10 Beautiful and Free Slab Serif Fonts

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1. Crete Round

By Type Together Free slab serif font: Crete Round

Download Page

2. Bitter

By Juan Pablo del Peral Free slab serif font: Bitter

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3. Arvo

By Anton Koovit Free slab serif font: Arvo

Download Page

4. Carton

By Nick McCosker Free slab serif font: Carton

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5. Alfa Slab

By José Miguel Solé Free slab serif font: Alfa Slab

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6. Legion Slab

By Phil Pham Free slab serif font: Legion Slab

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7. Hellforge

By Matt Chase Free slab serif font: Hellforge

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8. Homestead

By Luke Lisi Free slab serif font: Homestead

Download Page

9. Bree Serif

By Type Together Free slab serif font: Bree Serif

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10. Acknowledgement

By Ben Weiner Free slab serif font: Acknowledgement

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