14 Reliable Search Engine Optimization Tips

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best methods to earn new leads and more revenue for your business. SEO is the process of boosting your website’s ranking in the search results for keywords related to your business.

With 93% of all online experiences starting with a search engine, it is important that you utilize SEO to ensure that people can find your website. You don’t want to lose potential leads to your competition.

So, how can you make the most of your SEO campaign?

On this page, we’ll discuss the top 14 SEO tips for creating a successful SEO campaign. If you need help creating a custom SEO campaign, call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist.

SEO tips for keywords

First, you’ll need to select the keywords you want to target with your SEO campaign. Your entire campaign focuses on keywords and keyword usage, so it is important that you focus on choosing the right keywords. You can find the right keywords by conducting keyword research.

Do keyword research

When you first start your SEO campaign, you may be wondering how you figure out the right keywords for your campaign. The answer is keyword research. When you conduct keyword research, you can determine which keywords people search online to find businesses like yours.

You will need to brainstorm ideas as to keywords you can search. There are numerous keyword research tools you can use, like keywordtool.ioKeywordsFX, or Google Keyword Planner. What are some terms related to your industry, business, or services? What keywords are people using when they search for a business like yours?

This gives you a good list of keywords to research. Once you have your list, you can see the different options for your keywords and how they perform.

When you are trying to choose keywords, there are two types of keywords you will incur. The first kind is short tail keywords. These are keywords that only contain one or two words.

Short tail keywords are phrases like “plumbers” or “house painters.” They are very generic terms that don’t specify user intent.

It is hard to know what a user is seeking when they use few keywords, like “plumbers.” Are they looking for plumbing services, the definition of plumbers, or something related? Where do they want to find a plumber?

Instead, you want to focus on long tail keywords. These are keywords that contain three or more words. Long tail keywords include phrases like “plumbers in Harrisburg, PA” or “house painters in Harrisburg, PA.”

So, why are long tail keywords better?

Long tail keywords generate more qualified traffic for your business. Your audience is conducting specific searches. They are using long tail keywords to find information that fits their query the best.

If your target audience is searching for long tail keywords, why wouldn’t you try to rank for long tail keywords?

You will obtain more qualified leads by utilizing long tail keywords. Instead of wasting your money trying to obtain leads that won’t convert, you will put your money towards leads that are more likely to convert. It produces a better return on investment (ROI) for your business.

Integrate keywords into your content

Once you have your keywords selected, you will need to integrate the keywords on to your site. When Google crawls your site, they look for keywords that help them understand the context of your pages. It is important that you integrate these keywords on your site, so you can rank for the right keywords.

You can place keywords nearly anywhere on your page. This includes the header, title, meta description, and in the body text. These are all great places to put keywords to help your page rank higher in search results.

As you integrate keywords on to your page, it is important that you don’t overdo it. If you use keywords too frequently, this will lead to keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing negatively impacts your rankings, so it is best to use keywords only where they fit naturally.

Benefits of keyword optimization

By choosing the right keywords and optimizing your site for them, you will see better results with your campaign. When you use the right keywords, you attract more leads to your site.

Keyword optimization helps you connect with the right types of leads. You can nurture these leads and provide them with the information they need to purchase. So, by choosing the right keywords, you can earn more conversions for your business.

It also helps you rank better for the right keywords. When you use the right keywords, leads are more likely to remain on your site because your site fits their search query.

By increasing the duration people spend on your site, you will increase your rankings. Google will see that people are spending a long time on your site and increase your ranking to enable more leads to find your page.

When you use keyword optimization on your site, you will see better results with your SEO campaign.

SEO tips for content

If you want your site to perform better, you need to invest in content creation. This is a great SEO tip because when you create content, you are providing your audience with information that they find valuable.

Content comes in many forms, including blogs, videos, and infographics. These are pieces of content that are meant to provide your audience with industry related information. You want to create content that users want to read.

Your topics should be related to your industry. If you are trying to attract people to your business through content, your content needs to relate to your business. You want people to check out your business after reading your content.

Creating the right content

So, how do you create content that users want? The best thing you can do is research and see what users are seeking. You can also see what kind of content your competitors create. This will help you understand the kind of content that works for your audience.

