SEO Basics: SEO for B2C Companies

SEO is essential for B2C companies to succeed online.

But what does SEO specifically do for B2C companies?

In our latest entry in the SEO Basics video blog series, we answer that question (and then some)!

Video: SEO for B2C Companies

How to Find Long Tail Keywords

With so many big players and international brand names in the SEO game, it can be hard to stay competitive in the SERPs.

Long tail keywords are the perfect solution to this issue. They’ve always been important, but optimizing specifically for long tail searches is now absolutely necessary for the vast majority of businesses.

As a marketing manager, it’s important to fully understand what long tail searches are, and to be able to identify new opportunities for these types of keywords.

Focusing on long tail keywords is one of the best ways to bring qualified traffic to your site, and staying ahead of the curve can only give you a leg up on your competitors.

How to Recover from a Google Penalty

A penalty from Google can be extremely detrimental to your website.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell if you’ve been penalized, and harder still to handle the penalty and make a full recovery.

Let’s take a look at the different types of penalties that Google hands out, how to tell when your site is suffering from a penalty, and exactly what you can do to get back on Google’s good side.

Google Keyword Tool: Not the Only of its Kind

Google’s Keyword Planner has long served as a great way to collect a list of keywords for your SEO efforts. However, now that Google is restricting access to the tool to users with active campaigns, it’s time to search for some alternatives!

More keyword tools are becoming available to help even the beginner-level SEO or content writer find what they need in terms of keyword research.

So how important is keyword research, you might ask?

It’s absolutely vital to the process of optimizing your site. If you don’t know what topics your audience is interested in or what information they’re searching for, you could end up wasting your time creating pages that never attract any traffic.

Thankfully, successful keyword research can help you avoid that problem.

Let’s take a look at some tools that are equally as effective as Google Keyword Tool, and can help your company improve your overall SEO strategy.

7 HUGE Points that Google Trends Tells Us about Brexit

The United Kingdom voted in a highly-charged referendum to leave the European Union on June 23. The referendum was called “Brexit,” short for “British exit.”

Already, the world is starting to feel the effects as the British pound hits a 30-year low, the price of gold skyrockets, and the Scottish, Welsh, North-Irish, and English frantically search Google for information.

For the record, we’ll only look at trends from the four nations that make up the United Kingdom: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. We’re not looking at independent Ireland or any small island regions in the surrounding area (like the Isle of Man).

Here’s what we can learn already from the aftermath of Brexit.