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7 Facebook Landing Page Tips for Creating Conversion-Worthy Landing Pages

Over 65% of U.S. adults use Facebook to engage with friends and family, discover new businesses, and connect with influencers. With so many people on Facebook, it’s an excellent platform for you to advertise your business and reach new leads.

If you want to drive success with your Facebook ads, you need to create compelling landing pages that get your audience to engage and convert. So, how do you craft compelling Facebook landing pages? Keep reading to get seven Facebook landing page tips for your business!

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What are Facebook landing pages?

Facebook landing pages are the pages attached to your Facebook ad when someone clicks on your ad.

These landing pages provide additional information about your business, product, or service that your ad advertised.

Why do Facebook landing pages matter?

Facebook landing pages are critical for helping you grow your business online. Without a landing page, your audience won’t know how to proceed after clicking on your ad. A tailored landing page can make the difference between leads converting and leads dropping off.

When you have good landing pages, you keep people engaged with your business and get them to buy your products or use your service. You keep them focused on what was in your ad and deliver them more valuable information that nudges them towards converting. So, if you want to drive results with your Facebook ads, create landing pages that nudge leads towards converting.

7 tips for creating next-level Facebook landing pages

Want to know how to make a Facebook landing page?

Get seven tips for creating a landing page for Facebook ads:

1. Make sure you have solid ad copy to guide users

If you want to create successful Facebook landing pages, start by making sure you have a great ad that compels users to click. Without a high-quality and engaging ad, people won’t click on it and see your landing page. Drive more people to visit your landing page for Facebook ads by following these best practices:

By following these best practices, you’ll get more people to click on your ads and visit your landing pages.

2. Focus on the user experience

When you craft Facebook landing pages, you need to focus on delivering a positive user experience with your ads. If your audience doesn’t have a positive user experience on your landing page, they’ll leave and go back to their social media feed. So, how do you deliver a positive user experience?

First, focus on creating a landing page that’s relevant to your ad copy. For example, Brilliant Earth showed an ad for their engagement rings that featured numerous ring styles in a carousel format.   brilliant earth adWhen you click on their ad, it takes you to a landing page about their engagement rings.

  engagement rings landing pageSo, as you can see, they deliver a relevant landing page by keeping their page focused on engagement rings. They don’t talk about their wedding rings, promise rings, or other types of jewelry. They keep their landing page focused on the product they advertised in their ad.

Additionally, they use high-quality photos and feature one prominent CTA button on their page. It helps to keep users focused and guide them to the next step. So, when you craft your landing pages, focus on delivering a landing page that guides your audience to convert.

A landing page creation tool can help you do this by providing customizable templates.

3. Include visuals in your landing page

If you want to have a great Facebook landing page design, you need to add eye-catching visuals to your landing page. Having a landing page with just text will drive people back to their Facebook feed. So, to keep users engaged, make sure you add visuals to your landing page.

You can use photos, videos, or graphics on your landing page. Follow these best practices for using visuals on your Facebook landing page:

  • Use high-quality visuals: If you want to craft compelling landing pages, you need to use high-quality visuals on your pages. Don’t use grainy or stretched visuals. Users won’t trust your business due to the poor quality and will bounce from your landing page.
  • Limit your use of visuals: Don’t overwhelm your audience with dozens of visuals on your landing page. You’ll want to stick to only one or two visuals to ensure your page doesn’t get cluttered but still provides helpful visuals for your audience.
  • Keep your visuals focused: If you’re advertising a specific product or service, your Facebook landing page should feature a visual of that product or service. It wouldn’t make sense to run an ad for your Bluetooth speakers and then have an image of your laptops on the landing page.

4. Add a CTA button to guide users to the next step

If you want to know how to create a Facebook landing page that’s successful, you need to add a CTA button to your landing page. Your CTA button is fundamental to driving leads to take the next step. Without a CTA, your audience won’t know how to proceed.

So, when you craft a CTA button for your page, make sure you do the following:

  • Make it compelling and exciting: When you craft your CTA button, don’t use generic text like “click here” or “submit.” Instead, use specific CTAs like “Shop our selection of winter coats” or “Sign up for your free trial.”
  • Make your button stand out on the page: When you craft your CTA button, you want to ensure that it stands out on the page and people notice it. So, choose a color that fits with your color scheme and stands out from the other colors on the page.
  • Put your CTA where people will see it: In addition to choosing the right color for your CTA button, you also want to place your CTA where your audience will see it. If your landing page requires scrolling, your audience may not see it. Keep it in a place where it can be easily spotted.

5. Focus on how you solve your audience’s problems

When you craft your Facebook landing pages, you need to focus on telling your audience how you’ll solve their problems. Many companies make the mistake of only focusing on their company and why they’re the best. The problem with this approach is that it’s not what your audience wants to hear.

They don’t want to listen to you go on about how your product is the best because that’s what every company says. Instead, they want to know how your product will help their lives and why they need it. So, when you craft your landing pages, take an audience-first approach.

Answer questions like:

  • Why does my audience need this product?
  • How will my product help their lives?
  • What features appeal to my audience and address their pain points?

6. Keep your branding consistent

When you craft your landing page for Facebook ads, you need to ensure your branding is consistent from your ad to your landing page. Not only will it help people get more familiar with your brand, but it ensures that they’re still engaging with the same brand. Imagine you launch a clothing ad for your company with a red, white, and blue color scheme.

Someone sees your ad and clicks on it, only to visit a landing page that’s purple, white, and yellow. Your audience would immediately be confused about whether they were still engaging with your business because the color and style aren’t the same. They may even go back to their Facebook feed, thinking they clicked on the wrong post.

So, how do you build brand consistency correctly? Take Hulu as an example. They ran an ad for “Animaniacs” that invited people to watch new episodes by signing up for Hulu.

hulu ad cartoonWhen you click on the ad, you’re brought to a landing page with a consistent color scheme and brand style.   hulu ad landing page cartoonIf someone engaged with this ad and clicked through to the landing page, they would know they were on the right page because of the consistent color scheme and style. You can do the same with your ads to ensure you’re delivering the best experience.

7. Optimize your landing pages for mobile

Last on our list of tips for how to create a Facebook landing page is to optimize your landing pages for mobile — this is critical for landing pages with forms. Not everyone will view your ads on a desktop. You need to consider that many people will see your ad on their mobile phones.

Many people use their mobile phones to shop online. In fact, 76% of consumers shop on a smartphone, and over 90% of consumers have made a purchase via their smartphone. If your landing page isn’t optimized for mobile, users will leave your landing page.

To prevent this action from happening, you need to ensure your landing pages use responsive design. Responsive design ensures your landing page adapts to whatever device your audience uses. Having a mobile-friendly landing page will lead to longer engagement times and more conversions for your company.

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Start crafting stunning Facebook landing pages today

If you want to drive success with your Facebook ad, you need to craft a Facebook landing page design that wows your audience and gets them to engage with your ad.

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