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50+ Branding Statistics You’ll Want to Know for 2024

When you think of companies like McDonald’s, Target, or Dunkin’, you know their logo and iconic color schemes –– you might recall their slogan. These companies have spent years building their branding to make them recognizable to consumers.

Branding is a crucial part of your business –– it helps you create an identity for your company that enables people to recognize your business when they see it.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of over 50 branding statistics to show you the impact of branding. We’ll break down these statistics into four categories:

Keep reading to learn more about these branding statistics and what it means for your business.

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Branding statistics: A general overview of branding

First on this list of branding statistics for 2024 are some general statistics about online branding.

94% of consumers say they recommend brands they have an emotional connection with

  1. 10 seconds is how long you have to capture your audience’s attention with your logo so they can memorize it. (Source)
  2. Brand visibility is 3.5 times higher for consistently presented brands than those without a consistent brand presentation. (Source)
  3. 94% of consumers say they recommend brands they have an emotional connection with. (Source)
  4. 90% of consumers expect to have a similar branded experience across your marketing channels. (Source)
  5. 82% of investors say name recognition is essential in guiding investment decisions. (Source)
  6. 80% is how much brand recognition can increase with a consistent color palette for your logo, content, and promotional materials. (Source)
  7. 80% is how much color improves brand recognition. (Source)
  8. 77% of consumers purchase an item based on the brand name rather than the product’s name. (Source)

Tide photo featuring Tide Pods, stain spray, and liquid detergent

  1. 77% of marketing leaders say branding is critical to growth. (Source)
  2. 72% of global consumers feel loyalty to at least one brand. (Source)
  3. 23% is how much revenue can increase by creating a consistent presentation of your brand. (Source)
  4. 13% of consumers are willing to pay up to 50% more for products or services if that brand makes a positive impact on the world around them. (Source)
  5. Less than 10% of business-to-business (B2B) companies say they have consistent branding. (Source)

Branding statistics: Building trust, loyalty, and retention

A critical part of building a solid brand is building, trust, loyalty, and retention. You must build trust with prospects to help them feel confident that your brand is the right choice. Once they trust that you’re a good company that fits their needs, they’ll become customers.

Once prospects become customers, you must continually show them who your brand is to build brand loyalty and retain those customers. Retaining loyal customers helps others trust your brand, which allows you to earn new customers and continue to grow your business.

88% of consumers say it takes three or more purchases to build brand loyalty

Here are some branding stats that shed insight into how your branding impacts customer trust, loyalty, and retention:

  1. Price is the number one factor keeping customers loyal to their favorite brands. (Source)
  2. 94% of consumers stay loyal to transparent brands. (Source)
  3. 90% of consumers say transparency is essential when deciding which brand to buy from. (Source)
  4. 88% of consumers say it takes three or more purchases to build brand loyalty. (Source)
  5. 86% of customers say authenticity is a key reason they buy from a brand. (Source)

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  1. 85% of people are likely to stand by a brand they think is honest during a crisis. (Source)
  2. 81% of consumers need to trust a brand to buy from them. (Source)
  3. 75% of consumers are happy to spend more for a product or service from a brand that’s open and honest. (Source)
  4. 73% of consumers are loyal to a brand because of their customer service. (Source)
  5. 65% of business revenue comes from existing customers who know your brand. (Source)
  6. 65% of consumers are likely to stay loyal to a brand they believe is genuine. (Source)
  7. 61% of consumers have cut ties with brands due to poor customer service. (Source)
  8. 59% of consumers prefer to buy from brands they trust. (Source)
  9. 59% of consumers relate brand openness to being transparent. (Source)
  10. 50% of people that follow a brand on social media are loyal to it. (Source)
  11. 50% of marketers list brand loyalty as one of the top goals of their content marketing strategies. (Source)
  12. 43% of people spend their money on brands they’re loyal to. (Source)
  13. 39% of consumers are willing to switch to more transparent brands. (Source)

Branding statistics: Marketing your brand

Next on this list of statistics on branding, let’s look at the relationship between branding and marketing. When you promote your business online to prospects, you need to integrate your brand’s unique style into your marketing materials.

Whether you promote your brand through paid or organic methods, it’s essential to understand how your audience interacts with brands and how your branding impacts your marketing.

Here are some branding statistics that show how marketing and branding relate:

  1. Over 200 million brands and business accounts are active on Instagram. (Source)
  2. 362 is the average number of ads adults are exposed to daily. (Source)
  3. 139% is how much brand association increases after watching a video. (Source)
  4. 90% of users follow at least one brand on Instagram. (Source)
  5. 82% is how much more positive consumers feel about a business after reading custom content. (Source)
  6. 80% is how much PPC ads increase brand awareness. (Source)
  7. 80% of Pinterest users discover new brands through the platform. (Source)
  8. 78% of users talk about brands they follow on social media to friends and family. (Source)
  9. 74% of people follow brands on social media. (Source)

Tweet from Target

  1. 73% of users say they feel a deeper connection to companies after interacting with their branding on TikTok. (Source)
  2. 73% of companies use design to help their brand stand out from competitors. (Source)
  3. 70% of marketers name brand awareness as their top goal for social media. (Source)
  4. 64% of consumers purchase a product after watching a branded video. (Source)
  5. 61% of people are more motivated to buy from companies that publish content. (Source)
  6. 51% of users unfollow brands on social media due to irrelevant content. (Source)
  7. 50% of users follow brands on social media to learn about new products or services. (Source)
  8. 31% of marketers count on blogging and short articles to build brand awareness. (Source)
  9. 15% is how many people believe brands are transparent on social media. (Source)

Branding statistics: The impact of personalizing your brand

The last section of branding stats we’ll cover focuses on personalization. Your brand is multi-faceted, and people are attracted to your brand for different reasons. When you promote your brand, you must personalize your audience’s experience with it.

Personalization will help you highlight the part of your branding that resonates most with each segment of your target audience.

87% of consumers said personally relevant content positively influences their feelings about a brand

Here are some branding stats for 2024 that show the impact of personalization and branding:

  1. 87% of consumers said personally relevant content positively influences their feelings about a brand. (Source)
  2. 81% of consumers want brands to know them and know when to market to them. (Source)
  3. 77% of people choose, recommend, or pay more for brands that provide personalized experiences. (Source)
  4. 73% of consumers prefer brands that personalize their shopping experience. (Source)
  5. 75% of American consumers say they’re more likely to be loyal to brands that understand them personally. (Source)
  6. 63% of consumers think more positively towards brands that share relevant and valuable content. (Source)
  7. 27% of consumers consider personalization important for building loyalty to a brand. (Source)

Need some help branding your business?

As you can see by these statistics on branding, the way you build and promote your brand strongly impacts the results you drive. If you aren’t sure how to build your branding successfully, our team at WebFX can help.

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