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15 Free Calligraphy Fonts to Download in 2024

Looking for free calligraphy fonts? Calligraphy is the art of skillful and elegant penmanship. Calligraphy fonts are a great design tool because they are captivating and versatile.

You can use free calligraphy fonts in branding and packaging in various ways — add a touch of modern sophistication or dreamy vintage, inspire playfulness, or be bold and refined.


The 15 best free calligraphy fonts to download

Fonts can inspire a variety of designs for a diverse range of websites, so here are some of the best free calligraphy fonts to use for any brand.


1. Olivia Script

Olivia script font

Olivia Script is a sophisticated and fresh calligraphic font that makes it a favorite typeface for wedding invitations and posters. Olivia Script is available for free personal and commercial use. Olvia’s elegant appeal makes the font an excellent web design choice for spas and lodges, travel magazines, and boutiques.

Download Olivia Script


2. Noelan Script

Noelan script font

Noelan Script includes stylistic design elements, including ligatures that translate into a clean and modern font. You can download Nolean Script in OTF format and use it for personal and commercial purposes. Noelen Script would suit professional outsourcing services for admin, web design, and content creation.

Download Noelan Script


3. Lauren

Lauren script font

Dimitry Chirkov designed Lauren — a handsome handmade font incorporating ligatures and personal flares that make the typeface ideal for branding and greeting cards. This is one of the best free calligraphy fonts to use for food, wine, and crafts websites.

Download Lauren


4. Pinyon Script

pinyon script font

Nicole Fally designed Pinyon Script — a larger-than-life font with noticeable strokes and slants that work well for banners and headlines. The font is free for commercial use and its design is well-suited to travel and lifestyle magazines and blogs.

Download Pinyon Script


5. Mattilda

mattilda font example

Mattilda pops precise angles and a fun handwritten look that lends well to logos and branding. Matilda’s unique and bold design grabs your attention and would fit online magazines related to sports and entertainment. The font is free for personal and commercial.

Download Mattilda


6. Frutilla Script

frutilla script font

Get creative with Fruitilla Script — a font by Ian Mikraz featuring 277 glyphs and 86 alternate characters for greater design freedom. Fruitilla is a fresh, clean, luxurious, and sophisticated font. This beautiful calligraphy typeface is an excellent branding choice for skincare and haircare brands.

Download Frutilla Script


7. Lobster

lobster font

Lobster is an eye-catching monoline font with playful design elements that make the typeface perfect for online shoe and accessory stores or stores for teens. The fun font is also a winner for any online children’s stores.

Download Lobster


8. Pacifico

pacifico font

As the name suggests, surf culture inspired this bold retro font. You can use this neat font for banners and branding across the board from events planning websites to travel blogs and beyond.

Download Pacifico


9. Qwigly Regular

qwigley regular font

Qwigley Regular provides you with a decorative font for making a statement. The typeface has an ancient and mythical look, and is fitting for stores that sell unique items like Dungeons and Dragons merchandise or crystals.

Download Qwigly Regular


10. Yesteryear

yesteryear font

Yesteryear — as the name suggests — inspires a vintage feel in your designs. The font translates well into web designs for cafes, food merchants, and baristas.

Download Yesteryear


11. Allura Regular

allura regular font

Allura Regular is a clean and legible font featuring beautiful flowing strokes. The clear handwritten look is suitable for packaging and is also an ideal option for travel, lifestyle, and photography websites.

Download Allura Regular


12. Sophia

sophia font

With its bold, quirky hand-drawn effect, Sophia is the ideal font for art and music blogs. This is one of the most charming free calligraphy fonts to use for Art and music blogs. Sophia is free for personal and commercial use.

Download Sophia


13. Dr Sugiyama

Dr sugiyama font

If you are after unusual and varied strokes in your design, Dr Sugiyama is your typeface! The font has a bold fountain pen look that works well on wedding cards. The old-school jazzy feel of Dr Sugiyama also makes it perfect for events and entertainment websites.

Download Dr Sugiyama


14. Fabfelt Script

fabfelt script font

Fabfelt Script is a monoline typeface that is neat and legible, lending itself well to headings and branding. The font is the perfect blend of elegance and retro that suits rustic brands and works well for wineries or guest lodges.

Download Fabfelt Script


15. Alex Brush

alex brush font

Alex Brush is a clean and classic typeface that is both bold and legible. The typeface is the jack of all trades of fonts as it works for a range of designs that will suit any brand.

Download Alex Brush



Tips for choosing free calligraphy fonts for design

Get the best use out of these free calligraphy fonts by keeping these simple tips in mind:

  • Legible fonts — Calligraphy fonts stand out because of their beautifully decorative designs but should not be so intricate that your users can’t read them, especially in smaller sizes!
  • OpenType Format — These fonts have advanced features so you have more control over your designs.
  • Weight — You favorite font can take on a world of new forms if it’s available in different weights (light, regular, and bold).
  • Commercial use — Always check the free font’s licensing before you download free calligraphy fonts.
  • Web-safe — Make sure that the fonts are web-safe so that all users can see your designs!
  • Impact — Calligraphy fonts are beautiful and embellished so it’s tempting to use them everywhere in your design! These embellishments also mean that calligraphy fonts are most effective when used conservatively. Otherwise, they can look busy.

    They will have a greater impact on users when you do use them!

  • Play with them! — If one doesn’t work for your designs, try another! There are calligraphy font generators for free that you can use to your advantage.


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