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95+ Must-Know Facebook Statistics for Marketers in 2024

Do people still use Facebook?” “Facebook is for old people.” “Why use Facebook when there’s TikTok?” “Facebook is dying, there’s no point being on it.

These are some common questions and comments we hear every day about Facebook. But the truth is, this OG social media platform is stronger than ever, and “old people” aren’t the only ones using it. Don’t believe us? See for yourself with these Facebook statistics that show how it’s a perfect place to market to your target audience and drive your social media return on investment (ROI).

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General Facebook statistics

Let’s start with the basics: How many people are active on Facebook? How much revenue does Facebook and the Meta Family generate? Find out below with the following general Facebook statistics:

  1. $134 billion in annual revenue was generated by Facebook in 2023
  2. $39 billion in net income was generated by Facebook in 2023
  3. Over 3 billion people are active on Facebook each month
  4. Over 2 billion people are active on Facebook every day

facebook create a post window with the phrase "howdy!" typed

  1. $1 billion is how much Facebook acquired Instagram for in 2012
  2. 979 million people use Facebook Messenger each month
  3. 191 million Facebook users reside in the U.S.
  4. 72% of U.S. adults do not trust Facebook with their private data
  5. 20% of U.S. adults have a very favorable opinion of Facebook
  6. 19% of U.S. adults have a very unfavorable opinion of Facebook

Facebook marketing statistics for business

You’re likely on this page because you’re a business wanting to ramp up your social media campaign with Facebook. Great choice! See how other brands and businesses like yours feel about marketing on Facebook through these Facebook marketing statistics for business:

  1. 91% of organizations have a presence on Facebook
  2. 89% of global marketers use Facebook
  3. 62% of brands are confident in Facebook’s ability to deliver a positive ROI
  4. 53% of global marketers plan to increase their use of Facebook for marketing purposes in the future
  5. 38% of brands are not confident in Facebook’s ability to deliver a positive ROI
  6. 29% of global marketers say Facebook offers the highest ROI of all social platforms
  7. 22% of global businesses to business (B2B) marketers say Facebook offers the highest ROI of all social platforms
  8. 5 times is how often brands typically post each week on Facebook

Facebook advertising statistics

When it comes to getting noticed on Facebook, paid advertising is a great option. Facebook ads can do a lot for your business’s overall presence on the platform, as these Facebook advertising statistics can attest:

  1. $170 billion is Facebook’s expected ad revenue for 2024
  2. $152 billion was Facebook’s ad revenue in 2023
  3. Over $2 billion of ad spend was incurred by Facebook in 2023
  4. Over 10 million advertisers actively utilize Facebook’s ad services and tools
  5. 77% of marketers retarget Facebook and Instagram ads to increase their reach and grow their brand
  6. 74% of Facebook In-Stream non-skippable video ad views are completed, globally

screenshot of a facebook video ad for the brand brixley bags

  1. 68% is how much advertisers can lower their cost per purchase when they keep their overall spending in an ad’s learning phase under 20%
  2. 31% is how much Facebook ad impressions increased in 2023
  3. 6% is how much Facebook’s average price per ad dropped in 2023
  4. 3% higher conversions per dollar are possible when vertical video ads contain speech or voiceovers
  5. 1.4% is the average click-through rate of Facebook ads

Facebook user statistics

Like we said earlier, Facebook isn’t just for your grandparents — see for yourself with these Facebook user demographics statistics that show just who is active on the social media site each month:

  1. 76% of U.S. adult women use Facebook
  2. 75% of U.S. adults aged 30-49 years old use Facebook
  3. 74% of all U.S. adults use Facebook
  4. 69% of U.S. adults aged 50-64 years old use Facebook
  5. 67% of U.S. adults under 30 years old use Facebook
  6. 59% of U.S. adult men use Facebook
  7. 58% of U.S. adults over 65 years old use Facebook
  8. 57% of Facebook users identify as male
  9. 43% of Facebook users identify as female
  10. 33% of all U.S. teens use Facebook
  11. 18% of Facebook’s global audience are men between the ages of 25-34

Facebook audience statistics (by country)

We already mentioned that 191 million Facebook users are in the U.S., but what about other countries? See which other countries are highly active on Facebook with these global audience penetration stats:

  1. 367 million Facebook users reside in India
  2. 117 million Facebook users reside in Indonesia
  3. 111 million Facebook users reside in Brazil
  4. 90 million Facebook users reside in Mexico
  5. 87 million Facebook users reside in the Philippines

Facebook usage statistics

Whether you use it to keep in touch with friends or are building an active audience for your business, everyone has their reasons for using Facebook. See how you compare to the other few billion users with these Facebook usage statistics:

