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A corporate blog serves as a platform to facilitate consistent online brand messaging and connect with your audience. But the way you design your blog can have a major impact on how they read it. When you partner with WebFX for your blog design project, you'll get a team of experts, a fully custom design, and WordPress integration — just to name a few.

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Standard Blog

$1,500 / blog
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  • Limited prototypes
  • Very limited WordPress technical tweaks
  • Very limited conversion optimization

Enhanced Blog

$2,200 / blog
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  • 1 prototype
  • Limited WordPress technical tweaks
  • 25 RSS feed submissions

Industry Leader

$3,750 / blog
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  • 2 prototypes
  • Full suite of theme optimization
  • 70 RSS feed submissions

Design Services that Create Engaging Blog Designs

When you create and maintain a blog, you're speaking directly to your target audience. It gives your company the chance to communicate messages that would otherwise be unheard. From product releases and important announcements to positioning your company as experts in your field, a blog can do it all.

Our blog designers know blogs are extremely important to companies. That's why they take the time to create blogs with the same level of attention to detail they use when developing full-fledged business websites.

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From our initial contact with WebFX until the launch of our new website and blog, the service provided by all team members has been exceptional.

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WebFX Blog Design Services

Features Standard Blog Enhanced Blog Industry Leader
WordPress Installation
Kickoff strategy conference
Information architecture
Number of prototypes Limited 1 2
Refinement to selected prototype  
Inner theme assets    
Calls to action strategy    
Social media integration    
Prevention of duplicate content (Request quote for details)
Plugins (Request quote for details) 10 13 Full Suite - 16
WordPress technical tweaks (Request quote for details) Very Limited Limited Full Suite
Theme/Template optimization (Request quote for details)   Limited Full Suite
Conversion optimization (Request quote for details) Very Limited Limited Full Suite
RSS feed submissions   25 70
Link building    
Custom Social Media Sharing Badges    
300+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Investment $1,500 $2,200 $3,750
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Our blog design services focus is on the success of your blog

The focus of our blog designers is you. It sounds simple, but many designers get caught up in what they believe looks good. Our blog designers take the time to understand your company and target audience to create not only a top-notch design, but also an effective design.

our blog designers

Based on your current site, your brand, your target audience, and your goals, our blog designers will develop a blog look that strengthens your company’s online presence.

Following the steps of our website design process, our blog designers create a prototype, refine it to perfection, code it and integrate it into your website. The prototypes our blog designers provide not only speak to your readers, they also capture the look of your site and brand so the final blog design or theme can be integrated seamlessly into your site’s design.

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Inside our blog design services

Once the look has been finalized, our blog designers load it into WordPress blogging software, which is an easy-to-use blogging platform. Besides being user-friendly, it also offers many plugins, which can help expand its functionality exponentially.

there are around 75000000 wordpress sites

Our blog designers work with you to customize your blog so it works well for your company. One of the most common plugins we recommend is the email subscription widget. With this widget, your readers are able to sign up to receive your posts right in their inbox, the moment you publish them. Your blog captures their readership without waiting for them to visit your blog!


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WebFX has helped us expand our digital footprint not only in Central PA and the mid-Atlantic, but also throughout the Continental U.S.

About our blog design services and pricing

As a leading blog design company, WebFX is one of the only firms to publish its blog design, maintenance, and copywriting publishing online? Why? It's because we want our customers to know right up front how much it will cost to have a blog designed by us.

Our expert designers will provide you with quality design and functionality that you can't get anywhere else. When you choose WebFX to create your blog, you're getting a value that you simply can't find anywhere else.

Unlike other blog design companies, we can back up our claims with real work and testimonials. Just check out our portfolio to see more!

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