You need to construct content that is easy for your audience to understand. You don’t want to provide content, only to have users struggle to read or comprehend it. This will cause leads to leave your site.

There are three popular types of content that businesses create.

Manage a blog

Blogs are a very popular way to drive new leads to your business. Maintaining a blog allows you to spread valuable information to your audience.

Many businesses have their own blogs where they create how-to and informational content. These posts are great for engaging your audience and getting their interest.

It takes time to create blog posts. You need to post frequently to make it effective. This means you will need to spend much of your time coming up with blog ideas and writing.

When you create content, you need to include visual elements. If you simply post a blog full of text, you will lose your readers interest. You need to use visual elements to keep your audience engaged.

If it seems like an overwhelming task to maintain a blog, you can invest in content marketing services from a digital marketing company like WebFX.

Make marketing videos

Video should not be ignored as a search engine optimization tip. Video marketing is one of the most popular forms of content marketing. Your audience is 10x more likely to interact with a video text. With the growth of platforms like YouTube, videos have become one of the most popular forms of content marketing.

You can fit an abundance of information in a video. While videos are meant to be shorter (20 to 60 seconds), you can still fit a copious amount of information in 20 seconds. This makes it a very appealing option for businesses.

The videos you create can be about anything regarding your industry. You want to make sure that your videos are interesting and engaging, so people continue to watch your video.

By using videos as part of your content marketing plan, you will engage more leads.

Design infographics

Infographics are a great option to add interest to any page. These graphics present valuable information to users that is easy to digest. Instead of writing paragraphs of information, these graphics break down the information into manageable pieces.

Many companies utilize infographics because they are effective for passing on important information. It helps you get the most important points across to your audience.

These infographics are also great for sharing. You can encourage people to share them on social media, which makes it easy to circulate your information. Infographics are a great way to help your leads engage with your content.

There are numerous options for creating content. Regardless of the medium you use, you need to make sure your content is interesting and engaging. This will help you nurture leads towards conversion.

Benefits of content creation

Content creation has a huge impact on SEO. When you create content, you keep people on your page. They remain on your site while they read your content or watch your video.

When leads spend more time on your page, it sends a positive signal to Google. It tells Google that your page is valuable to leads who are searching your keywords, so they will rank your page higher to enable more leads to find your page.

Content brings in leads that may not have found your business otherwise. It’s a great way to reach more new leads that you aren’t reaching with other marketing methods.

You can also earn backlinks by creating valuable content. These are extremely valuable to your website. We’ll discuss the importance of link building later this page.

Find content gaps

If you’re looking for content ideas, conduct some research. This will help you see where there is a gap or need for content. You can create content based on this need.

You can also figure out content by searching for keywords and seeing what users are searching. This will give you an idea of the type of content your audience wants.

The best way to figure out content gaps is to use tools that help you find gaps in your content. These tools include SEMrush Organic Competitors Report or Ahrefs Keyword Gap tool. This is a great way to find the gaps.

It is also a great idea to research and see if there are questions your audience is asking, but not getting answers. This is a great opportunity to answer that question by creating an informative piece of content. You will drive leads to your site by figuring out more ways you can create content.

Back up your claims in your SEO content

If you’re going to share information in your content, you want to back it up with facts and figures. This is a great way to validate the information you are sharing.

It is good practice to have a list of sites that provide credible statistics regarding your industry. You can use these statistics to back up your claims. This will help validate your content and show that you are well educated about your industry.

Make content easy to view

You don’t want user to struggle to view your content. It is important that you create content that is easy to view and comprehend.

If you are creating blog posts, you need to make sure your posts are easy to read. This means you need a legible font and to break up your paragraphs into smaller ones, so that it is easier to read.

As for videos, make sure your audio is clear and easy to hear. You also want to check that the video quality is clear. This will ensure that your users can watch your video without struggle.

When you create infographics, you need to make sure that they are easy to read. You need to choose the right colors and fonts to make sure users can skim it quickly and get the most important information. It is also important that your image is optimized and sized properly on your screen.

This is where a responsive design comes into play. Responsive design ensures that people can see your pages easily.

By making your content easy to view, you will keep leads engaged with your content.

Update your content

Information is constantly evolving and changing. You need to make sure that your posts have the latest information in them. You don’t want to direct users to outdated information, as it will cause them to leave your site seeking the newest information.

