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Because billions of people use search engines like Google each month, you want to make sure your business outranks the competition. Implementing effective SEO strategies is the best way to ensure consumers can find your business when searching online.

On this page, we’ll discuss what SEO is and how it works, along with some of the best SEO strategies for excavation companies that can boost the success of your business.

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What is SEO for excavation companies?

So, what exactly is SEO? SEO is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on your website’s presence in search results on search engines, such as Google and Bing.

SEO involves various strategies that, when used effectively, can help you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Just one spot increase in rankings can increase your click-through rate (CTR) by 30.8%.

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That means, SEO is a beneficial digital marketing strategy that helps ensure that your website is one of the first results when users search for keywords and phrases related to excavation.

Here are a few examples of SEO strategies:

All of these strategies, and more, can send signals to search engines that users can find the information they need on your website, increasing your ranking in the SERPs as a result and earning you more leads and sales.

Benefits of SEO for excavators

Here are some key benefits that SEO can provide for your excavation company:

1. SEO boosts your credibility

One significant benefit of SEO is that it can boost the credibility of your excavation company among online consumers. When you implement effective SEO strategies, you can help your website rank on the first page of the search results.

Ranking on the first page can send signals to users that the search engine trusts your website. That’s why 75% of users click on results from the first page. Users trust search engines to display the most helpful information to answer their questions or provide them with a solution.

So, if your website ranks high on the results page, users will know that your website is an expert in the excavation field and will provide them with the information they’re searching for.

2. SEO helps you outrank competitors

Perhaps one of the best benefits of SEO is that it can help you outrank the competition. If your competitors are ranking on the first page on search engines and your excavation company is ranking on the second page, many users are likely clicking on your competitors’ websites.

When you implement SEO strategies, you help ensure that your website displays above your biggest competitors, earning you more leads and sales as a result.

3. SEO increases your web traffic

Because your excavation company will rank higher in the SERPs, more users will find your website when searching for keywords and phrases related to your company.

That means that SEO can increase your web traffic as your online visibility begins to grow. And more web traffic means more leads and conversions, giving your revenue and sales a significant boost.

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Effective SEO strategies to drive revenue for your excavation company

Now that you know more about how SEO works and the benefits it can provide for your excavation company, let’s dive into how you can begin to implement effective SEO strategies that drive revenue for your business.

Here are our five favorite SEO strategies for excavators:

1. Conduct keyword research

If you want your SEO campaigns to be successful, starting with keyword research is a must. By conducting keyword research, you can identify the words and phrases your potential customers use when they search online.

And if you’re not sure where to start with keyword research, there are plenty of keyword tools to help you out, like KeywordsFX.

Screenshot of WEbFX free Keyword Suggestion Tool

KeywordsFX is based on actual search data, so you can easily identify the best keywords that can help you boost your rankings.

Finding these keywords is essential because once you know which words and phrases to target, you can begin to insert them into areas of your website, like your custom content, and enjoy the higher rankings that follow.

2. Create unique content

Another top SEO strategy is to create informative and unique custom content. Creating content is an excellent opportunity to insert keywords that users search for to find your excavation company.

You can create blog posts, detailed guides, how-to videos, and much more that discuss topics related to excavation.

When you create detailed and relevant content that users find helpful, it sends signals to search engines that your content answers users’ questions, ranking you higher in the SERPs as a result.

3. Optimize for local search

If you want users in your area to choose your excavation company over your competitors, incorporating local SEO strategies is essential.

Screenshot of Google Maps result for excavation companies

Local SEO can increase your local web traffic and encourage more users to choose your excavation company.

You can optimize your website for local search by:

Optimizing your website for local search is one of the best ways to help more consumers find your excavation company online and potentially contact you to become a customer.

4. Factor in mobile users

Users spend more than 70% of their time on the Internet on a mobile device. That means, if you don’t optimize your website for mobile users, you could be missing thousands of potential customers.

Using responsive web design lets you ensure that your website and content pages will display and perform perfectly on any device, whether consumers use smartphones, tablets, or other devices.

When you factor in mobile users, you ensure that more users can find the information they need on your website, earning more leads and sales for your excavation company in the long run.

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