Amazon Custom: The Seller’s Ultimate Guide to Amazon Custom

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Is your business looking for ways to earn more revenue from selling on Amazon?

Amazon Custom offers your company the chance to create and sell personalized products, from clothing to furniture to jewelry. While Amazon Custom operates as its own storefront, shoppers can find your custom products on Amazon too.

Keep reading to learn more about Amazon Custom, and get answers to questions like:

If you’re looking for help getting started with Amazon Custom, from creating your storefront to optimizing your product listings, WebFX can help. Just in the past five years, for example, we’ve helped our clients manage more than 11 million transactions.

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What is Amazon Custom?

Amazon Custom homepage

Amazon Custom is a storefront on Amazon that offers customizable products from Professional Sellers. Shoppers can customize products on Amazon Custom with text, images, logos, or any other options provided by the seller.

How much does Amazon Custom cost?

Amazon Custom is free.

Amazon Custom: Cost statement

Amazon does note, however, that as Amazon Custom gains new features, you may incur charges for select tools. Right now, though, Amazon Custom offers your business a free program for generating sales from customizable products.

Who can sell on Amazon Custom?

If you want to sell on Amazon Custom, you must have a Professional Sellers account, which requires a monthly subscription of $39.99. This requirement does not apply to businesses in the Amazon Handmade program, which is a separate standalone program for artisans selling on Amazon.

What types of Amazon Custom products can you sell?

You can sell a variety of products on Amazon Custom.

The only products ineligible for Amazon Custom are:

  • Media
  • Personal computers
  • Laptops
  • Computer towers
  • Tablets
  • Video consoles

When selling custom products on Amazon, though, you must have authorization to sell in your product’s category. If you aren’t approved to sell furniture, for instance, you can’t sell a customizable coffee table on Amazon Custom.

What kinds of customizations can you offer for Amazon Custom products?

With Amazon Custom, your business can offer the following customization options:

  • Text: Print, engrave, embroider, and paint personalized text onto a product. This customization option requires you to set specific font and font color options for shoppers. You can also go beyond printing, engraving, embroidering, and painting if you use another application method.


  • Image: Allow shoppers to customize your product with a picture. You can combine this customization option with the text option, too, letting shoppers upload a photo and provide text to go with it.


  • Product: Let shoppers build their product, like an end table, using dropdown menus with designated options. For this customization option, you can set different prices for different options, like having a higher rate for a more expensive type of wood.

Your business can use any (or all) of these customization options.

How to create a listing for Amazon Custom

Start selling custom products on Amazon by following these steps for how to create a listing for Amazon Custom:

1.      Register for Amazon Custom

Start by registering for Amazon Custom.

It’s a quick process, as Amazon reviews your application instantly. If you get approved, Amazon will send you an email that includes a link for getting started on Amazon Custom. Remember, you’ll need to have a Professional Seller account to apply for Amazon Custom.

2.      Create a new product in Amazon Seller Central

Once you become an Amazon Custom member, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Amazon Seller Central
  • Click “Inventory” from the main menu
  • Select “Add a Product” from the dropdown menu
  • Click “I’m adding a product not sold on Amazon”

Next, you’ll want to classify your product by choosing an appropriate category.

It’s vital that you pick an accurate and relevant category for your Amazon Custom product. Shoppers use product categories to narrow their choices. If your product doesn’t have the right classification, it’ll get filtered out in search results.

Amazon Custom: Product category examples

Once you finish classifying your product, you’ll complete the following sections:

Product Section Form Fields
Vital Info Product Name (Required)


Brand Name

Product ID (Required)

Variations Complete this field if offering a product in different sizes or colors. This form field is separate from product customizations.
Offer Seller SKU

Condition (Required)

Your price (Required)

Fulfillment Channel

Images TIFF, JPEG, GIF, or PNG image
Description Key Product Features

Product Description

Keywords Search Terms

Target Audience

Subject Matter

Other Attributes

Intended Use

More Details* *Fields dependent on product category

After you complete the above form fields, click “Save and finish.”

3.      Add your custom product’s customization information

With your product created, you can move on to adding its customization information.

Just go to the “Manage Inventory” dashboard, which you can access by:

  • Choosing “Inventory” from the main menu
  • Clicking “Manage Inventory” from the dropdown menu

Once you arrive in the “Manage Inventory” dashboard, find your custom product. In most cases, your custom product will appear at the top of your inventory list. If not, you can search for your product using its title, product ID, or another search term.

