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88+ Online Shopping Statistics for 2024 You Need to Know

As the world becomes increasingly digital, there’s more access to everything. With more access to businesses and brands, people often opt to shop online to get what they need.

But just how prevalent and impactful is online shopping?

On this page, I’ll provide you with a breakdown of 95 online shopping statistics for 2024. These facts about online shopping will help you understand the industry, consumer behaviors, and points of interest.

I’ll cover categories like:

Keep reading to learn more! Plus, for more helpful stats, be sure to check out our list of sales statistics.

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* Last updated April 4th, 2024. 

Online shopping statistics: General stats

First, let’s cover the basics of online shopping. Here are some general online shopping statistics for 2024 you’ll want to know:

  1. China has the largest ecommerce market in the world, driving in $672 billion. (Source)
  2. The United States has the second-largest ecommerce market, driving in $340 billion. (Source)
  3. 273 million is how many ecommerce shoppers there will be in the U.S. by 2025. (Source)
  4. 96% of Americans have made at least one online purchase in their life. (Source)
  5. 95% of purchases will be made online by 2040. (Source)
  6. 85% is how much higher average order values are when shoppers use Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL). (Source)affirm
  7. 63% of consumers will buy from you online if they’ve had a positive in-store experience. (Source)
  8. 56% of people prefer to shop online over shopping at a physical store. (Source)
  9. 53% of online transactions use credit cards. (Source)
  10. 48% of people have replaced purchasing products in-store with purchasing products online. (Source)
  11. 45% of people make purchases with BNPL they wouldn’t otherwise make. (Source)
  12. 43% of online transactions use a digital payment system. (Source)
  13. 38% of online transactions use debit cards. (Source)
  14. 18% of people like shopping online because it’s available 24/7. (Source)
  15. 17% of people like shopping online because it doesn’t require them to leave home. (Source)
  16. 14% of people like shopping online because discount codes are readily available. (Source)
  17. 10% of people say online shopping is faster than in-store shopping. (Source)
  18. 9% of people say they prefer to shop online because they can easily compare prices. (Source)

Sideshow website showing their Iron Man hot toys and the payment options

Online shopping statistics: Demographics of online shoppers

Curious about the demographics of online shoppers? Having some online shopper statistics can help you get an idea about who is shopping where.

Here’s a breakdown of how different groups shop online:

  1. 79% of the American population shops online. (Source)
  2. 75% of people who use BNPL are Millennials or Gen Z shoppers. (Source)
  3. 67% of millennials prefer shopping online versus in a brick-and-mortar store. (Source)
  4. 60% is how many of millennials’ purchases are online. (Source)
  5. 60% of millennials use mobile devices to compare prices and look for discounts. (Source)
  6. 56% of Gen X shoppers prefer to shop online versus in a brick-and-mortar. (Source)
  7. 53% of U.S. adults begin product searches on Amazon when planning to make a purchase. (Source)
  8. 50% is how much more time Millennials and Gen X shoppers spend shopping online than older generations. (Source)
  9. 91% of Americans ages 18 to 49 say they ever buy things online using a smartphone, compared with 69% of adults 50 to 64 and 48% of those 65 and older. (Source)
  10. 28% is how much more men spend shopping online than women. (Source)
  11. 24% of men shop online daily. (Source)
  12. 20% of people ages 25-34 shop online. (Source)
  13. 17% of people ages 35-44 shop online. (Source)
  14. 17% of women shop online daily. (Source)
  15. 15% of people ages 45-54 shop online. (Source)
  16. 14% of people ages 55-64 shop online. (Source)
  17. 14% of people ages 65 or over shop online. (Source)
  18. 13% of people ages 18-24 shop online. (Source)

Online shopping statistics: User behaviors

Next in our list of online shopping stats for 2024, we’ll cover user behavior stats. These online shopper statistics show how users shop online, what they do before buying, and more.

Want some more stats on online shopping? Keep reading!

