The 30 Best Testimonial Pages Online

Every company needs a testimonial page to show off its satisfied customers. But it's hard to know where to start when you're making one of your own. Check out these 30 perfect examples of companies who nailed it.

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What's the Point of Testimonial Pages?

Testimonial pages serve a variety of purposes.

First, they give you the chance to talk about your previous customers. Previous customers are great opportunities for you to attract new customers since they're vouching for your business's capabilities. That gives you a better reputation, and it shows your potential customers that you have a glowing track record of success.

Second, they establish your company as a trustworthy brand. Word of mouth recommendations are the most trusted forms of endorsement since they're based on results instead of marketing materials. That's exactly the kind of endorsement you earn with a testimonial page, which publicly shows that you've earned the trust of your audience.

Why Work So Hard on a Testimonial Page?

Lots of companies assume that testimonial pages are just long lists of quotes from customers. But that doesn't have to be the case!

You can do more than present a wall of text. You can use videos, graphics, photos, and even interactives to make sure that your potential customers can find a testimonial that speaks to them.

Testimonial pages show your potentail customers just how much you care about your audience. When you go above and beyond, you prove that you're worthy of a customer's business.

How Do I Get the Perfect Testimonial Page?

You have a number of solutions to this question. First, you could program it yourself or have everything done in-house. Your results will depend on the skill of your design team and the resources your company has available.

But you could also partner with us to produce a top-notch testimonial page for you. Our web design team has earned awards for excellence in the past, and we routinely earn nominations for our work with our clients.

To start working on the perfect testimonial page for your company, contact us today! We'd love to work with you.