SEO FAQ: Why Isn’t My Site on Google?

Is your website not showing up in Google search results?

That’s a common problem for everyone, including new and experienced SEOs!

If you’ve noticed you’re not showing up in SERPs, this is how you can start!

Video: Why won’t my site show up in Google search results?


Thomas Liquori, an Internet marketing analyst, discusses the 5 most common problems that keep your site from showing up in Google search results.

SEO FAQ: What Are the Different Kinds of Links?

Whenever someone starts learning about SEO, they almost immediately hear the word “link.”

But why are links so important? And what are the different kinds?

Join Will Gordon of WebFX as he answers all those questions and more!

Video: What Are the Different Kinds of Links?


SEO FAQ: What Is a Meta Description?

Meta descriptions are part of the foundation of successful SEO.

But if you don’t know what they are, you can’t use them!

Your meta description is the first snippet of text a viewer reads in the search results. It’s also a short summary of the content you have on your site. But, you only have a small number of characters to convey the message you want to send. So how do you know which content to include and what will catch viewers’ attention?

Watch the video below to learn more about what a meta description is and how you can use them for successful SEO!

Video: What Is a Meta Description?

Rebecca Stickler defines meta descriptions and talks about why they’re so important to Internet marketing.

SEO Basics: SEO for B2C Companies

SEO is essential for B2C companies to succeed online.

But what does SEO specifically do for B2C companies?

In our latest entry in the SEO Basics video blog series, we answer that question (and then some)!

Video: SEO for B2C Companies

How to Find Long Tail Keywords

With so many big players and international brand names in the SEO game, it can be hard to stay competitive in the SERPs.

Long tail keywords are the perfect solution to this issue. They’ve always been important, but optimizing specifically for long tail searches is now absolutely necessary for the vast majority of businesses.

As a marketing manager, it’s important to fully understand what long tail searches are, and to be able to identify new opportunities for these types of keywords.

Focusing on long tail keywords is one of the best ways to bring qualified traffic to your site, and staying ahead of the curve can only give you a leg up on your competitors.