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When it comes to top marketing agencies in Atlanta, WebFX is a trusted choice for small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) looking to generate real growth from online channels and measure their results, like traffic, leads, and sales. Keep reading to learn more about growing your business with our Atlanta digital marketing agency.

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Get everything you need with our digital marketing agency in Atlanta

With our digital marketing agency in Atlanta, GA, your business will receive:

  1. Dedicated account manager
  2. Complete marketing team that includes designers, developers, and copywriters
  3. Custom strategy
  4. Regular reporting
  5. Call, lead, and revenue tracking
  6. Project management software
  7. Digital marketing software suite
  8. And more

The turnkey solution provided by our Atlanta Internet marketing agency is why our client recommendation score beats the nationwide average by more than 488%. It’s also why our clients have earned more than $3 billion in revenue in the past five years.

Keep reading to learn more about partnering with our marketing agency in Atlanta, GA, for online marketing. Or, chat one-on-one with a digital marketing strategist by contacting us online or giving us a ring at 404-531-2286

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Our Atlanta marketing agency’s services

At WebFX, our Atlanta marketing agency offers the following digital marketing services:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Attract more organic traffic to your site with our SEO services. Choose from dedicated services, like local SEO and ecommerce SEO, to achieve your company’s specific goals, like generating more local revenue or online orders.

Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC)

Use pay-per-click ads to drive qualified, ready-to-buy traffic to your site. Advertise on Google, Bing, YouTube, and more with our PPC services. Plus, get proactive strategic bid management to maximize your return on investment (ROI) and monthly ad budget.

Website design

Maximize the performance of digital marketing strategies like SEO and PPC with a fast, mobile-friendly site that follows best practices for SEO and conversion rate optimization (CRO). Work with our award-winning, in-house team of project managers, designers, and developers to create your dream site.

Social media management

Drive more website traffic, as well as leads and sales, with social media marketing and social media advertising. Partner with our dedicated team of social media specialists to create an active and successful social media presence that drives followers, shares, likes, and revenue.

Content marketing

Support all your digital marketing efforts with content marketing. Depend on our experienced in-house team of content marketers, copywriters, and graphic designers to create SEO-friendly content that your business can use on your site, social media profiles, email campaigns, and more.

A few other Internet marketing services for Atlanta businesses that we offer include:

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Local Success

WebFX has partnered with numerous local businesses in Georgia to help them grow with digital marketing. We’ve helped to implement campaigns including SEO, PPC, email marketing, and beyond.

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Why partner with us for website marketing in Atlanta?

When it comes to website marketing in Atlanta, WebFX offers several benefits, including:

Get an all-in-one solution to digital marketing in Atlanta

With our Atlanta digital marketing agency, your business gets access to:

  1. Digital marketers
  2. Web designers
  3. Project managers
  4. Web developers
  5. Social media specialists
  6. Professional copywriters

Essentially, you receive your own personal marketing team.

Say goodbye to knocking on your co-worker’s door and asking for help. Instead, you can message your dedicated account manager, and they’ll take care of the task for you — and fast too. Whether you need help publishing content, creating Facebook ads, or updating a link, we can assist.

Sync and access all your marketing data in one place

Whether you’re talking about Internet marketing for Atlanta or another city, data is vital. Your marketing data helps you demonstrate the impact of your digital marketing efforts to everyone in your company.

That’s why we make syncing and accessing your marketing data easy.

With MarketingCloudFX, which is our proprietary and client-exclusive software, your business can upload, sync, and view all your marketing data in one place. This setup makes it easy to analyze channels and see the leads, sales, and revenue driven by each channel and marketing strategy.

The best part is that MarketingCloudFX features additional tools that help you:

  1. Manage, score, and follow-up with leads
  2. Maintain local directory listings
  3. Personalize website content to qualified visitors
  4. And more

With MarketingCloudFX, it’s easy for you to show everyone the results of all your hard work.

If you want to see MarketingCloudFX in-action, contact us online for a demo!

Work with an experienced team that can scale to your needs

When you choose our Atlanta digital marketing company, you partner with an experienced team.

While we feature more than 450+ award-winning team members, we set you up with a dedicated team. That means you always have a consistent point-of-contact and a hands-on experience — you know your account manager and your account manager knows you.

Since we have more than 450+ team members, however, it’s easy for our online marketing company in Atlanta, GA, to scale to your needs. Whether you’re looking to redesign your site, launch an expanded ad campaign, or upgrade your content marketing efforts, we can meet those needs easily.

That makes us a long-term partner for digital marketing — as demonstrated by our 91% client retention rate.

Create real, impactful, and measurable results for your business

Our Atlanta digital marketing company measures our success by your success. As your partner, we aim to achieve your goals and help you deliver the real and impactful results your business wants to accomplish, like securing so many new sales that you hire a few more people.

