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When it comes to engineering marketing, there are challenges. From choosing the right strategies to writing the best sales copy, it takes work to build and maintain a successful marketing strategy for an engineering company.

If you’re looking for some help with how to market your engineering services, this article can help.

Keep reading to learn about the best engineering marketing strategies, as well as how to use them for your firm. Plus, learn why a marketing strategy that uses online channels, versus offline channels, offers the best return on investment (ROI).

For professional help with marketing your engineering services, contact us online (or give us a ring at 888-601-5359) to speak with an experienced strategist. You can also browse our digital marketing services to learn about our plans and pricing!

6 proven engineering marketing strategies

Build a stronger marketing strategy for your engineering company with these six engineering marketing strategies:

1. Use search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the best ways to improve your engineering company’s online visibility. When developing your overall marketing strategy, it should be one of your top priorities.

If you’re new to SEO, it’s essentially a collection of best practices used to improve your engineering firm’s visibility in Google searches for relevant keywords. For example, if you wanted your website to rank highly for something like “engineering company in Dallas, TX,” you could use SEO to ensure that your website shows up in searches for that phrase and others like it.

SEO involves making changes to several elements on your website to increase the likelihood that it will rank well for the phrases you are targeting. These changes may include adding keywords to the titles of your pages, updating and adding to your site copy, making your pages load faster, improving your site’s appearance, and so on.

For those who are new to this engineering marketing strategy, SEO can be challenging to learn, but it’s absolutely essential in today’s competitive online landscape. You can learn more about SEO and why it’s important by reading our CEO’s guide to SEO.

2. Invest in pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

If you’re looking to quickly boost traffic and revenue, pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is a great option.

PPC advertising allows you to select which keywords and phrases you want to trigger your advertisements. For example, you can set your ads to display when people search for “engineering firms in Denver” or “engineers in Minneapolis.”

Then, if your bids are the highest, your ads will display above organic listings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

One of the main advantages of using this marketing strategy for your engineering company is that you don’t have to wait for results. As soon as your ads are clicked to go live, they can start sending relevant, targeted traffic to your website.

3. Create quality content

Both search engines and human website visitors love quality content, which can include everything from blog posts and videos to marketing guides and ebooks.

By creating and publishing valuable content, you can reach your most qualified prospects where they’re already searching online. And people will be more likely to want to find out more information about your engineering company after discovering helpful content published by your company.

They may even share your content with friends and family members who might be in need of your services.

4. Start an email newsletter

Email newsletters are a great way to make contact with potential clients, keep in touch with current clients, and strengthen your relationship with both groups. Whereas past email marketing methods may have involved making hard sales pitches, and you may think of ecommerce emails as being all about sales specials or coupons, engineering email marketing is all about adding value.

You can use an email newsletter to:

  1. Explain important engineering concepts to your non-engineer clients
  2. Provide links to news articles or blog posts you find interesting
  3. Discuss upcoming events and milestones within your company
  4. Offer potential new clients discounts on future services

Newsletters should be a source of useful information for your clients, as long as you don’t turn them into commercials for your services. You want to engage people and get them to read voluntarily, without getting turned off by sales-speak or hard sells.

You can create an email newsletter for free, or for a very low cost, by using any number of email marketing platforms you find online. Just remember that you cannot send emails to those who have not explicitly opted-in to your list to receive them! If you send emails to people who have not subscribed, you may be reported for spamming.

5. Use social media

Many B2B businesses wonder why they should start social media accounts. But regardless of your industry or business model, social media offers a great way to communicate with current and potential customers.

The kind of direct communication you can only get with social media is invaluable to any company, and sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn give you a chance to talk directly to your clients.

If, for example, you decide to switch office locations or add a new engineering service to your company, you can explain your reasoning on social media or answer any questions people may have about the change. You can also use these platforms to ask questions directly of your followers, share special projects, or provide links to engineering articles and updates you find interesting.

6. Encourage online reviews


Online reviews are an increasingly important aspect of marketing engineering services. Reviews are the modern-day equivalent of word of mouth, and a good review can help attract new business to your firm. On the contrary, not having reviews can hurt your chances of attracting new clients.

You should be monitoring online reviews of your company and responding to the concerns people voice on them. Try to take the criticism constructively and work to improve any areas of your service that are lacking. Pay particular attention to Yelp and Angie’s List, which are among the most popular review websites.

Instead of becoming frustrated by any poor reviews you may receive, concentrate on motivating others to post good reviews that counteract the bad ones. Ask satisfied customers to visit these sites and explain in their own words why they had a good experience. This can improve your reputation and drown out any negative reviews, increasing the likelihood that those who find you in searches will see you in a positive light.

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Why use digital engineering marketing strategies?

Traditional advertising is expensive and, in our increasingly Internet-driven world, outdated. The smartest engineering marketing strategies rely heavily on online methods, because that’s where people begin their searches for information and businesses.

Think about your own recent searches for businesses. When was the last time you reached for the phone book or Yellow Pages when you needed to find a service? Instead, you most likely went to Google and performed a search. You typed in the keywords for what you wanted, and clicked on a few search results until you found what you needed.

Digital marketing is a crucial part of how to market an engineering firm because this is how most people find information now: They turn to the Internet for virtually everything, including companies to work with. So if your engineering company isn’t well-represented or easy to find online, you may struggle to attract potential leads. Not only that, but you’ll be losing them to your competitors.

37% of marketers say that generating high-quality leads was one of their biggest challenges.

We want to decrease that percentage.

WebFX can help you generate high-quality leads with a customized marketing strategy.

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Attract more leads with engineering marketing services

We hope these tips for how to market your engineering services have been helpful. With a little practice and some experimentation, you can combine a variety of Internet marketing methods into a comprehensive plan that improves your firm’s visibility and reputation, attracting more leads and motivating more potential customers to choose your company for their engineering needs.

If you need help putting any of these marketing plans into motion, we can help! As a full-service marketing firm, we’ll create a custom plan to increase your company’s exposure on search engines, start your social media profiles, redesign your engineering website, or do anything else you may need to reach more potential customers online.

Plus, with our hassle-free CRM for engineers, Nutshell, you and your team will have all the tools you need to generate and convert more leads.

For more information, contact us today to discuss what we can do to make your online marketing a success. We’d love to hear from you!

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