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Creating Lasting Impressions: Kent County Tourism Corporation & WebFX

Kent County Tourism Corporation wanted to give visitors an immersive experience at their in-person local attractions and online. WebFX helped them do just that. Learn how our search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), social media, and email marketing services drove revenue, clicks, and conversions in this tourism social case study!







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“The WebFX team has been a valuable asset and key partner in our success. We are seeing record-setting conversions through the creative use of conversion ads and retargeting efforts by WebFX.”

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About Kent County Tourism Corporation

Kent County Tourism Corporation (doing business as Delaware’s Quaint Villages) is the tourism and destination marketing organization for Kent County, Delaware, and surrounding towns.

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The team at Kent County Tourism Corporation helps visitors and residents alike find fun events, lodging, and activities for a meaningful, enriched visit to Kent County. Between the historic villages, re-enactments, and local gatherings, they promote dozens of events monthly.

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Kent County Tourism Corporation is a one-stop shop for helping visitors find all the information and resources they need to enjoy their stays from lodging, rentable spaces, sporting equipment, dining, and more.

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They also represent the local interest by supporting tourism and showing the rest of the world what Kent County has to offer.

The challenge: Creating a tourism company marketing strategy

The goal of Kent County Tourism Corporation’s marketing plan was right in line with its mission — to bring awareness to its community and encourage people to reach out. Initially, Kent County Tourism Corporation needed a partner for SEO.

“WebFX initially did an SEO audit for us, and we were very impressed with the quality of the report and solid recommendations. Shortly after, we put our digital advertising services out to bid. WebFX put in a quality bid and was very transparent on their fees and services provided. Since then, it has been a fantastic partnership for the past three years. Our account managers are responsive, highly knowledgeable, and provide an outstanding level of service.”

Since their website would be a powerhouse destination for people to find, research, and ultimately visit Kent County destinations, they needed to rank at the top of search results. Then, they realized they could dive deeper with PPC, email, and comprehensive social services.

Kent County Tourism Corporation chose WebFX to give them a well-rounded online presence that invites visitors in at first glance.

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Business impact and results

With these goals in mind, we jumped into creating a plan to help Kent County Tourism Corporation actualize their goals. Here are some quick stats that show how we have helped them grow through our social services and more:

  • 167% increase in contact form submissions
  • 109% increase in click-through rate (CTR)
  • 82% improvement in CPL using Conversions API

Our conversion-based campaigns across Meta platforms and YouTube helped drive new visitor guide requests and e-newsletter sign-ups:

  • 630% increase in e-newsletter sign-ups
  • 267% increase in visitor guide requests

In terms of traffic, we leveraged traffic-based campaigns across Meta platforms and YouTube to drive traffic to the website, resulting in:

  • 49% increase in new users
  • 44% increase in sessions

When asked how our services impacted their core business metrics, they responded:

“The WebFX team has been a valuable asset and key partner in our success. We are seeing record-setting conversions (visitor guide requests, email sign-ups) through the creative use of conversion ads and retargeting efforts by WebFX.”

Our ongoing partnership gives Kent County Tourism Corporation data they can use to keep going above and beyond:

“We have key metrics we measure each month for our website, social media, and PPC ads. We continue to exceed our established goals with the expertise of WebFX.”

  • 630%

  • 267%

  • 167%


Comprehensive solutions from WebFX

To help Kent County Tourism Corporation get the most out of its marketing campaign, we use a multichannel strategy that targets different aspects of its business and goals. For this tourism marketing case study, let’s look at six different strategies.

Social media ads management

Our social media ads management helps Kent County Tourism Corporation connect with an even wider audience while sharing posts about their upcoming events and services. We manage their ads across multiple platforms to help target users naturally.

We also use Conversions API (CAPI) from Meta to lower the cost of targeting each lead. CAPI is a server-side tool that allows us to track customer actions and share them with Facebook to maximize performance with Facebook Ads.

With this data, Kent County Tourism Corporation can maximize its budget with targeted ads, designed to reach users who are most likely to convert.

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YouTube advertising

With YouTube advertising services, we create and publish video ads that capture users’ attention. Our team can develop video ads and graphics that appear before and during videos, making it easier for people to see Kent County Tourism Corporation in action.

Our team also tracks key metrics for YouTube ads to make sure that every campaign is up to par.

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First, we implemented a strategic SEO plan to boost their rankings and get more traffic to their website. With SEO, they see more organic traffic from people searching for places to visit in Delaware, which translates to more business.

We revamped their existing site and created an all-encompassing source of information for guests. By optimizing their pages, adding quality images, and incorporating metadata, we turned their site into an accessible site for search engines and visitors.

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Paid ads take the work we did with SEO and add an extra push. Our team developed quality PPC ads that enticed users to click and learn more about Kent County. Through SEO, we optimized their site for a streamlined user experience and conversion process, which pairs perfectly with PPC ads.

We also worked with their marketing plan and budget to target keywords that get the most traffic for the lowest cost.

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MarketingCloudFX is our one-stop shop for ROI tracking, lead management, and more.

MCFX helps Kent County Tourism Corporation save time, capture leads, and use data to inform its business choices. With MCFX, clients like Kent County Tourism can easily access the data they need to maximize their investment and funnel spending to the channels driving the best results.

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Email marketing

Finally, our team helped Kent County Tourism Corporation transfer their email services from another provider to our in-house technology:

“WebFX did a great job for us converting our email system from Mail Chimp to WebFX’s email system. The conversion was seamless through their efforts and resulted in tangible monthly savings coupled with an improved product.”

With EmailMarketingFX, Kent County Tourism Corporation creates its newsletters and sends them out automatically, all while keeping its marketing efforts unified under one agency with one POC.

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Grow your business with WebFX!

At WebFX, we pride ourselves on partnerships that drive success for all our clients. Regardless of industry, experience, or goals, we are here to help you achieve success.

Kent County Tourism Corporation is just one of 2,000+ clients we’ve impacted with our award-winning digital marketing services.

They shared, “WebFX has been an instrumental partner and asset in our success. In our highly competitive environment, they have proven their value to us with record-setting metrics and conversions. Our county has seen record visitation stats, and WebFX plays a key role in that success. We highly recommend their services to other potential clients.”

Now that you’ve seen what we can do based on this marketing case study, it’s time to learn more. View our digital marketing services to see what options might suit your business, and contact us for a free quote today!