It is best to periodically check on your content and see if there is any new information regarding the content you post. By updating your content, you will provide users with the most valuable and current information.

Content creation is a great way to boost your SEO ranking. By creating valuable content, you will obtain more leads through your SEO campaign.

SEO tips for link building

Link building is an important part of SEO. Links helps you improve your SEO ranking.

There are two types of linking that impact your campaign.

Earn backlinks from other sites

Backlinks are a very important part of SEO, which is why earning backlinks is another search engine optimization tip on this list. Backlinks are links from other sites that link back to your own site. The most common way to earn backlinks is through content creation.

These links are so important because they build the trust and authority of your site. When a credible site links back to your page, it sends a signal to Google that your site is trustworthy. If a credible site is linking to your page, it means that your content is credible and interesting.

Google will rank your site higher because they believe others will want to see your content. As you earn more backlinks, you will increase your ranking. They constantly build up your site’s trust.

As stated previously, the main way to earn backlinks is through content creation. When you create content, you can invite other sites to check out your content. If they like it, they may reference it in their own content.

This is how you form a backlink. Now, anytime someone reads their article, they can check out the link that goes back to your site. It’s a great way to earn new traffic and leads for your business.

When you are trying to earn backlinks, focus on ones that will drive the right traffic to your site. It is best if industry-related sites link back to your content. This ensures that you are driving in traffic that is interested in your business.

By building up your backlinks, you will increase the trust and authority of your site.

Manage internal links

Internal links are very important for increasing engagement on your site. You want to keep people on your site, so they can learn more about your business. And adding internal links to other content on your site can keep people on your site longer.

These are links that link to other parts of your website. You want to link to pertinent information that can help your audience understand more about a topic. It is meant to enhance their understanding of the overall topic.

When you use inbound links, you are guiding users to the next page. You will keep them on your page longer, which positively impacts your SEO ranking. When leads spend more time on your page, Google sees your page as valuable.

Inbound links are a great way to keep your audience on your site. You can keep them engaged and help them learn more about your business. This will help you nurture leads and encourage them to convert.

One of the most important things about inbound links is that you need to check that they are working. Not only do you need to make sure your content is up to date, but you also need to make sure the links are functional. If a page moves or gets deleted, you don’t want users to click on a broken link.

It is important that you check your links periodically to make sure they are working and directing users to the right page.

By utilizing link building, you will increase your website’s ranking, which will enable you to reach more leads.

SEO tips for user engagement

An important factor that affects your SEO ranking is user engagement. When users come on your page, you want them to have a positive experience. It is important that you optimize your site to provide a great user experience, so leads will remain on your page.

There are numerous aspects you can improve to make your site more engaging for users.

Improve your page speed

Your page’s speed is an important factor to user experience. You need to ensure that your website runs quickly and efficiently for people who come on your site.

If your page runs too slow, you’ll lose leads. They will leave your site and return to the search results to pick a competitor’s site.

To ensure that your page is running up to speed, you can enlist in page speed services to help improve your page’s speed or check out Google PageSpeed Insights.

Create a well-designed site

You want your site to be appealing to your visitors. If your site appears old or outdated, your potential leads will leave your site. You can avoid this by creating an updated design.

Your website’s design should reflect your business. You want people build up your brand recognition, so it is best to create a site that will make an impression on your audience.

A big part of the design is your navigation. You don’t want users to struggle to find information. The best way to avoid this is by creating a functional navigation.

This ensures that people will find the information they need. They won’t have to struggle to find the right information. It is a great measure to help keep leads on your page.

By improving user engagement, you will keep leads on your page longer. When leads stay on your page longer, you will improve your SEO ranking.

Optimize your site for mobile

Many of your visitors are accessing your site through mobile devices. You need to ensure that your website adapts to all users.

The best way to do this is by creating a responsive design. A responsive design ensures that your website adapts to mobile phones, tablets, and desktop users to create the best user experience for audience.

You need to make sure that your site is mobile-friendly for your audience. Therefore, it is important to break up site text into smaller paragraphs and optimize your images. You want to make sure a mobile user can use your site as easily as a desktop user.

By optimizing your site, you will keep leads on your page longer. This enables you to boost your site’s SEO ranking.

Bonus video: An SEO checklist full of helpful SEO advice

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