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WebFX Women: Why We Work in Tech

It’s International Women’s Day — a time to celebrate and uplift women. And we’re not talking about going up to them and saying, “I appreciate you!” or blasting Beyoncé’s “Who Run the World (Girls)” in the office. (But don’t get us wrong, it’s a great song, and we encourage you to blast it once you fully understand the importance of International Women’s Day).

Today is all about recognizing what women have accomplished throughout history, acknowledging the work that still needs to be done to establish better gender equality in the workforce, and how everyone (not just women!) can do so.

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35% of tech jobs

are held by women


We take immense pride in the fact that over 60% of WebFX’s employees are women. Though, we’d sound like a pretty out-of-touch tech company if we didn’t also acknowledge that only 35% of all tech-related jobs are held by women. That’s why we’re not tokenizing today by showering the talented women of WebFX with pink-themed gifts and calling it a day.

Instead, the women of WebFX are taking the floor to talk about their experiences working in tech, what International Women’s Day means to them, and how they use their leadership positions to help foster equality and camaraderie among women in tech.

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Meet the women of WebFX

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From co-founders and VPs, to team leaders and data tech aficionados, the women at WebFX do it all. Keep reading to meet the women of WebFX that help make this company what it is and pave the way for other young women looking to break into the tech industry.

Work-life balance

Your work shouldn’t follow you home — it’s that simple! A healthy work-life balance is essential for everyone to feel happy and fulfilled at their jobs. At WebFX we ensure flexible work schedules are accessible to all employees.

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Karie Shearer WebFX Co-Founder

Here at WebFX, we strive to create an open and positive atmosphere. We value everyone’s ideas and give each employee an equal opportunity to be heard and to lead, regardless of gender or ethnicity. As we continue to grow, we’ve made it a point to start initiatives like flexible work hours and work from home days to help employees balance work and life, especially as many of our female employees begin to have children.

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kelly headshot
Kelly Zarcone WebFX Senior Director of Interactive Services

In my career at WebFX, I have advanced from a project manager to the manager of three unique departments, all while growing my own family at home. Through the transitions at work and home, WebFX and I collaborated in setting up a flexible and unique schedule that works for me and my family. I take pride in the fact I love the company I work for, while being a role model for my daughters and showing them that you can have a successful and fulfilling life, both at home and at work.

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A smiling woman with shoulder-length hair, wearing a brown blouse with a white pattern and hoop earrings.
Laura Dye WebFX Internet Marketing Team Lead

If you were to ask me what kind of company I would want my daughters to work for when they grow up, I would say a company like WebFX. Why? Because WebFX creates a positive environment that cultivates creativity and growth, while keeping a balance between home and work life.

Community & camaraderie

When striving to get more seats at the table for women in tech, camaraderie and mutual support is crucial — when we help lift each other up, everyone wins! At WebFX, we strive to foster a work environment where mentorship and camaraderie is evident wherever you look.

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Catelin Carey Senior Vice President
Catelin Carey WebFX Senior Vice President

I try to never take for granted that working for a tech company with majority female employees and even majority female leaders is so uncommon in the industry. Not only that, but we have an environment where the success of one means the success of all, so my experience has always been one where we genuinely are there for each other — cheering each other on for our wins and just as quick to lend a helping hand!

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mary headshot
Mary Shirey WebFX VP of U.S. & Global Talent Acquisition

One of my favorite things about working at WebFX is the respect I receive and the way my opinions and input are valued. And it’s not just because I’m a manager — it’s how everyone is treated. We’re all encouraged to provide suggestions for how our services and processes could be improved.

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A smiling woman with long wavy blonde hair, wearing a black top and a heart-shaped necklace, with pearl earrings.
Sam Fouracre WebFX Account Strategy Team Lead

WebFX’s emphasis on creative solutions, continual improvement, and empowering others creates an incredibly unique space within the tech industry. I am so thankful not only to serve as a leader, but to be able to learn from so many other amazing women in leadership as well. Throughout my career, I’ve had countless opportunities to grow as a person and a professional, and it’s a privilege to get to pass those opportunities along to others.

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Smiling woman with shoulder-length wavy hair, wearing a muted purple v-neck top and a delicate necklace, against a plain white background.
Emily Tay WebFX Senior Director of Sales Operations

My biggest piece of advice for women entering tech: Find a mentor in the industry. One of the many things that I love about WebFX is the amount of female leaders who are easily accessible and willing to offer guidance and advice about life and work. At the same time, WebFX has provided me an opportunity to give back to the next generation by fostering an environment of open communication where we can build relationships and share our knowledge with the rest of the team.

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sandi headshot
Sandi Emery WebFX Director of DataTech Solutions

In my leadership role, I have the opportunity to mentor and support women across the company in roles varying from leadership positions, to technical development roles, where I can provide guidance and resources they need to advance in their careers. I’ve also had strong female mentors throughout my career who have supported me at every step of my career here, and those mentors helped to shape me into who I am today. It’s rewarding to be at a point in my career where I can pay it forward for those that I mentor within the organization so they can reach their full potential.

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la-kita headshot
La-Kita Gilmore WebFX Director of Business Training & Development

I define leadership as influencing and inspiring individuals and teams to create positive change and accomplish goals. These critical traits speak to the thriving culture here at WebFX. We embody a culture that values, empowers, and invests in all for maximum success. As a woman in the tech industry, I’m grateful every day that I get the opportunity to lead and serve with the most amazing people who challenge and value each other to achieve their personal best and are determined to leave the world a better place.

