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In the hospitality industry, creating new leads is everything. Staying busy enough to grow your business depends on how many potential customers you can attract. This industry also heavily relies on local or global economic conditions, so being able to generate leads no matter what’s happening in the world is important to ensure a continuous stream of bookings and revenue.

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Lead generation efforts in hospitality

The primary goal for lead generation in the hospitality industry is to increase bookings and generate steady revenue from first-time and recurring guests. You want your hotel to be the one that people immediately think of when they’re looking for a good place to stay.

People often rely on online forums to find potential hotels, restaurants, and other businesses they plan to visit on trips. Platforms like TripAdvisor and Yelp give people an idea of what to expect when booking a place to stay. People trust recommendations from like-minded people for these kinds of purchases — and they want to see how responsive the hotel or restaurant is to these reviews.

These trends give hotel managers a lot to get excited about. The consistently evolving digital landscape and these marketing methods enable you to take more control over how potential guests see your hotel’s image and culture. Generating leads is a matter of maximizing the reach of the tools available to you and understanding which ones to integrate into your marketing strategy.

Effects of lead generation in hospitality

Hospitality lead generation is centered around communicating the atmosphere of your hotel, restaurant, or other business to potential guests. Without an intimate understanding of how the hotel operates, guests may be hesitant to book with you.

That’s why online marketing strategies like local search engine optimization (SEO) are necessary. People looking for a hotel might not know where you’re located, so let them know! Being a neighborhood favorite is achievable through local SEO, and the reviews from previous guests will positively influence your reach and reputation. Platforms like Google My Business are optimal for increasing your visibility to potential guests in your area or those who want to eventually visit the area.

Another useful lead generation tool is email marketing. With email, you get to address your guests directly and give them first-hand insight into any potential discounts, promotions, or events being held at your hotel. Email is a helpful tool for marketing thanks to its targeting and personalization qualities. Your potential guests will feel like you’re speaking to them directly, which increases the chance they’ll take action and book with you. 

Since most bookings happen online now, you’ll benefit from a website optimally designed to give users a positive experience while showing off your hotel’s brand image. Don’t overlook web design — it can be the final touch that persuades people to book with you over the competition. Users associate beautiful imagery and sleek design with sophistication and credibility. Take advantage of that association and create a positive impression on potential guests.

Interactive lead generation efforts

Businesses in the hospitality industry benefit from direct interactions with their potential customers more than you might anticipate. With the rise of online socialization and influencer marketing, it’s in your best interest to explore these outreach efforts and participate in the best ones for your business.

One effective method of interacting with your potential guests online is hosting a virtual event. They’ve grown in popularity and are a great way to let people experience what your hotel has to offer before making a reservation. You get to present the best elements of your hotel, cutting out the subjective opinions of reviewers who have differing preferences. Virtual events also allow people to immerse themselves in your hotel brand’s personality.

One of the best tools for cost-effective promotion is social media platforms. Whether you choose to pay an influencer to promote your hotel or go the organic route and create optimized posts that circulate through the participation of your followers, social media is the way to push what you offer in front of those who are searching for it.

Another key advantage of social media is its versatility. You can participate in trends that will boost your reach and potentially make you go viral or you can hone in on your niche and create a strong visual association with your brand.

Since there is no single method to ensure success or one correct way to do things, you can try any method that aligns with your brand personality and the audience segment you want to reach.

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The hospitality industry is vast and made up of many different businesses and services. Understanding how to use the digital marketing landscape to your advantage can only benefit you and your efforts to increase revenue and ensure a steady stream of bookings.

If you would like to work with experts who know how to navigate this evolving landscape, contact our experts at WebFX online or call us at 888-601-5359! We’ll work with you to create a customized strategy that prioritizes your goals and ensures you get the results you want.

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