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Black and white illustration of a woman in profile with a high ponytail and a lollipop in her mouth, featuring the handwritten text 'Do you like lolly' across her hair.

45 Fresh Illustrations from Artists We're Crazy About

Hope you guys enjoy the following showcase, and please visit the artists’ portfolios and websites!

Hyungho Lee

image 01 timlee1“Do Like You Lolly”

image 02 timlee2“Gotcha”

Yukari Terakado

image 03 yukari1“Bella”

image 04 yukari2“Thunder”

David Vicente

image 05 davidvicente1“Old school kustom car”

image 06 davidvicente2“Poster Rattle’n’Roll 2011”

Alexandra Dolgopolova

image 07 alexandra1“Krug 1”

image 08 alexandra2“Krug 2”

I Wayan Krishnanda Adipurba

image 09 adi1“SHARING IS GOOD”

image 10 adi2“HIDDEN TRUTH”

Ruslan Khasanov

image 11 ruslan1“James Dean”

image 12 ruslan2“Laura Palmer”

Varvara Oboznaya

image 13 varabara1“woman”

image 14 varbara2“woman”

Paul Clay

image 15 paul1“Julia OH”

image 16 paul2“Cecilia”

image 17 paul3“Hope”

Matt Byle

image 18 matt1“Ice Cream Man”

image 19 matt2“Day Dreamin”

image 20 matt3Untitled

Eko Pratomo

image 21 eko1“Wanted!”

image 22 eko2“Bomber”

Wet Black Ghost

image 23 wetblack1Untitled

image 24 wetblack2Untitled

Hanna Edghill

image 25 hannah1“Hyper Island Application”

image 26 hannah2“The Parsons Challenge”

image 27 hannah3Untitled

Fernando Volken Togni

image 28 fernando1“Love”

image 29 fernando2“Hate”

image 30 fernando3“Orange and Turquoise Energies”

Sigurður Oddsson

image 31 siggi1“Indiananna”

image 32 siggi2“Nang-J-Adaas”

image 33 siggi3“Iceland Airwaves”

Samantha Schmitz

image 34 samantha1“Moon Bloom”

image 35 samantha2“Princess of Solitude”

image 36 samantha3“Divine Ectoplasm”

Jeff Baghai

image 37 jeff1“Fluff”

image 38 jeff2“Mr. Glass”


image 39 nanohikakou1“Nocturnal Thirst…”

image 40 nanohikakou2“Home Disturbing Home”

image 41 nanohikakou3“Let it All Out”

image 42 nanohikakou4“Cry Me a River”

Grzesiek Wróblewski

image 43 grsiek1“Why Do These Angels Fall…”

image 44 grsiek2Untitled

image 45 grsiek3“Butoh”

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