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100+ Instagram Statistics You Should Know in 2024

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms to promote your brand, products, and services. If you’re considering joining in on the fun and creating your own business Instagram account, you’re not alone. Over 200 million other businesses are already active on the platform!

Don’t let them make a splash before you do — dive into this list of 100+ Instagram statistics that prove just how valuable this platform can be for your business in 2024.

Keep reading to browse our list of eye-opening Instagram statistics for businesses, including:

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General Instagram statistics

If you’re looking for the best platform to start promoting your brand, Instagram is the place for you. Check out some general Instagram statistics in 2024 below:

  1. Over $47 billion is the brand value of Instagram
  2. 2 billion users are active on Instagram every month
  3. 547 million is the number of times the Instagram app was downloaded
  4. 47% of U.S. adults use Instagram
  5. 9.5% of Instagram’s active worldwide users are located in the U.S.

Instagram user statistics

With billions of active users around the world, you’re bound to find your target audience on Instagram. See who’s most active on the platform with these Instagram user statistics:

  1. 85% of U.S. Gen Z Instagram users use Instagram
  2. 59% of U.S. teens use Instagram 
  3. 55% of U.S. Instagram users identify as female
  4. Over 50% of global Instagram users are 34 years of age or younger
  5. 44% of U.S. Instagram users identify as male
  6. Over 36% of global Instagram users aged 18-34 years old identify as male
  7. Almost 31% of global Instagram users are 18-24 years old
  8. Almost 31% of global Instagram users are 25-34 years old
  9. 28% of U.S. Instagram users are 25-34 years old
  10. Nearly 28% of global Instagram users aged 18-34 years old identify as female
  11. 26% of U.S. Instagram users are 18-24 years old
  12. 19% of U.S. Instagram users are 35-44 years old
  13. 5% of U.S. Instagram users are 65+ years old

Instagram usage statistics

Now that you know a bit more about who uses Instagram, take a look at how often they’re using the photo and video-sharing platform with these Instagram audience usage statistics:

  1. 91% of U.S. consumers are aware of or familiar with Instagram
  2. 91% of active Instagram users watch videos on the platform weekly
  3. 90% of U.S. Instagram users are likely to use it again in the future
  4. 14% of all social media visits in the U.S. across mobile, desktop, and tablet devices were made to Instagram
  5. 8% of U.S. teens say they use Instagram “almost constantly”
  6. 512 minutes is the average time Gen Z Instagram users in the U.S. spend on Instagram
  7. 33 minutes is the average time spent per day on Instagram in the U.S.

Instagram marketing statistics for business

Now it’s time for the fun stuff — Instagram marketing statistics. The following stats offer insight into how businesses around the world use Instagram, along with some key performance insights on audience views toward Instagram brands and brand content.

project socialt's instagram profile

  1. Over 200 million business accounts are active on Instagram
  2. 2,002 is the average user reach per image post on Instagram
  3. 4.7 branded posts are made on Instagram each week
  4. 90% of users follow at least one brand on Instagram
  5. 80% of global marketers use Instagram to advertise and promote their business
  6. 68% of brands are confident in Instagram’s ability to deliver a positive return on investment (ROI) for their organization
  7. 66% of marketers plan to increase their usage of Instagram in the near future
  8. 16% of global B2B marketers cite Instagram as the social media channel with the highest ROI

Instagram advertising statistics

Instagram ads are a perfect way to get in front of your target audience more effectively. See why many brands use Instagram’s paid ads to drive results with these Instagram advertising stats:

  1. 675 million people is the potential reach of Instagram Reels ads
  2. 90% is how much more likely mixed Instagram campaigns (which use more than one type of ad) are to drive cost-effective action than individual tactics
  3. 53% of Reels ads reach male-identifying users
  4. 46% of Reels ads reach female-identifying users
  5. 25% of all sponsored Instagram posts are fashion-related
  6. 25% is how much more relevant partnership ads are when the brand and creator are a natural fit

Instagram brand statistics

nhl instagram profile

What kinds of brands use Instagram for their social media marketing strategy, and how often are they active? Find out with these statistics about brands on Instagram:

  1. 18 posts are made on an average weekly basis by sports teams on Instagram
  2. An average of 12.2 posts are made on a weekly basis by media brands Instagram
  3. 6.8 posts are made on an average weekly basis by health and beauty brands on Instagram
  4. 6.1 posts are made on an average weekly basis by fashion brands on Instagram
  5. 5.7 posts are made on an average weekly basis by retail brands on Instagram

Instagram Reels statistics

TikTok isn’t the only source of trendy short-form video content. With Instagram Reels, you’re business can create and publish content that doesn’t clog up users’ regular feeds but still reaches plenty of people.

See why businesses use Instagram Reels for marketing with these statistics:

  1. 140 billion Reels are played across Instagram and Facebook each day
  2. 2.35 billion active users interact with Reels each month
  3. 169 million Instagram users in the U.S. use Reels
  4. 694 thousand Instagram Reels are shared or sent via direct message (DM) each minute
  5. Over 47 thousand followers is the average reach of Instagram Reels posted by accounts with 50 thousand to 45 million followers
  6. 243 is the average number of likes an Instagram Reel receives
  7. 28 is the average number of times an Instagram Reel is saved
  8. 8 is the average number of comments an Instagram Reel receives
  9. 2x more impressions are generated by Reels than any other Instagram content type
  10. 53% of U.S. marketers use Instagram Reels for influencer marketing
  11. Over 50% of people interact with Instagram Reels at least once a week
  12. Over 50% of content shared between Instagram users are Reels
  13. 30% is the average reach rate of Instagram Reels

Instagram Stories statistics

image of an instagram story posted by Max, promoting the new series The Sympathizer

Instagram Stories are another great way to post multiple times a day on Instagram without spamming your followers’ feeds. While Stories content is only visible for 24 hours, you still have plenty of options for making it count with stickers, filters, interactive links, and more.

