Company & Industry Targeting

Have you ever wished you could display different versions of your website to different visitors? Now you can. Using the revolutionary company tracking tools included in MarketingCloudFX, WebFX is able to offer personalized website content based on the company or industry of your visitors. Our company and industry targeting packages will:

  • Dynamically change your landing or "squeeze" pages based on the industry of the visitor
  • Personalize page content, calls to action, download links, and other resources based on visitor information
  • Allow targeting of up to five different industries or specific companies of your choice

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Using WebFX's proprietary company targeting and tracking tools, MarketingCloudFX, you will be able to review the visitors to your website to determine what industries they are in and what companies they represent. From there, you will be able to create plans to customize your website content to better meet their needs, push them through the sales funnel, and personalize their experience.

Please see the pricing chart below to learn more about the cost of MarketingCloudFX and WebFX's proprietary company tracking and targeting options.

Company Targeting Pricing

Market Leader
Features Basic Market Leader
Number of industries targeted 2 5
MarketingCloudFX company analysis
MarketingCloudFX company personalization integration
MarketingCloudFX company tracking
MarketingCloudFX industry analysis
MarketingCloudFX industry personalization integration
MarketingCloudFX visitor algorithm personalization
200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Graphic design/CTAs created 6 15
Number of landing/squeeze pages created 2 5
Industry online guides or resource development $3,000 per resource $3,000 per resource
Initial setup cost: $2,600 $3,800
Monthly MarketingCloudFX cost: $400 $400
{or} {or} {or}
Monthly cost for WebFX Internet marketing customers: $0 $0

What is MarketingCloudFX?

MarketingCloudFX is a set of proprietary website tools developed by WebFX. These tools include CompanyTrackerFX, which tracks the companies and industries visiting your website, and LeadManagerFX, which provides a record of the leads generated by your site's contact and conversion forms on a daily basis.

How Does MarketingCloudFX Work?

Using the tools included in MarketingCloudFX, you are able to first review the list of companies visiting your website. From this, you will be able to determine the specific companies or industries that you would like to target with your personalized content.

Once you have defined your list, you will use MarketingCloudFX's unique website personalization tools to create different sets of content to display on different landing, squeeze, or resource pages. When a visitor from one of your targeted companies lands on your website, the software will dynamically adjust the content displayed to match your preferences.

How company targeting software works


Depending on the plan you have selected, you can target up to five industries or companies at once with MarketingCloudFX. This allows you to create up to five total variations of a single page's content based on the criteria you have set.

An Example of Company Targeting

For example, a construction company could create two separate versions of its homepage using MarketingCloudFX to target those who would desire its residential services instead of its commercial ones:

Company targeting example

Company targeting example

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Bill Craig
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What Can I Personalize With Company Targeting?

MarketingCloudFX can be used to personalize website content in nearly any way you like. The changes you make will be much like running an A/B or CRO test.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Provide different whitepapers or guides more relevant to the needs of the company
  • Change the case studies displayed to be applicable to the visitor's industry
  • Offer highly targeted discounts or special deals for one specific industry
  • Personalize landing pages with photos, graphics, or hero images that speak to the viewer's interests
  • Display different calls to action or messaging based on the stage of the sales process the company is in
An example of a website using company targeting


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