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christine headshot nutshell
Christine Shontz Nutshell’s Financial Planning & Analysis Analyst

I love that I can offer a really unique skillset and perspective to everyone in the company! The combination of being an accountant/woman/leader is much more of a powerful impact than most people realize. I can tell you the history of the company, most of what’s happening now, and also be a bit of a fortune teller. When you have that dynamic of a skillset, people often look to you for answers and advice. I thrive on being able to help all the wonderful people of Nutshell — it takes a village!

Growth and success

Did you know 66% of women stated they see no clear career path for advancement or improvement within their tech careers?

At WebFX, we ensure everyone sees a clear path toward professional (and personal!) growth and advancement — it’s why everyone hired is given a progression path and checklist that lays out steps for future advancement within the company.

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luisa headshot
Luisa Garcia Vega WebFX Lead Internet Marketing Consultant, Manager of Guatemala Operations

Not too long ago, I found myself chatting with a friend about careers, and she was asking me about my experiences after college. I mentioned I that was working at a digital marketing agency, and one of the first things she asked was how difficult it was to be a woman in the tech industry. Honestly, since working at WebFX, this was the first time that this particular issue crossed my mind. I was privileged enough to answer her question by simply reassuring her that there are companies like WebFX, even in the tech industry, that value skills and abilities over gender!

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katie headshot
Katie Kelly WebFX COO

I feel lucky every day to work in a company that has a positive culture and invests in the learning and development of all employees. It’s given me the opportunity to grow as a leader and a woman in tech alongside many others. We are making an impact, and I’m so proud to be a part of this team and our growth story.

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Patty Price
Patty Price WebFX Director of Human Resources

One of my favorite things to highlight when talking about WebFX to friends and family, introducing WebFX to a new connection, or offering a role at WebFX to a candidate, is getting the opportunity to share about the growth opportunities here. It’s not about your tenure, gender, or circumstances, it’s about your attitude and effort, and there is no “model” or “cookie cutter” for that. We all have the equal opportunity to contribute, grow, make a difference, give suggestions, speak and be heard, be respected and give respect in return, and it’s because of the intrinsic qualities that make us who we are and show in the work that we do. I’m proud to be a woman in tech, and even prouder to be a woman working at WebFX.

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sandi headshot
Sandi Emery WebFX Director of DataTech Solutions

When listening to the challenges that my friends and family have encountered on their own journeys, I feel very fortunate for my experiences at WebFX. Throughout my career, the focus has always been on my continued passion and dedication to my professional growth, regardless of factors like tenure, gender, or heritage, and that is truly such a gift. Being a part of the leadership team, it’s incredible how supportive and inclusive our working environment is. It’s a testament to our leaders that we’ve been able to create and sustain a supportive culture where everyone has the opportunity to grow, and when one of us wins, we all win!

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romina headshot
Romina Cragnolino WebFX Digital Marketing PM

Being part of a company where women are in leadership roles is a true blessing because it means we are all equal, for real. It’s refreshing to see women in tech showing our true potential and surrounding ourselves with powerful colleagues who push us forward and help mentor each other. You know you’re in a good place when you don’t even feel like being a woman is holding you back, that you don’t have to prove yourself twice so others can see your value. Women in tech isn’t a trend for us — it’s rooted in WebFX’s positive culture.

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christine headshot nutshell
Christine Shontz Nutshell’s Financial Planning & Analysis Analyst

Working at Nutshell is an incredible opportunity for me, and one that I do not take for granted! My background, accounting, has a surprisingly low statistic for women becoming leaders. I feel incredibly blessed that I’m able to represent women in leadership, women in accounting, and women in the tech industry! I really pride myself in understanding that everybody plays a unique role within the company, myself included. Each person’s skills/talents/traits that they bring to the table are important. Part of mine is being a woman, and representing women in the best way that I can. I stay humble, stay excited, and stay motivated!

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hamida headshot
Hamida Bapoo Nutshell’s Delivery Lead

Being part of the WebFX/Nutshell team is a true blessing. I pinch myself every day — it’s that good! Our leadership ethos is rooted in leading by doing, where mistakes are not just allowed but encouraged. We embrace change and innovation and celebrate our wins while learning from the occasional stumble. Here, it’s not about man vs woman — we all share mutual respect and equal opportunities. WebFX/Nutshell has this unmatched culture that sets it miles apart from other tech companies.

5 powerful statistics about women in tech

WebFX is one company out of over 500,000 others active in the U.S. tech industry. We’re constantly striving to continue creating even more opportunities for women in tech within our company, but we know there’s still a lot of work to do for the industry as a whole.

Gain a better understand of just how important International Women’s Day is with these five eye-opening statistics on women in tech:

  1. The ratio of men to women in tech firms is 3:1.
  2. Only 26% of executive, senior-level, and management positions in big tech companies (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) are held by women.
  3. Female leaders in tech are 2x more likely than male leaders to be mistaken for someone more junior.
  4.  Women of color are severely underrepresented in tech, with Black women holding only 3% of tech jobs, Latinas holding 1%, and Native American, Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander women holding 0.3%.
  5.  Over 50% of women in tech leave the industry before the midpoint of their careers, citing problems like weak management support, lack of opportunity, and lack of proper work-life balance.

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