After you find your product, click its dropdown menu and select “Add/Edit Customization Information.”

Then, complete the following form fields:

Form Field Details
Surface Name(s) Enter the name for your product’s surfaces, which users can customize. You can have up to five surfaces.
Preview Image Upload an image of your product surface, which will display when customizing your item. For example, the front of a shirt.
Type of customization Select the type of customization you’re offering, like text, image, or product, and the number of customizations, like two text customizations.
Customization Details Supply information related to the customization, like the customization area’s size and the number of characters allowed for a text customization.
Miscellaneous Your customization type may include other form fields. Text customizations, for example, will specify available fonts and font colors.

Once you finish, click “Save & Finish.”

4.      View your custom product on Amazon

Next, go ahead and view your custom product’s listing on Amazon.

You can see your product’s listing via the “Manage Custom Product Listing” dashboard. From the “Manage Inventory” dashboard, click “Custom Products,” which you’ll find below the main menu. Then, choose your product from the inventory list.

On your product listing, you can view details like:

  • Product description
  • Product images
  • Product title
  • And more

While you want to review those elements, you also want to check out your product customization options. Click “Customize Now,” which you’ll find on the right-hand side of your listing — the usual spot for the “Add to Cart” button.

Amazon Custom: Product listing example

The pop-up will show your customization surfaces.

Amazon Custom: Surfaces example

In this example, the seller offers two customization surfaces: The front and back of the dog tag.

Click and work through your customization surfaces. Ensure your options match what you provide. If you offer text customization, for instance, and notice a font listed that you don’t use, make a note to update that option.

Amazon Custom: Customization options

Essentially, you want to test your Amazon Custom products.

Testing them now will prevent issues later like if someone orders a dog tag in a color your business doesn’t offer. If you can, ask everyone in your department or company to take 15 minutes and work through your custom products.

Once you finish testing your products and making updates, you can start selling.

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FAQs about selling custom products on Amazon

Browse our Amazon Custom FAQ to learn more about selling custom products on Amazon:

How long does it take to join Amazon Custom?

In most cases, your Amazon Custom application will get reviewed instantly.

That means whether Amazon denies or approves your application, you’ll find out right away. If Amazon approves your request, you can expect an approval email within an hour. That email will contain a link for getting started with selling custom products on Amazon.

Can you bulk upload products to Amazon Custom?

Yes, at least for some products.

For products with one text customization surface (that allows up to five lines of text), your business can bulk upload its products. If your Amazon Custom products use image or product customization, though, you’ll need to upload each product manually.

How many customization types can you offer on a single product?

You can offer all the customization types — text, image, and product — together on a single product.

When it comes to the number of customizations that you can apply to a product, that number is 100.

For custom products, Amazon offers five surfaces — or five locations where shoppers can apply customizations. Each surface can accept up to 10 customizations. That means a shopper could (but most likely won’t) request 100 customizations across a single product.

Does Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fulfill Amazon Custom orders?

No. Since Amazon Custom focuses on creating one-of-a-kind products, you cannot use FBA to fulfill Amazon Custom orders. Instead, your business will need to process, package, and ship each order, as well as handle any customer support issues.

Can you advertise Amazon Custom products on Amazon?

Yes! You can use Sponsored Products for advertising your Amazon Custom products.

Amazon Custom product ads

These ads appear in Amazon search results.

With Sponsored Products, you target search terms relevant to your product. In most cases, your search terms will include phrases like “personalized” or “customized” because those terms indicate that someone wants a customizable versus one-size-fits-all product.

Use a tool like Sonar or Keyword Tool to research potential search terms.

Amazon KeywordTool results

These keyword research tools will help you find high-volume search terms, which means you’ll reach more people with your ads. Reach more people, and you increase your chances of earning a sale from your ad.

BONUS READING: Your Go-To Amazon Keyword Research Tool: KeywordsFX
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Earn more orders with Amazon Custom

Selling personalized products on Amazon Custom allows your business to capture more revenue. Whether your company sells furniture, clothing, pet supplies, or another product, you can match the needs of shoppers worldwide.

If you’re looking for help getting started with Amazon Custom — or Amazon in general — WebFX is an experienced digital marketing agency, bringing more than 20 years of experience to the ecommerce market.

Just in the past five years, for example, we’ve helped our clients earn over $2.4 billion in revenue, as well as manage more than 11 million transactions. That’s why we’re the trusted choice for small-to-midsized businesses worldwide.

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