20 Free Sans Serif Fonts Every Designer Should Have

Some well-known examples of sans serifs are Arial, Helvetica, and Franklin Gothic. But using run-of-the-mill sans serif fonts (such as the ones mentioned) can lead to dull, unimaginative, and boring results. If you need to refresh or beef up your font library, this carefully hand-picked collection of free sans serif fonts are awesome to have on hand.

1. Alegre Sans

Alegre Sans

Download Alegre Sans at dafont.com

2. Basic Title Font

Basic Title Font

Download Basic Title Font at dafont.com

3. Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue

Download Bebas Neue at dafont.com

4. Dosis


Download Dosis at fontspace.com

5. Open Sans

Open Sans

Download Open Sans at fontsquirrel.com

6. Titillium


Download Titillium at fontspace.com

7. Tall Dark and Handsome

Tall Dark and Handsome

Download Tall Dark and Handsome at dafont.com

8. SF Movie Poster

SF Movie Poster

Download SF Movie Poster at dafont.com

9. Sansation Light

Sansation Light

Download Sansation Light at fontsquirrel.com

10. Cafe & Brewery

Cafe & Brewery

Download Cafe & Brewery at dafont.com

11. Headline


Download Headline at fontspace.com

12. Aovel Sans

Aovel Sans

Download Aovel Sans at fontspace.com

13. Tex Gyre Adventor

Tex Gyre Adventor

Download Tex Gyre Adventor at fontsquirrel.com

14. Revolution


Download Revolution at dafont.com

15. Regencie


Download Regencie at dafont.com

16. Yellow Peas

Yellow Peas

Download Yellow Peas at dafont.com

17. St Transmission

St Transmission

Download St Transmission at dafont.com

18. MLB Astros

MLB Astros

Download MLB Astros at dafont.com



Download ZZYZX at dafont.com

20. Nue

Download Nue at dafont.com

Friendly reminder: Before using any font, please read its license to discover any usage restrictions you may have. READ THESE NEXT

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