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10 Sales KPIS You Must Monitor to Reach Your Goals


Data-driven sales teams are like drivers using a navigation app to reach their destination. When using a navigation app, you know the direction to go and the estimated time to reach your destination. Likewise, data-driven sales teams are equipped with […]

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What is a UX Strategy? 4 Best Practices for Building Yours


A user experience (UX) strategy is a plan that helps guide your UX design and keep it in line with your business goals. For example, imagine you’re going on a cross-country road trip, but there’s no map. Sure, you might […]

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6 Best B2B Contact Database Providers to Generate Qualified Leads


A business-to-business (B2B) contact database is a collection of valuable company contact information for sales and marketing efforts. It comprises of each organization's key decision-makers’ names, phone numbers, and email addresses. We have dealt with many B2B contact database suppliers […]

10 Best Competitive Intelligence Tools in 2023


Being innovative is essential in today's fiercely competitive business environment. Many companies use competitive intelligence tools to gather vital information about their rivals' strategies, methods, and market positioning. These resources offer a variety of data to support company decision-making, new […]

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Product Feed Management: 5 Strategies to Manage Product Feeds

You can control how your business items display on various platforms, ensuring the information is accurate and appealing. This gives potential buyers the information — thorough descriptions, high-quality photos, price details, and other pertinent information — they […]

How to Use the Microsoft Bing AI Chatbot for Your Business


As technology develops, more companies use artificial intelligence (AI) to help power their business and products. Microsoft is no exception ­­–– they’re using AI to power their search engine Bing. The Microsoft Bing AI chatbot leverages AI technology to understand […]

What is Digital Transformation? and Why It’s Important


Organizations from all sectors realize the need to embrace digital transformation in today's rapidly evolving digital environment to remain competitive and satisfy the market's changing needs. This acknowledgment results from the awareness that old company structures and tactics […]

5 RevOps Challenges (and Solutions) for Businesses


It’s common knowledge that when you run a business, revenue is the name of the game. Everything you do — from product creation to marketing to customer service — aims to generate revenue for your company. Obviously, a successful business […]

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20 Useful AI Prompt Examples for Marketers


In an incredibly short span of time following its release, ChatGPT became one of the most popular tools out there, both among the general public and marketers. That hype is still going on, with buzz going around about how marketers […]

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Two young employees discussing situation on financial market

The Ultimate Guide to Account-Based Selling

Account-based sales aren't about selling to everyone — it's about selling to the right ones. So, you have to put on your detective game face, conduct a thorough investigation, and track down those high-value accounts waiting for you to […]