Does Social Media Marketing Work?

Social media is one of the most talked-about marketing channels on the Internet. Marketing on social media means branching out from the space your company owns online (your website) and moving into spaces where consumers are free to engage with your brand.

But with such a broad goal — not to mention the billions of people on social media every day — does social media marketing actually work?

It may feel like you’re just another needle in a haystack, but the truth is that social media marketing can work wonders for your company. You just need to make sure you know how to do it correctly.

Social media campaigns are becoming more popular and people are seeing the worthwhile investment. Ad spending for social media in 2017 is projected to exceed $35 billion, which maintains the consistent growth social media ads have had over almost half a decade. Although ad spending continues to rapidly increase, B2B marketers still rank social media as a lower cost ad option.

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Step #1: Find your niche

Because the world of social media is so vast, it’s critical that you find your company’s niche. In some cases, this simply means seeing who is already talking about you. In others, it means posting messages and content to see who follows you, and then engaging users that are similar to them.

Regardless of the method you choose, it’s essential to find your demographic on any social network when you start a social media marketing strategy plan. Once you find them, these people will become your followers, which makes them your customer base for that network. Essentially, that means you have a group of people who want to know more about your business, and that’s a priceless asset to promoting your brand.

By creating and posting blogs, links, photos, videos, and other content that your demographic would like, you can keep them interested in your brand and encourage them to spread the word to others. All it takes is a quick click of a button — every social network has a “share” option for posts — and your brand can quickly double, triple, or even quadruple the size of its potential audience.

The more you attract new followers, the more you can convince them to become customers, and the more revenue your company earns.

Step #2: Define your brand image

Because social media places you in direct contact with your customers or clients, it gives you a chance to establish your brand with a certain image. If you sell luxury timepieces, you can associate yourself with business, high society, the color black, and other small parts of your brand identity that reinforce that fact. On the flip side, you can associate yourself with the everyday customer by showing casual dress, typical days at the office, and the color blue.

Once you’ve defined your brand image, you can easily gain more followers that want to hear from you. Just like with finding your niche, this gives you an audience of people who want to read your posts or tweets, especially when you’re showing them relevant, interesting, helpful, or humorous content.

You can also establish your brand by being transparent about your company. People can be skeptical about companies in certain industries, and the more you can show a real, human side to your business, the more they’ll like you. And once your followers like you, it’s much easier to complete the next step.

Step #3: Entice your followers to buy

Naturally, the end-game of social media marketing is getting customers to buy from your company. And because you’ve already found your niche and defined your brand, all it takes is a couple of strategically-planned posts to get some results.

Your social media accounts are basically billboards for your company, and every time you post, someone is going to see it. You can make the most of your posts by getting people to click on links to your website and buy.

The best way to do this is with discounts or contests based around social media use — for example, telling someone to tag a friend in a comment or retweet your post for an opportunity to win a free product, cash prize, or something else that’s valuable to your audience. That way, your followers have a reason to click on links or participate in your social media presence, so you can turn more of them into paying customers.

You can also partner with other companies in your niche to attract customer interest. Offering coupons or package deals that include useful or appealing products can encourage customers to buy what you’re selling. This is especially helpful if you team up with a company that already has a large social media following, and you can even temporarily team up with a competitor to spread the word about your company.

Once you’ve found the right methods for your particular business, it’s entirely possible to see results from social media. You’ve already done the heavy lifting by getting followers and defining your brand’s identity online — now, you just have to tell your followers to go to your site and buy. And when you do that, you’ll quickly see that social media does work after all.

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