See why businesses love Instagram Stories for their social campaigns with the following statistics:

  1. Over 500 million people watch Instagram Stories daily, which means…
  2. 500 million people can be reached with Story ads!
  3. 78% of Gen Z social media users have watched Instagram Stories in the past month
  4. 50% of Instagram users have visited a website to buy a product or service after seeing it in Stories
  5. 6.5% is the average reach rate of Instagram Stories posted by smaller brands (<10k followers)
  6. 2.6% is the average reach rate of Instagram Stories posted by mid-sized brands (10k-50k followers)
  7. 1.6% is the average reach rate of Instagram Stories posted by large brands (50k-200k followers)
  8. 1.2% is the average reach rate of Instagram Stories posted by major brands (>200k followers)
  9. About 20 times is how often the most active brands on Instagram post a Story
  10. 13 times is how often the average brand posts an Instagram Story 

Instagram Live statistics

If you often host demonstrations or tutorials and want to make them more interactive for your audience, say hello to Instagram Live. Whether it’s to boost your sales or bring up those engagement rates, Instagram Live can help you amp up your social media strategy.

Don’t believe us? Check out these Instagram Live statistics:

  1. Over 100 million people watch Instagram Live videos each day
  2. 19 million Instagram Live posts are created each day
  3. 82% of Instagram Live events are watched by users 18-24 years old
  4. 46% of people turn to Instagram for livestream shopping
  5. 38% of marketers prefer Instagram Live for live video events and experiences
  6. 37% of Gen Z social media users have watched livestreams on Instagram in the past month
  7. 22% of Internet users turn to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to watch livestreams
  8. 18% of U.S. adults said they prefer Instagram Live for livestream shopping

Instagram influencer statistics

instagram post from christiano ronaldo partnering with herbalife

Ever seen a product promoted by one of your favorite celebrities or Internet personalities and just had to buy it? That’s the power of influencer marketing, and it’s strong on Instagram.

Get a feel for the influencer landscape with these Instagram influencer marketing statistics:

  1. Over $22 billion is the expected global market size of Instagram influencer marketing by 2025
  2. $17 billion is the current global Instagram influencer market size
  3. Nearly 75% of U.S. marketers use Instagram as their chosen platform for influencer marketing
  4. 71% of people say they strongly associate Instagram with influencers and celebrities
  5. 65% of Instagram influencers are nano influencers
  6. 49% is the average influencer fraud rate of Instagram influencers
  7. Nearly 14% of Instagram influencers cover lifestyle topics and products
  8. 8% of Instagram influencers are focused on beauty topics and products
  9. 2.19% is the average engagement rate of Instagram influencers with 1-10k followers
  10. 1.85% is the average engagement rate of all Instagram influencers
  11. 3.8 posts are made on an average weekly basis by influencers on Instagram
  12. People are 1.5x more likely to want to see branded creator content on Instagram than any other platform

Instagram shopping statistics

Shopping isn’t confined to a brand’s website nowadays. Platforms like Instagram make it easy for consumers to browse and purchase items all within the comfort of their chosen social platform.

See how people have taken to shopping on Instagram (including how it’s used as a resource when making purchase decisions) with these Instagram shopping statistics:

  1. 92% of people act at the moment of seeing a product on Instagram
  2. 87% of users say they take action after seeing a product on Instagram
  3. 86% of consumers say they would purchase, try, or recommend a product when content is rated as “shareworthy”
  4. 78% of consumers name Instagram creators as influential in helping them discover new brands
  5. 70% of shoppers look to Instagram when making a purchase
  6. 58% of U.S. shoppers say they have, at some point, purchased a product after seeing it on a social media platform like Instagram
  7. Nearly 50% of people say they use Instagram to shop every week
  8. 37% more sales are possible when businesses use product tagging in their Instagram posts
  9. Roughly 33% of global social media users have engaged in social commerce services like Instagram Shopping and Facebook Marketplace
  10. 32% of sales on Instagram and Facebook came from tagged content on Instagram

Instagram Threads statistics

threads preview on ios app store

Have you explored Instagram’s answer to X (formerly Twitter) yet? Get some insight into the Threads vs. X debate with these Instagram Threads statistics:

  1. Over 265 million people worldwide have downloaded Threads since launching in July 2023
  2. 160 million users are currently active on Threads
  3. 130 million users are active on Threads each month
  4. 100 million users joined Instagram’s Threads app less than a week after launching
  5. 70 million users joined Threads within the first two days of launching
  6. 3,720 Threads are downloaded by users each minute
  7. 1 hour is how long it took for Threads to reach 1 million users upon launching
  8. 50% is how much the average time spent on Threads decreased one week post-launch
  9. 33% of Threads app downloads during its first week came from users in India
  10. 25% is how much of Threads’ daily active users decreased one week post-launch
  11. 16% of brands are confident in Threads’ ability to deliver a positive ROI for their organization

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