  1. 93% of shoppers read reviews before purchasing a product. (Source)
  2. 94% of people say online reviews convince them to avoid a business. (Source)
  3. 85% of consumers start shopping on one device and finish on another. (Source)
  4. 80% of shoppers do product research online. (Source)
  5. 69% of shoppers say they ever make purchases via desktop or laptop computers (Source)
  6. 67% of shoppers are more likely to purchase from a company that has a mobile-friendly website. (Source)
  7. 63% of shoppers research a company before buying a product. (Source)
  8. 54% of shoppers like to buy online because they get direct delivery to their homes. (Source)
  9. 48% of shoppers have overspent while shopping online. (Source)
  10. 42% of online shoppers have made a purchase they regretted. (Source)
  11. 40% of online transactions happen on mobile. (Source)
  12. 30% is how much shopping cart abandonment increases when you have a slow-loading website. (Source)
  13. 28% of people use tablets for online shopping. (Source)
  14. 21% of online shoppers have accidentally bought something they didn’t want. (Source)

Online shopping statistics: Email and online shopping

When it comes to online shopping, there are multiple strategies you can use to boost sales for your business. One of the most prominent ones is email marketing.

Here are some online shopping statistics for 2024 that show the impact of email:

  1. 76% of shoppers have made purchases from an email they received. (Source)email
  2. 61% of users like to receive weekly promotional emails for products. (Source)
  3. 59% of people say email influences what they buy online. (Source)
  4. 45% of abandoned cart emails are opened on average. (Source)
  5. 18% is how much conversion rates increase by sending abandoned cart emails. (Source)

Abandoned cart email from a wine company

Online shopping statistics: Social media shopping

Platforms like Instagram are shifting towards enabling users to shop through their platforms without having to leave. Here are some stats on online shopping related to social media sites:

  1. 87% of consumers say they take action after seeing a product on Instagram. (Source)
  2. 80% of shoppers got advice about buying a product through social media. (Source)
  3. 80% of Pinterest users discover new products or brands on the platform. (Source)
  4. 80% is how much more Pinterest shoppers spend on average than people on other platforms. (Source)
  5. 80% of shoppers watched a YouTube video related to their planned purchase at the start of their shopping process. (Source)
  6. 78% of shoppers name Instagram as influential in helping them discover new brands. (Source)
  7. 77% of people buy from brands they follow on social media. (Source)
  8. 74% of people use social media when deciding what to purchase. (Source)
  9. 72% of Pinterest users say that platform inspires them to shop when they aren’t looking for anything. (Source)
  10. 70% of shoppers look to Instagram when making a purchase. (Source)
  11. 67% of users increase their spending with a brand after they follow them on social media. (Source)
  12. 67% of users say TikTok inspires them to make purchases. (Source)
  13. 65% of TikTok users enjoy it when creators post about brands or products. (Source)
  14. 65% of TikTok users say TikTok helps them decide what to buy. (Source)
  15. 54% of shoppers use social media to research products. (Source)
  16. 54% of people ages 25-34 have shopped on social media. (Source)
  17. 53% of Twitter users are likelier to buy a new product first. (Source)
  18. 50% of shoppers follow brands on social media to learn about new products. (Source)
  19. 50% of people use Instagram to shop for products weekly. (Source)
  20. 40% of global shoppers purchased products they discovered on YouTube. (Source)
  21. Pinterest shoppers have a 40% bigger basket size than shoppers on other platforms. (Source)
  22. 38% of users follow brands on social media for promotions and discounts on products. (Source)
  23. 37% of users discover products on TikTok. (Source)
  24. 35% of users find brands and products from TikTok creators. (Source)

Pinterest feed with product images

Online shopping statistics: Shoppers and Amazon

Amazon is one of the most popular platforms for doing online shopping.

Here are some online shopping stats that show you the impact and power of Amazon’s platform:

  1. Amazon is the most popular online store in the United States. (Source)
  2. Amazon has 300-600 million monthly active shoppers. (Source)
  3. Amazon sells over 350 million products. (Source)
  4. Shoppers spend more time shopping on Amazon than the other top nine retailers combined. (Source)
  5. 89% of people are more likely to buy from Amazon than other ecommerce websites. (Source)
  6. 71% of men and women shopped on Amazon in 2021. (Source)
  7. 70% of Amazon shoppers stick to the first page of search results when shopping on the platform. (Source)
  8. 66% of Americans have bought something from Amazon. (Source)
  9. 50% of Amazon purchases finish in less than 15 minutes. (Source)
  10. 43% of American teenagers say Amazon is their favorite shopping site. (Source)
  11. 38% of people use Amazon to search for products. (Source)
  12. 28% of Amazon purchases are completed in three minutes or less. (Source)

Amazon product listings for markers

What do these online shopping statistics mean? It’s time to sell online!

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