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From large corporations to local mom-and-pop stores, all businesses have one thing in common: they need to pay their employees, and the majority of them use payroll service providers to do so. As a payroll service provider, this means you have many potential clients. Unfortunately, you also have quite a few competitors.

Up to 89% of B2B researchers use the Internet during the research process. And sites that rank in the top three spots in search results receive more than 50% of clicks.

Your site could be among them, but only with search engine optimization, or SEO.

On this page, you’ll learn how SEO can help your payroll company improve its rankings in search engine results, as well as how this boost can ultimately benefit your business. If you want to learn more, feel free to give us a call at 888-601-5359 or contact us online.

How can payroll service providers benefit from SEO?

Your company is operating in a crowded field, so you likely already have a full-scale marketing plan to stand out from your competitors. Here’s the problem: traditional marketing doesn’t have the same impact that it used to. Today’s consumers and businesses are less receptive to ads, and you don’t always know how well a campaign is running. SEO solves many of these problems because it offers:

Higher ROI

Traditional ads cost more than SEO, and they don’t generate lasting results. SEO isn’t free, but it’s a better long-term investment. Consider what happens when you purchase an ad on TV or your local paper. You pay, the ad runs, a few people see it, and then it’s over—unless you pay for it to run again.

With SEO, the changes put into your site will continue to help its rankings long after you make them. Plus, because more people will click on an organic search result that will contact a company because of an ad on TV, you’ll get a higher return on investment.

Increased credibility

Any business can pay to place an ad, but an organic listing is always earned. Your ranking is based on content, links, and user behavior, so if you rank well in search engine results, searchers take that as a sign that your business is reputable. This will give them more confidence in your ability to manage their payroll needs.

More targeted leads

Traditional marketing can generate interest, but not everyone who sees your ads will be interested at the exact moment they see them. But if they’re searching for payroll services online, they’re clearly ready for more information. They’ll be more likely to click on your website—and respond to your call to action—than if you tried to reach them with traditional outbound methods.

Now that you know how SEO can benefit your business, keep reading to learn more about what you need to consider when creating a strategy.

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What’s involved in SEO for payroll services?

Your site’s rankings are based on several criteria, including what you put on each page and how visitors react to them. Optimizing a site takes time and is an ongoing process, so it’s important to keep in mind that you won’t reach the top of the search results page overnight. However, you can work towards strong rankings by using these strategies and continuing to revise your tactics over time.

Keyword optimization

Search engines determine what your pages are about based on copy, headers, page titles and URLs. If your pages include the specific words and phrases a searcher types into a search engine like Google, you’ll have a better chance at being among the results it delivers. Because of this, you should make sure that each page is optimized for the words that best describe its content.

You may need to use keyword tools to identify the search terms most appropriate for your business. These terms should include services and areas of expertise, as well as geographic location. Then, use those keywords naturally throughout your pages—the operative word being naturally. Avoid the temptation to litter your pages with as many keywords as possible, as this is considered keyword stuffing, and will only harm your SEO efforts.

Strong user experience

Search engines don’t just evaluate sites based on their visibility—they also rank them based on usability. If visitors are met with pages that load slowly or don’t work well, search engines take notice and penalize the site with lower rankings. You can avoid this by monitoring your site for usability issues.

So what exactly should you look for? Essentially, a design that makes it as easy as possible for users to find what they’re looking for. This means that it needs to load quickly, be accessible across all devices, and have simple, easy-to-use navigation.

Off-site factors

While SEO primarily involves elements on your site, it also takes a few off-site factors into consideration. One of the most important is links from other websites. When a site links to one of your pages, search engines see it as a vote of credibility. However, the value of these links is dependent on how credible the site linking to you is. For example, a link from a reputable news site will help you much more than a link from a spammy, low quality site.

Social media can also have an impact on your SEO, although it’s unclear exactly how big that impact is. Because of this, you should create profiles on the sites most appropriate for B2B services, like LinkedIn and Google+. Engage users with links to relevant content from your own site and elsewhere, and make site content shareable by adding Share buttons to the biggest networks. Search engines will notice the rise in social activity over time, which may help you outrank your competitors.

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There’s a big market for payroll services, along with hundreds of payroll service firms ready to serve it. If you want to attract a larger portion of this market, you need to get in front of potential clients using SEO.

For more information on how your company can start using SEO, feel free to contact us! Our talented team of Internet marketers has years of experience helping B2B companies reach more clients.

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