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SEO Rates: The Factors Behind SEO Pricing

SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the best ways to market your company's website online. The process of SEO improves your website so that you can rank higher in search engines, and therefore, get more clicks from your customers.

On this page, we'll talk about how the price of SEO is determined, along with our SEO package rates.

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How are SEO rates determined?

SEO rates are based on a variety of factors. Please see the pricing chart below for details on WebFX SEO rates.

The SEO rates established by WebFX are based on a formula that considers the number of keyphrases your site will be optimized for and the number of 1st page Google results. The SEO rates then differ based on additional services included, from link building to consulting.

Here's why WebFX is a leader in SEO rates

As you research SEO rates (Search Engine Optimization rates) and Internet marketers, you’ll want to consider not only the SEO rates, but also what is included in these prices. Often, these added benefits are not obvious from SEO rates alone.

With WebFX, SEO rates include:

  • The expertise and talents of a globally recognized internet marketing team, ranked in the top 20 in the world for organic search engine optimization by, the independent authority on search vendors, including SEO rates
  • Innovative products and tools, unique to WebFX, developed over years of experience to provide superior results, including SEO Checker, a contributing factor to our competitive SEO rates
  • Guaranteed success: WebFX has a proven track record of SEO excellence, ensuring SEO rates are well worth the investment

For a detailed illustration of what our SEO rates include, please see the chart below:

SEO Rates and SEO Pricing Packages

WebFX SEO Packages: Services and Pricing

Basic SEO Packages Ecommerce SEO Packages Local SEO Packages Enterprise SEO Packages


Number of keyphrases optimized(Keyphrases with less than 1M results) Up to 80 Up to 150 Up to 300 Custom
Web server and on-page analysis & reporting Custom
Keyphrase research and selection Custom
Predictive keyword analysis Custom
Meta tags (Title & description) Custom
Optimization of robots.txt & GoogleBot crawls Custom
Creation & registrations of sitemap.xml Custom
Quarterly Earned Media Content Assets - Content, Outreach, UX, or CRO Assets 3 Content, Outreach, UX, or CRO Assets 4 Content, Outreach, UX, or CRO Assets 10 Content, Outreach, UX, or CRO Assets Custom
Google My Business optimization Custom
Mobile site optimization (if applicable) Custom
Information architecture audit Custom
Google Analytics setup w/ conversion tracking Custom
Google Analytics traffic analysis Custom
Custom Dashboards/Data Views 4 dashboards 8 dashboards 8 dashboards Custom
Not provided analysis reporting Custom
Local search optimization Custom
Setup of website sitemap Custom
Image optimization Custom
Link redirect audit Custom
Custom 404 error page setup and optimization Custom
Schema HTML tags Custom
Canonicalization analysis & domain unification Custom
Initial SEO copywriting articles or blog posts (Interchangeable with other Earned Media assets) Up to 8 pages of SEO Copy or 4 pages of Sales/Technical Copy Up to 16 pages of SEO Copy or 8 pages of Sales/Technical Copy Up to 16 pages of SEO Copy or 8 pages of Sales/Technical Copy Custom
Quarterly web page freshness updates Custom
Initial link analysis and disavow Custom
Dedicated account representative Custom
Online project management schedule Custom
Ongoing quarterly keyword reporting Custom
Ongoing monthly ROI, traffic, & goal reporting Custom
Google data highlights Custom
Canonicalization analysis Custom
Ongoing quarterly competitor opportunity reports Custom
Internal linking restructuring & optimization Custom
Linkable content promotion Custom
Header Tags Optimized (Ex. H1s) Custom
Duplicate content analysis Custom
Social media monitoring software Custom
Keyword rank checker access with weekly updates (if requested) Custom
Website usability analysis Custom
Universal SEO (Video, Maps, Images, News) Custom
Continual building of relationships with online bloggers and webmasters Custom
Link reclamation Custom
Creation of text navigation (if possible) Custom
Up to 100 web lead phone calls tracked per month Custom
Up to 25 web lead phone calls transcribed per month Custom
Website design analysis Custom
Video and image xml sitemaps Custom
Searcher experience analysis (long-clicks, pogo-sticking, bounce rate, etc.) Custom
Link baiting and content development Custom
Channel Specific Call Tracking Custom
Monitor competitors' search rankings on a monthly basis Custom
Monitor competitors' website changes on a monthly basis Custom
Monitor competitors' content and link additions on a monthly basis Custom
Analyze your leads to project the # of leads competitors receive on a monthly basis Custom
Predict your and your competitors' market share on a monthly basis Custom
Competitor intelligence login to view competitor data Custom
200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
LeadManagerFX Includes
CompanyTrackerFX Includes
Website conversion analysis implementation Custom Custom Custom Custom
ContentGeniusFX Includes
Initial campaign investment:(Two month duration) $3,750-$4,250 $5,250-$5,750 $7,000 Contact Us
Progressive monthly optimization:(1 year commitment - Subsequent 10 months) $800 $1,300 $2,900 Contact Us
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Need more information? Call Us: 888-601-5359


