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30+ Google Search Statistics for Marketers and Businesses in 2024

In 2006, the verb “Google” became an official part of the English language. Today, it’s the most used search engine across the globe. Millions of people search for things on Google every day on their smartphones, computers, and other devices.

This search engine creates many opportunities for businesses to reach potential customers and clients with search engine optimization (SEO).

These 30+ Google search statistics show how important Google is to modern consumers, and why SEO is essential to the success of your business online:

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General Google search statistics

Let’s kick off our list of Google search statistics with some general insights!

1. Over 3.1 trillion searches are conducted on Google each year.

This means there are at least 5.9 million per minute.

2. 84% of people use Google 3+ times per day.

Google is great for finding what kind of food is best to feed your cat, how long you should work out each day, and why the grass is green. Companies looking to reach their target audience have over three chances a day to do so.

3. Chrome accounted for 63% of the web browser market share in 2023.

Many people don’t even want the option to use another search engine. They go straight to Google in their browser.

4. Google’s search engine market share is 89% in North America.

That figure grows other places in the world, Like Europe (91%), South America (95%), and Africa (97%).

5. Google’s search index is over 100 million gigabytes.

Whenever you conduct a search, Google scours over 100 million GB of data to find the best result to match your search. Their algorithm is powerful enough to do that in seconds.

6. Google ran 4725 launches in 2022.

That means that they made a meaningful update or change to the way search works almost 5000 times.

Local Google search statistics

Now, let’s look at some local search statistics to see what people are looking for by region.

7. One-third of mobile searches are location-based.

Part of SEO is utilizing keywords that your target audience is searching. If people near your storefront are searching for the products or services you offer, you want to make sure that your business is one of the top results.

8. 86% of customers use Google Maps to find local businesses.

When someone is looking for companies near them, they mean that literally. Using the maps features helps them see what is open and available nearby.

9. 42% of local searches result in clicks on the Google 3-Pack.

The Google 3-Pack is a listing that shows three top business profiles related to the search. So, if you look up Italian restaurants in Harrisburg, this is what you would see:

SCreenshot of Google 3 pack for "italian restaurants in harrisburg pa"

10. 98% of people read reviews for local businesses.

Responding to and your reviews is key when attracting a local audience. Even if you get a negative review, customers want to see you handle it with care instead of ignoring it. This process can help you earn more customers and build your brand’s reputation.

11. Local searches contribute 22.6% of website traffic.

People are looking for businesses near them, whether it’s for a service or product.

Statistics by device

Google statistics change based on the user’s device. Here are a few device-specific Google search statistics to help you learn more.

12. The top organic search result earns a 34% click-through rate on desktop and a 31% click-through rate on mobile.

The click-through rate is how many people click on your link and end up on your site. SEO increases your click-through rate (CTR), so you will have more traffic if you get more clicks on your website.  One-third of the clicks go to the top search result. From that point, the CTR gets lower.

13. Google had a share of around 82% of the global desktop search market in 2023.

Out of all the searches conducted around the world, most are conducted through Google. Other search engines, like Bing and Yahoo, simply can’t keep up. If people are searching for your business, they are more than likely doing it through Google.

14. 25% of desktop Google searches end without a click, and 17% of mobile end without a click.

More people are likely to click through and browse a website on a mobile device rather than a desktop. This could be because many people use their phone as their primary internet device.

15. 60% of smartphone users have contacted a business directly from the search results.

Optimizing your business profile and having your contact information readily available can encourage people to reach out. Make sure you have an up-to-date Google Business Profile!

16. 56% of web traffic searches take place on mobile device.

That number is up from previous years, meaning more people are searching on mobile than before.

Paid search statistics

Paid search differs from organic greatly. Below are a few statistics that show some key features of paid search.

Why PPC?

17. $4.22 is the average cost-per-click (CPC) in Google Ads in 2023 across all industries.

That number represents how much companies spend on every click on a paid ad. Some keywords and searches might cost more or less, depending on the search volume and ranking difficulty.

18. 63% of people are likely to click on a paid search ad on Google.

Compare that number to other search engines — Amazon (15%), YouTube (9%), and Bing (6%) — and you’ll see that it’s four times as likely.

19. 7% is the average conversion rate in Google Ads across all industries in 2023.

With paid search, the goal is to reach a specific audience that is most in need of your product. Your conversion rate might vary depending on the ad’s effectiveness, your landing page, and your audience targeting.

20. 55% of people clicking on Google search ads prefer those to be text ads.

Text ads can be more descriptive than images at times. Also, given the number of people that click on ads through Google, it makes sense that most people prefer text-based ads.

21. 94% of people skip over search ads.

22. In contrast, 84% of brands said they see good results with the PPC market.

Even though it seems like a lot of people look past search ads, many companies see high CTR and conversions from PPC. So, don’t count yourself out before you try PPC.

Visual search statistics

Visual search is another aspect of SEO that many forget about. Here are a few stats on visual search to help you learn more.

23. 19% of Google SERPs show images.

While images aren’t part of every search, it’s good to include images on your pages in case they are relevant on the SERPs.

24. Images appear 12.5 times more often in search results on mobile.

If you know that your target audience uses mobile devices more than desktop, consider adding more images to your content strategy. Infographics, diagrams, and other informational images count, too!

25. Online shoppers click on 3D images 50% more than static ones.

3D images are great for seeing what a product looks like when it isn’t right in front of you. Using augmented reality (AR) to achieve this benefit is also quickly becoming popular.

26. Google Lens processes 12 billion searches every month.

Google Lens lets you point your camera at a landmark or location and perform a Google search. This tool has grown in popularity over the past few years.

Google search statistics for SEO

To round out our list of Google search statistics, let’s look at a couple of stats that show the importance of SEO for your company.

27. 65% of users click on organic results.

Even if you think landing in search results doesn’t matter, the data shows how many people use the SERPs. If you can make it to the top page of organic results, you’ll be more likely to earn clicks, traffic, and conversions on your website.

28. Most Google searches are 3-4 words long.

Searches aren’t like they used to be. Many people search for short phrases to find what they want to know, rather than using a complete sentence. Targeting these keywords can help you rank for relevant searches.

29. Half of Google users click within 9 seconds of their search.

First impressions matter, even on Google. Many people search, click, and bounce quickly, so you want to grab their attention from the moment they start their search.

30. Pages with a question in the title have a 15% CTR, compared to 16% of regular pages.

These often mimic the questions users are searching. Question titles you form your content around search intent while helping users find answers to their questions. However, they aren’t necessarily tied to performance.

31. SEO has a 14.6% close rate.

SEO involves significant investments of time and money into it, but considering that SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, it’s certainly worth it. This is especially impressive when compared to the 1.7% close rate of outbound leads, from traditional methods like cold-calling and billboards.

If you’re part of the majority of marketers that aren’t earning as many customers and sales as they’d like, SEO could be the right choice for your business.

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