  1. 78% of social media users in the U.S. use Facebook regularly
  2. 72% of people use Facebook to message friends and family
  3. 67% of U.S. teens say they never use Facebook
  4. 65% is Facebook’s U.S. mobile usage reach
  5. 63% of people use Facebook to post or share photos and videos
  6. 58% of people use Facebook to stay up-to-date with news and current events
  7. 55% of people use Facebook to look for funny or entertaining content
  8. 54% of people use Facebook to follow and research brands and products
  9. 43% of U.S. users say they regularly turn to Facebook to get their news
  10. 22% of U.S. users who regularly get their news from Facebook are under 30 years old
  11. 8% of U.S. teens say they use Facebook once a day
  12. 3% of U.S. teens say they use Facebook constantly

Facebook video statistics

We don’t know about you, but we’re victims of having quick social media check-ins turning into excessive amounts of time spent scrolling through videos. While it’s not a video-focused app like YouTube, Facebook users still spend a significant amount of time consuming video content. Learn just how much time with the following Facebook video stats:

  1. Over 2 billion people watch Facebook In-Stream-eligible videos each month
  2. 86% of marketers use Facebook as a video marketing platform

screenshot of a facebook video post from Warner Bros. Pictures featuring the trailer for Joker

  1. 71% of marketers view Facebook as an effective platform for video marketing
  2. 50% of time spent on Facebook is spent watching video content
  3. 35% higher click-through rates are achievable with vertical videos containing audio
  4. 12% higher conversions per dollar are possible with vertical videos containing audio

Facebook Stories statistics

An effective way to show up on your target audience’s daily feed without spamming it is through Facebook Stories, where your posts only last 24 hours, and appear at the top of users’ screens. See how many brands and consumers user them in these Facebook Stories statistics:

  1. 1 billion Facebook Stories are shared across Facebook’s apps every day
  2. Over 500 million people use Stories every day
  3. 4 million advertisers use Story ads every month

screenshot of facebook stories carousel

  1. 73% of U.S. users say Stories allow them to experience new things outside their everyday lives
  2. 65% of U.S. users say Stories allow them to feel closer to friends
  3. 62% of U.S. users say they plan to use Stories more often in the future
  4. 57% of U.S. users say Stories make them feel part of a larger community
  5. 52% of people like Stories that are quick and easy to understand

Facebook content statistics

We’ve talked about videos, but now let’s shift gears to talk about all Facebook content, from simple text posts to the engagement rates of linked posts:

  1. Over 3 billion pieces of spam content were removed from the platform by Facebook in 2023
  2. 2.6 billion fake accounts were removed from the platform by Facebook in 2023
  3. 691 million fake Facebook accounts are removed from the platform each quarter, on average
  4. 4 million Facebook posts are liked by users each minute
  5. 32% of Facebook news feed content views by users came from posts shared by friends
  6. 25% of Facebook news feed content views came from sources unconnected to the user
  7. 0.16% is the average engagement rate of influencer posts on Facebook
  8. 0.1% is the average engagement rate of image posts on Facebook
  9. 0.06% is the average engagement rate of Facebook posts
  10. 0.06% is the average engagement rate of brand posts on Facebook
  11. 0.03% is the average engagement rate of link posts on Facebook

Facebook shopping statistics

When you’re unsure of a product or brand, social media is the place to go for unfiltered reviews. Check out these Facebook shopping stats to see how people use the platform for making informed purchase decisions:

  1. Roughly $94 million in social commerce revenue is estimated to be generated on Facebook and Instagram in 2024
  2. Over 64 million consumers are estimated to shop on Facebook in 2024
  3. 62% of U.S. shoppers have used Facebook for online shopping

screenshot of a shoppable facebook ad from The Sound of Vinyl - U.S.

  1. 58% of people have browsed a brand’s website to get more information after seeing a product or service advertised in a Facebook Story
  2. 50% of people have visited a site where they can buy a product or service after seeing it advertised in a Story
  3. 50% of people want to be introduced to new products when viewing Stories
  4. 31% of people have gone to a store to check out a product after seeing it in a Story
  5. 27% of global online shoppers said they’re most likely to shop on Facebook
  6. 23% of global consumers say Facebook delivers the best social commerce experience

Facebook Marketplace statistics

Facebook Marketplace connects its users with millions of sellers, allowing them to buy and sell products with just a few clicks. See how the tool has made an impact with these stats about Facebook Marketplace:

  1. Up to 1 billion online shoppers buy something off of Facebook Marketplace each month
  2. Roughly 1.2 billion monthly active Facebook users browse Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace listing for a grey sectional couch

  1. 250 million sellers worldwide use Facebook Marketplace
  2. Roughly 40% of Facebook users shop on Facebook Marketplace
  3. Roughly 33% of global social media users use Facebook Marketplace
  4. 16% of active users log into Facebook for the sole purpose of browsing Marketplace
  5. 10% of Amazon sellers also sell on Facebook Marketplace

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