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When you think about traditional marketing for assisted living facilities, you probably think about arranging tours, building a referral network, and sharing your expertise at community events. But what about marketing assisted living facilities online?

Today, your clients and their loved ones turn to the Internet to find assisted living facilities. That gives you a great opportunity for you to reach new prospects without spending on traditional marketing.

You just have to know where to start. Keep reading to find out more, and give us a call at 888-601-5359 (or contact us online) to start marketing your assisted living center online!

1. Create a user-friendly website

A simple, easy-to-use website is essential when you’re working with a senior-age demographic.

That means it’s best to use a large, crisp, sans-serif font that your site visitors can read on any screen (including tablets and smartphones). You should also use big buttons for links to other pages and an intuitive search function that lets visitors find what they need right away.

Your website will be the foundation of your overall Internet marketing strategy, so it needs to be tailored specifically to your demographic. Everything you do from here on out will help bring visitors back to your website.

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2. Learn SEO and implement a strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website so search engines can read it, contextualize it, and rank it in search results. That process includes creating new pages on your site, writing in-depth answers to common questions in your industry, and giving other information that your potential clients would find useful.

As you create those pages, you need to base them on keywords, or specific terms that search engine users would use to find your business. Those keywords can be questions or phrases that reflect someone is interested in your industry, like “assisted living facility in [your city].”

You have a few ways to figure out the right search terms. It’s important to periodically revisit your keyword research, so you can ensure the terms you’re using are effective. Here are a few ways to get started with keyword research:

  1. Google Ads. This is Google’s main keyword research property, and it shows you how many people are looking for a keyword every month.
  2. Google autocomplete. Google’s autocomplete function shows you the most popular search terms for a certain keyword after you type it into the search bar. This can give you a lot of new keyword ideas.

Now that you have a list of keywords, you need to use them on your site appropriately.

3. Provide relevant, helpful information

The best way to use keywords on your site is to create individual pages about them. That means using each keyword as the starting point for a new page, so you can talk about that keyword in-depth and provide meaningful, helpful information.

For example, you could write about the warnings signs of dementia or other age-related difficulties and how your assisted living facility could help.

This type of information is valuable to your potential customers, and it also shows them that you understand the ins and outs of your industry. That makes you more trustworthy, and when potential clients trust you, they’re much more likely to become paying clients.

4. Create a blog

Blogs are great ways for you to talk about recent news and changes in your industry. They’re also outstanding marketing tools, since they show Google and your readers that you keep up with your industry.

assisted living blog

The best blog posts include images, credible information, recommendations for further reading, and other information that provides a comprehensive experience in one place.

You can also use it to talk about your staff, company history, and other parts of your assisted living facility. These kinds of insights can also help build trust by putting a face to your facility and showing potential customers who are responsible for the care of your clients.

5. Hire a professional to take video and pictures

Since you should use multimedia on your blog posts, you should have quality images and videos to post. That way, your assisted living facility looks more professional and credible to new website visitors.

Along with blog posts, you can post videos to YouTube and other video streaming sites. These sites will host your videos for free, and you can also embed videos easily into your pages or blog posts with the click of a button.

6. Create an email newsletter

Email newsletters are effective at keeping you in touch with interested parties. You can release a newsletter on a weekly or monthly basis, and you can get people to sign up for it by asking them for their email addresses right on your site.

You can make your emails similar to your blog posts, but you can also use newsletters to talk more about your facility, specifically. That way, you’re not just telling people about your industry — you’re telling them about your facility and why it’s great.

Earn more clients with digital marketing for assisted living centers

At WebFX, we know the incredible results that you can get from Internet marketing. Our talented team of marketers constantly stays on top of the industry, and they’ve learned all the best strategies and techniques to help our clients meet their business goals. We’ve worked with assisted living facilities before — and now we want to improve your business, too!

All you have to do is contact us for more information. Let’s set up an Internet marketing strategy for your business today!

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