With our custom strategies and decades of experience, as well as the artificial intelligence and machine learning power of MarketingCloudFX, we can help your company achieve those kinds of results — and track your performance.

For perspective, in the past five years, we’ve helped our clients earn more than:

  1. $3 billion in revenue
  2. 7.8 million leads
  3. 5.2 million phone calls

As your partner for website marketing in Atlanta, we can help your business drive real results, too.

What is digital marketing for Atlanta businesses?

Digital marketing for Atlanta businesses describes the use of a wide variety of techniques that help your target audience find you online. It includes strategies like:

  1. SEO
  2. PPC
  3. Email marketing
  4. Social media marketing
  5. Content marketing
  6. Infographic creation
  7. Web design
  8. Reputation management

And that’s just the start! All of these strategies work hand-in-hand to help you create the best online presence for your business. But don’t worry, you don’t have to use them all to be successful online!

Any strategy will up your marketing game, but some strategies work particularly well together. For example, SEO and PPC are like peanut butter and jelly, and SEO and web design are almost crucial to each other’s success.

8 Internet marketing services in Atlanta that can help your business

When it comes to digital marketing in Atlanta, your business has plenty of options. Which Internet marketing services in Atlanta offer the most value, though? These eight:

1. SEO

One of the most popular ways to market your Atlanta business online is with SEO. This strategy helps your website rise to the top of search engine results pages, which is super important, since the first result claims more than 30% of clicks.

If you rank below the third position, you won’t have much of a chance getting people to your website since the third position alone only receives 12% of clicks.

SEO works as a combination of techniques, including content creationcreating a backlink profileuser experience, and more — and our Atlanta marketing agency uses them all!

2. PPC advertising

PPC is a great, cost-effective way to attract your target audience to your website. Where SEO can take a little bit of time to start seeing results, PPC results are almost instantaneous.

It’s cost-effective because you choose the keywords you want to rank for, and select a bid based on how competitive the keyword is, how hard it is to rank for, and your specific budget.

Not to mention, you’ll only pay for the ad when it’s clicked, not simply for ad space. This makes PPC one of the most cost-effective strategies out there.

3. Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to keep up with current customers and entice potential customers.

When you use email to communicate, you meet your target audience where they’re already looking — in their inbox. If they’ve opted into your email system, it means they want to hear from you, and it’s your perfect opportunity to make them a customer.

You can provide coupons for your products and services, send information about new products, introduce your employees, and more.

You can also use email personalization to send emails that resonate with specific shoppers to get the most out of your campaign.

Not to mention, email marketing has an extremely high ROI, 4400% to be exact.

4. Social media marketing

Social media uses the power of social platforms to advertise your business to your target audience.

With billions of people using social media every day, it’s the perfect place to talk about your products and services in order to gain customers.

Our digital marketing company in Atlanta offers social media marketing management and advertising packages for social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Depending on what platforms you choose, you’ll be able to provide text updates, videos, images, links, and more with your followers.

You can also place ads on social platforms which takes your campaign to the next level.

5. Content marketing

Without content marketing, you will have a hard time producing a well-rounded SEO campaign. Since SEO is based on Google ranking your content, you have to create that content so that Google has something to rank.

Starting a blog is a great way to produce consistent, fresh content for Google, and it also makes great shareable material for social media and email newsletters.

6. Infographic creation

Though infographics aren’t a specific Internet marketing strategy, they sure help.

Infographics are great material for your website and they can even help with SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and your Atlanta company’s web design.

For example, your page may rank higher because there’s an infographic on your page that keeps users on the page for longer, and provides a great user experience.

You’ll also find that infographics are easily shareable, and are great content for emails and social media platforms.

Not to mention, they’re a great way to add to the design of your website.

7. Web design

Web design allows your website to have a real presence online, and acts as a virtual storefront for customers. Without a great web design, you won’t be able to keep users on your site, which means your site likely won’t rank well.

See how everything’s connected?

A great web design consists of a great navigation bar, informative content, a branded color scheme, and a design that fits your brand.

8. Reputation management

Reputation management is a form of Internet marketing that allows you to bounce back from negative reviews that you may have accrued.

Don’t worry — all companies get bad reviews sometimes, but the important part is ensuring that they are pushed to the bottom of search results so that new users don’t even see them.

Our Atlanta Internet marketing agency can help your business repair and maintain its reputation so that you can attract more clients to your company.

Industry-leading customer service.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the leading metric for customer satisfaction.

WebFX clients score 394% higher than the industry average.

Industry avg

Get started with digital marketing in Atlanta, GA

If your company is looking to bring more customers to your website and storefront, increase revenue, and increase ROI, with Internet marketing services in Atlanta, WebFX can help.

We offer all of the strategies above, and will create a custom strategy for your business that works to achieve the goals you want, like driving sales or leads.

If you’re ready to get started with digital marketing in Atlanta, you can contact us online, or call us at 404-531-2286.

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