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threads vs x (twitter) comparison

Threads vs. X (Formerly Twitter): What’s the Difference?

In one corner, we have an up-and-coming social platform looking to overthrow the reigning champ of text-based social media posts and memes. In the other corner, a veteran platform that’s long facilitated heated Internet debates on trending topics and currently sports a new look and name.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get ready to rumble — it’s time for the Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg Threads vs. Twitter showdown.

Okay, maybe not “showdown,” but we are diving headfirst into the nitty-gritty details of the social media one-up battle that’s captured the Internet’s attention. Today we’re talking all things Threads vs. X, including the top features and key differences between the two.

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What is Threads?

threads home feed

Launched in July 2023, Threads is Meta’s version of Twitter. Threads is a conversation-based platform where users can connect with friends and creators to post and discuss content, opinions, trending topics, and everything in between.

Though posts are mainly text-based, users can post images and videos to their feeds and share other users’ content.

instagram and threads connectivity

Threads is free to download, but to create a Threads account you must register for Instagram (also free). If you’re already a member of Instagram, creating a Threads account is simple, and your profile information will sync automatically.

Threads features

To better understand the Threads vs. Twitter debate, let’s look at some of Threads’ main features that make it stand out, including posts, user navigation, the app’s user demographics, and advertising.


new thread

Threads’ posts are simple — users can create text posts, or threads, of up to 500 characters and share links, photos and videos up to five minutes long. Along with creating content, people can like, comment on, and share other users’ threads.


Navigating Threads is incredibly easy, with everything accessible from the bottom menu option (or top, if you’re using the desktop version). Threads’ menu allows users to toggle between their home feed, search page, new thread drafts, notifications, and profile.

threads navigation

There are two standout features within Threads: the home feed and search page.

The home feed shows threads from people you follow, including users recommended to you based on your past interactions and activity. Meanwhile, the search page allows you to look for other users. Unlike X, Threads doesn’t have a trending section where users can explore current trending topics and users. Users are limited to their own feed.

User demographics

Threads has already amassed a strong Gen Z following, with most users ranging from 15 to 25 years of age. Because it’s still very new to the social media scene, there’s not much data regarding the details of Threads’ user base, other than gender and age:

  • 68% of Threads users are male
  • 32% of Threads users are female
  • 28% of male Threads users are between 23 to 25 years old
  • 11% of male Threads users and 5% of female Threads users are between 18 to 25 years old
  • 3% of male Threads users and 2% of female Threads users are 45+ years old

Advertising and marketing

Currently, Threads doesn’t offer paid advertising opportunities for marketers and business. Thus, Threads marketing is limited to what brands make of it. That being said, Threads is used by brands to garner organic traffic and engage their audience.

threads adidas post

Paid advertising is likely inevitable, but for now, brands are relying on organic social media marketing to attract and retain new and current customers.

What is X?

x home feed

Launched in 2006, X, formerly known as Twitter, is a social media network that prioritizes conversations between users through text posts, images, and videos. Users are encouraged to create and post content, or tweets, while also retweeting other users’ content.

X features

Now let’s look at the characteristics that set X apart from its younger competitor, Threads. Here’s a rundown of what it’s like on X, including posts, navigating the app, its user demographics, and advertising opportunities.


Posting on X is possible at the push of a button. Character limits vary depending on your X user status — regular non-paying users have a character limit of 280, while paid users can create posts up to 25,000 characters long.

x new post

Along with simple text posts, you can add images, GIFs, and videos ups to 140 seconds long (two minutes and 20 seconds). You can even make your post interactive by creating a poll or tagging your location.


X’s navigation is just as straightforward as Threads, but with one catch — X’s search page offers users much more than friend recommendations, making it a clear winner in this aspect of the Threads vs. X debate.

x trending topics

X features numerous trending topics on its search page, including news in:

  • Politics (national and global)
  • Celebrities
  • Music
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Gaming
  • And more!

User demographics

X’s user demographic is more diverse than Threads’. But, like Threads, most of its users are male, and Gen Z and Millennials are more active on the platform.

  • 415 million users are active on X
  • 63% of X users are male
  • 37% of X users are female
  • 38% of U.S. adults between the ages of 18-29 use X
  • 26% of U.S. adults between the ages of 30-49 use X

Advertising and marketing

X boasts plenty of advertising opportunities that extend beyond organic posting. Paid advertising on this platform includes:

  • Promoted text, image, GIF, and video ads that appear as simple posts
  • Video and image website cards that connect your ad with your website
  • Video and image app cards that connect your app to your ad
  • Video and image direct message cards that prompt users to chat with your company instead of leading them to an app download page or website

Threads and X comparison

Take a look at how the two social media platforms stack up against each other in this comprehensive comparison of Threads and Twitter.

Post Character Limit 500 characters 280 characters (unpaid) or 25,000 characters (paid)
Paid Advertising Opportunities
Direct Messaging
Cross-Platform Sharing
Desktop Compatibility

5 minutes

2 minutes, 20 seconds


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Threads vs. X: Which do you choose?

Now that we’ve discussed the difference between Threads and X/Twitter, it’s time to choose one (or both!) and start marketing your business on these trendy social media apps. Better yet, start your Threads and X journey with WebFX, a full-service social media marketing agency home to social media-obsessed marketers who’ve helped clients launch over 165,000 social media posts for clients.

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