Tips for a Powerful Amazon Advertising Campaign Strategy for Small and Midsized Businesses

In the retail market, Amazon is the world’s leader. In fact, it’s responsible for more than 40 percent of all online sales. That’s why small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) rely on the ecommerce website to connect with consumers and generate revenue.

With Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), your team can now expedite that process to increase your revenue, brand awareness, and more. The question is, how can you create a competitive advertising campaign strategy that maximizes results and overshadows your competitors?

Start with these seven powerful tips for SMBs in the online marketplace:

With more than 800 million active users each month, Instagram is an increasingly important platform for influencer marketing. Businesses of all sizes, from well-known brands to rising startups, use Instagram to connect with influencers to promote their products and grow brand awareness.

The launch of Instagram TV (IGTV) signals a new chapter for influencer marketing on Instagram, as it provides companies and influencers with a variety of tools to engage users with original content and encourage purchases.

Keep reading to learn more about what IGTV means for influencer marketing.

5 Tips for Tagging YouTube Videos

Videos are an increasingly popular way to market your businesses online. Many businesses have leveraged the growth of YouTube by creating video content to reach their audience.

But how can you ensure that your videos appear in YouTube search results? YouTube video tags will help them appear in the right search results and allow more people to find them.

In this post, we’ll provide five tips to help you create better tags for your YouTube videos.

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If you manage a business Facebook page, you’ve probably experienced a few headaches trying to increase your reach and find new ways to break through the Facebook algorithm.

As Facebook makes more changes, it seems harder to find ways for businesses to increase reach on Facebook.

There are two things you absolutely need to increase your Page’s reach: high-quality content and an engaged audience. How do you obtain both? We’re breaking it all down in this post!