Video: SEO Pricing Explained

Tyler Bouldin discusses SEO pricing, what goes into it, and what you can expect to pay for a strategy.

SEO rates published online? Why?

If you’re researching SEO rates, you’ve probably found most companies require you to call before they provide SEO rates. While we can’t defend their position to not publish SEO rates online, we can explain why we do.

WebFX believes clients should know what SEO rates include. Our clients have the right to know exactly what they are paying for. We stand behind our work and are proud to publish our SEO rates online.

Anyone can call themselves SEO experts and establish whatever SEO rates they wish. Often, these companies have little actual SEO experience. WebFX knows what it takes to get your site ranked well on search engines. And we’re willing to break these services down and publish them online, so you can make an informed decision.

After years of experience in the field, WebFX has perfected the SEO process, including how we establish SEO rates. We know what works best and what doesn’t. We work constantly to stay on top of the ever evolving search engines. We can give accurate SEO rates because we know the best strategy behind the most successful SEO campaigns. We don’t waste your time or money on test strategies. And that’s why our SEO rates are so competitive.

Why do SEO rates differ from firm to firm?

Unfortunately for clients, there is no industry standard for SEO rates. Any company can claim they “do Search Engine Optimization” and establish whatever SEO rates they wish. The burden is left to the consumer to determine fair SEO rates.

Also, a successful SEO campaign requires a complicated formula of different specific strategies, from linkbuilding to unique landing pages. Moreover, the campaign and strategies must be constantly refined to meet the search engines’ updates. This makes defining SEO rates more difficult than providing pricing for services that do not vary in resources. Many firms have trouble with SEO rates for this exact reason.

WebFX is an SEO leader because of our extensive experience in the field…over 35 years combined! We have some of the most talented internet marketers in the industry. Thanks to our long history and expert SEO team, we’ve been able to define SEO rates using a systematic approach. We know what it takes for a campaign to be successful. That’s why we’re the experts.

Some of our client Successes

case study Increased
Traffic by
Ocean City NJ paddle boat
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“We measure our success by how much we WOW our clients.”

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SEO rates hidden benefits

WebFX SEO rates includes some hidden benefits. For a detailed list of what each tier of our SEO rates include, please see chart above.

What isn’t obvious in the SEO rates chart is the qualifications of our team, our proven track record of excellence, and the proprietary products and processes we’ve developed over the years…all reasons why we have competitive SEO rates.

Our team is globally recognized in the industry., the industry’s independent authority on search vendors, reviewed WebFX carefully, including our performance and SEO rates. They interviewed clients, studied our processes and ultimately determined we’re world-leaders in the industry, including SEO rates.

With our SEO rates, you’re also getting the guarantee of a successful campaign. Our track record is outstanding, with 100% of clients enjoying positive results, some over 800% positive change in their search engine optimization.

Finally, our SEO rates include the benefit of our proprietary processes and products, developed after our many years in the industry. These, like SEO Checker, streamline processes and enable us to have competitive SEO rates. Thanks to our proprietary processes and products, we’ve systematized our approach so nothing is overlooked and we take advantage of every opportunity to improve your site’s performance.

Do you need SEO?

If your website needs SEO, WebFX can help. We are a full-service Internet marketing agency that is based in Harrisburg, PA. All of our staff is in-house, and we never outsource our work. We'll work with you to create the best SEO campaign for your company.

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