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Lead generation is the process of generating interest in your company’s services. Most businesses recognize lead generation as an important piece of their marketing strategy, but 61% rank it as their number one marketing challenge. You can turn this challenge into growth by carefully considering your lead generation strategy. 

Your assisted living facility may only generate leads traditionally, whether by arranging tours, gaining referrals, or setting up shop at community events. While these methods could all be fruitful attempts at generating leads, gaining leads online opens the door for new opportunities. People may show interest in your facility online by:

  • Requesting a digital flyer describing your services in more detail.
  • Following your facility’s social media profiles. 
  • Filling out a contact form requesting information. 
  • Clicking on the call to action (CTA) after reading a blog post. 
  • Signing up to receive email newsletters. 

7 lead generation strategies for assisted living facilities

Part of what attracts leads to your organization is proving you are trustworthy, knowledgeable, compassionate, and professional. Moving into an assisted living facility is an emotional decision — having a good reputation and a trustworthy tone can attract leads and show them your facility is the best place for them or their loved one. 

Consider these seven lead generation strategies for building trust and interest in your organization. 

1. Start a blog

Blog posts provide an excellent opportunity for sharing your knowledge and cultivating a trustworthy and compassionate brand voice. Blog posts can answer leads’ questions and give them more information about your facility. You can add a CTA at the end of the post to encourage readers to become leads by filling out a contact form, subscribing to your email list, or downloading a guide. 

Another way to attract leads using your blog is to link posts on your social media profiles. Using social media makes it easy for people to share your posts, ultimately increasing your website traffic and leads. 

2. Incorporate long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords should aim to imitate the types of searches your ideal lead makes on various search engines. Examples of long-tail keywords you may target on your blog posts or service pages could include:

  • Assisted living facilities near me
  • Benefits of a loved one moving into an assisted living facility
  • Best assisted living facility in [insert city] 
  • What it’s like to live in [insert city] 

These are a couple of ways you can find long-tail keywords to incorporate on your website:

  • Look at Google autocomplete suggestions when you type “assisted living facility.” 
  • Check out the People Also Ask questions that pop up when you make a Google search. 
  • Use WebFX’s KeywordsFX tool for free keyword suggestions. 
  • Try out Soovle, which accepts a search query and compiles a list of related searches. 

Relevant long-tail keywords can help your website appear in search results, creating leads and generating interest in your facility. 

3. Invest in paid advertising

You can also generate interest in your services by investing in paid advertisements. You can pay to have your organization show up in search results, on other sites, on social media, and more to generate leads. When you invest in paid advertising on search engines, you can format your ad so that it pops up when users search for something related to your services. 

Usually, you’ll pay using a pay-per-click (PPC) model, meaning you’ll only have to pay for the advertisement when someone clicks on it. The PPC model makes paid advertising a great investment for many companies. 

4. Send email newsletters

Around 78% of businesses use email marketing to generate leads. Email marketing allows your facility to take a personalized approach to generating leads by sending emails specifically catered toward users’ specific needs and interests. For example, you may email information about staff updates to those who have previously requested more information about your services, or you might share updates about your physical facility with someone who wants to know about your organization’s amenities. 

If you invest in email marketing, remember to keep your content valuable and informative. Spammy or low-quality content could push some people to unsubscribe from your lists. 

5. Stay active on social media

On social media, you can engage with potential clients, answer questions, guide people to your website, and respond to reviews or concerns in your direct messages. Strategies for lead generation on social media might include: 

  • Launching campaigns to drive likes, comments, and follows. 
  • Driving brand awareness through informational social media content. 
  • Cultivating trustworthy relationships by being responsive to comments and direct messages. 

With an active social media presence, you could reach more young people who may be interested in finding an assisted living facility for their parents or loved ones. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are populated by young people, many of whom turn to the sites for information and news

When you use social media to promote your assisted living facility, you could gain followers who become leads.

6. Optimize your Google Business profile

When people make Google searches with locational keywords — like “hair salon near me” or “golf courses in Miami” — Google will produce a list of businesses alongside a map showing where those businesses are located. The businesses that appear in these results have a strong Google Business profile

Google Business profiles are free to create and can generate more leads for your assisted living facility when someone searches “assisted living near me” in your area. To make the most of your profile, you’ll want to be as specific as possible, adding details like:

  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Photos
  • Hours of operation
  • Health and safety information
  • Logo
  • Responses to reviews 

Optimizing your Google Business profile could drive traffic to your site and encourage people to call or contact your organization for more information. 

7. Offer high-quality, unique content

Your website, blog, emails, and social media accounts should all promote high-quality and original content to attract leads. Strong content encourages users to become leads by showing you as honest, authentic experts in your field. Remember to keep all of your content focused on your audience to ensure it is as helpful as possible. 

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