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Business card for Isaac Gube, Editor-in-Chief at Design Instruct, a design blog. It includes a phone number, email address, fax number, and telex number.

Free Business Card Templates Inspired by American Psycho

If you haven’t seen the movie masterpiece “American Psycho,” do yourself a favor and watch it even if you don’t care for these business cards. (Warning: the movie is R-rated). Of course the significance of these templates can be attributed to one of the most iconic, tense, scenes of the movie in which Patrick Bateman shows off his new business cards to his colleagues only to find that his cards (even confirmed by his inner monologue) are the least impressive.

Just search for “business card scene” and you’ll see what we mean. The whole idea of the scene is that the cards are all very similar in layout but that the smallest differences between them are perceived by the group as monumental. We thought the satire was just as fitting to designers and typographers. We hope you like them!

For these business card templates, we chose to use Google Fonts since they are easily accessible and free to use. Check out the cards below and tell us what you think in the comment’s section.

Patrick Bateman’s Card



  • In the movie, Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) mentions that “the lettering is something called, Sillian Rail” but we weren’t able to find any fonts by that name. Instead, we chose a Google font called EB Garamond. We believe the real font used is Garamond Classico SC which is not free and not a Google Font.
  • The whole card is done in all caps. Small caps are turned on in the “Character” panel of Photoshop.

Font: EB Garamond

David Van Patten’s Card



  • In the movie, David Van Patten proudly states, “eggshell with Romalian Type. What do you think?” Again, we could not find any fonts called Romalian Type but suspect that the real font used was Didot. The closest Google Font we could find is called Old Standard TT.
  • The name is done in Bold with the last name having all caps.

Font: Old Standard TT

Timothy Bryce’s Card



  • The font used on Timothy Bryce’s card is supposedly called “Pale Nimbus” but again, this font does not exist. We think the real font used is our good old friend, Helvetica. However, since Helvetica doesn’t always come pre-installed on some machines, we found a Google Font called Roboto.
  • The card is done in all caps. The first letter of the first name is the same size as the last name in all caps. The rest of the first name is 1 or 2 points smaller.

    Roboto does not support small caps.

Font: Roboto

Paul Allen’s Card



  • Nothing was said about Paul Allen’s card in the movie since he left the room before they could discuss it. However, we believe the real font used on his card is Copperplate Gothic. Again, since Copperplate Gothic might not be be installed in some machines we found a close match in a Google Font called “Della Respira.”
  • The entire card is done in all caps. Small caps are turned on when necessary.
  • The name is done in bold.
  • Of all the cards, this is the only one with periods in the phone number and 2 lines of text at the bottom.

Font: Della Respira

How to Use the Templates

  1. If you do not have the fonts used above, please download them and install them to your computer.
  2. unzip the .psd file and open in Adobe Photoshop.
  3. In the layers panel, each card is put into its own folder.
  4. Just click on the layer you want to edit with the type tool and type in your info.


Download Source Files


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