main goal of the video is to sell products
  • You want to make it easy for users to purchase products you talk about

2021 YouTube ad specs for every format

Now that you understand the different YouTube ad formats, it’s time to get to the meat and potatoes — YouTube ad specs.

YouTube display ad specs

Ad dimensions: 300 pixels x 250 pixels or 300 pixels x 60 pixels
Formats: GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5
Max animation time: 30 seconds
Max file size: 150KB
Audio: Sound enabled, but will only play when clicked
Platform it appears: Desktop

YouTube overlay ad specs

Ad dimensions: 480 pixels x 60 pixels or 728 pixels x 90 pixels
Formats: Static GIF, PNG, JPG
Max animation time: 10 seconds
Max file size: 150KB
Audio: No sound
Platform it appears: Desktop

*For optional companion display ad, follow display ad specs above

YouTube skippable video ad specs

Ad dimensions: Size of the YouTube player
Formats: Video URL
Max animation time: 15-20 seconds depending on regional standards
Max file size: 150KB
Audio: Yes
Platform it appears: Desktop, mobile, TV, game consoles

YouTube non-skippable video ad specs

Ad dimensions: Plays in video player
Formats: Video URL
Max animation time: 15-20 seconds depending on regional standards
Audio: Yes
Platform it appears: Desktop and mobile

YouTube bumper ad specs

Ad resolution: 640 pixels x 360 pixels, or 480 pixels by 360 pixels
Formats: AVI, ASF, MP4, MPEG, Quicktime, Windows Media
Max animation time: Up to 6 seconds
Max file size: 1GB
Audio: Yes, MP3 or AAC
Platform it appears: Desktop and mobile

YouTube sponsored card ad specs

Aspect ratio: 1:1
Formats: JPG, GIF, PNG
Max file size: 5MB
Max file size: 1GB
Audio: No
Platform it appears: Desktop and mobile

Why is it important to follow YouTube video ad specs?

Now that we’ve provided you with the specs for each YouTube ad format, you might be wondering why it’s important to follow them in the first place.

When you fail to follow YouTube ad specs, you could render your ads ineffective — making your YouTube ad campaign a waste of your marketing budget.

Here are a few issues that could occur if you don’t follow YouTube ad specs properly:

  • Your text could be cut off
  • Your images could appear grainy or blurry
  • Your visuals could become skewed
  • Your video ads might not play properly
  • Your video could be cut off
  • Your audience won’t see the best version of your advertisement
  • You might turn users off to your products and services, or business as a whole

Overall, an unprofessional ad that isn’t aesthetically pleasing can cause users to lose trust in your business. Lost trust means fewer sales, so it’s important to create that trust in as many ways as possible — and one of them is to create beautiful ads by following YouTube ad specs for each format.

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