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What is Product-Market Fit? + How Do You Achieve It?


Product-market fit definition: Product-market fit is when a business’s target customers buy, use, and promote the product frequently enough to sustain its growth, making it profitable. If your team had a light-bulb moment for a new product, how do you […]

10+ SMS Marketing Examples for Your Business to Implement This Year


Short message service (SMS) marketing is an effective way to disseminate information, keep customers informed, and get their opinions. SMS messages have a 98% open rate, making SMS-based marketing efforts seven times more effective than email marketing strategies. We've […]

Close More Sales with Live Chat for Account-Based Marketing


Live chat is a fantastic way for businesses to directly interact with potential leads online and create a more personalized site browsing experience for users. With live chat for account-based marketing (ABM), businesses can better target leads and capture those […]

What is Brand Management? + Examples and 4 Techniques


Brand management definition: Brand management in marketing is a set of techniques that develops and maintains a company's identity and reputation. It aims to elevate the perceived value of a company and its products or services. Your brand is more […]

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10+ Best Text Marketing Platforms for Better Click-Through Rates in 2023

Even in the age of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, short message service (SMS) has shown efficacy in various areas, including cart abandonment, customer support questions, marketing new product releases, and seasonal promotions. It's a proven strategy for recouping lost revenue. […]

What is a Product-Qualified Lead (PQL)? a Beginner’s Guide


When leads start pouring in, a company’s next step is usually to begin evaluating and prioritizing the leads that are the most profitable. That’s where a product-qualified lead (PQL) comes in. But what is a PQL, exactly? In this article, […]

Digital Agency Vs. Freelancer: Which One Should You Hire?


After being a solopreneur for a few years, you have grown your business and team. Your marketing team, for one, has its hands full with your digital marketing campaigns. You're now torn between hiring a digital agency vs. freelancer to […]

What is an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)? a Complete Guide


When you develop a marketing campaign, you always want to know who you’re marketing to, or else your wasting valuable resources. With an ideal customer profile (ICP), you’re always in the know about who your campaigns are trying to reach. […]

What is ADA Compliance? (And What Does ADA Compliance Mean for Your Website?)


What is ADA compliance? ADA compliance makes your website accessible to all users and refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design. Non-compliance with the ADA can result in fines ranging from $55,000-$150,000, along with lawsuits […]

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What Is a Marketing Agency? (And What Do Marketing Companies Do?)

What is a marketing agency? Your secret to getting more marketing done in less time. Marketing agencies help businesses reach, nurture, and convert users through marketing strategies like print advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing. […]