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When retailers want to buy products for resale in bulk shipments, they look for wholesale suppliers! For retailers, restaurants, or whatever niche you serve, your wholesale business strikes the perfect balance between discounts and volume for companies that need to keep their businesses running. That makes you a valuable part of any business’s supply chain — but you can only be a link in that chain if your niche can find you.

This is where search engine optimization (SEO) plays an enormous role for wholesale suppliers. SEO helps wholesalers like you stay at the top of your industry, and it also helps your potential customers find you quickly and easily. Plus, it’s far more targeted and cost-effective than traditional marketing.

So how do you make SEO work for you? You can start with a few key steps, outlined on this page. And you can contact us at 888-601-5359 to learn about using our SEO services to grow your business.

How wholesalers can use SEO

As a marketing strategy, SEO helps wholesalers grow their business and attract new clients by ranking well in search engine results pages. The following methods are tried-and-true tactics that can individually improve your business’s website bit by bit. But together, they create an aggressive strategy that can potentially rank you among or above your strongest competitors.

1. Researching and using keywords

In this day and age, every company has a website. If you don’t, it’s critical that you make one as soon as possible and start working on it. Incidentally, a large part of that work is making sure your website uses keywords that will attract traffic from your niche demographic.

When you include keywords on your website, you and your customers speak the same language to one another. That means they can find and understand you more easily, and you have a better chance of turning occasional site visitors into paying customers.

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Keyword research includes looking up the different phrases that your audience uses to find businesses like yours. The best keywords are long and specific since they’re less competitive, more specific to your business, and more targeted for your customers. These longer keywords are called long tail keywords, and they’re essential to building your business online.

You should use these keywords on your homepage and subsequent pages that you have on your site. That way, you can rank for multiple keywords with several specialized pages, which makes your website more likely to appear in searches by your customers.

2. Writing unique product descriptions

Every retailer who comes to your website wants the same thing: merchandise. Whether you sell bulk foods or construction equipment or anything else, you have an opportunity to write a unique and thorough description of a product that can attract customers all on its own.

Product descriptions can be a mix of keyword usage, sales text, and specific information that gives customers a better idea about what they’re about to buy. The more information you can give, the better decision your customers can make about what works for their needs. And while that may not always mean a sale for a certain product, it does show that you’re an authority in your industry, especially since certain brands trust you to sell their products to retailers.

Product description

Generally, product descriptions should be as long as they have to be. If you can say everything in a few sentences, go for it. If it takes a few paragraphs, that’s fine too. As long as you organize it in a readable and understandable way, you’ll show customers that you know your products inside and out.

3. Building links to your website

The number and quality of links to your website also impacts your rankings in search results.

In order to earn links, you need to create content that people want to link to. Then, you can reach out to bloggers and industry influencers to see if they’re interested in sharing your content.

As your site earns more and more links, you will appear higher in search results for keywords and phrases related to your business. And people will view you as a leader in your field.

4. Using social media

While it may sound counterintuitive, social media can be incredibly helpful for B2B companies like wholesalers. Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms are all great ways to show your potential customers that you’re staying current with marketing trends. Plus, it gives them a chance to approach you with questions, comments, and even complaints.

While it may sound bad to have complaints, social media allows you to field those complaints on your own turf and in a public forum. That means you control the discussion, and the more professional and courteous you are, the better impression you’ll make on your audience as a whole.

Last, social media is great for promoting new additions to your staff, website, stock, and more to make sure that customers can keep in touch with your growing wholesale company. It offers you a level of transparency and interaction that you couldn’t achieve in the offline world, and that makes you a more trusted presence in your industry.

5. Using pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

PPC is a form of advertising where you place a maximum bid for a keyword, and every time someone searches for that keyword, your ad shows up above or beside the regular search results. The best part is that you only pay for your ad if someone clicks on it. Otherwise, you’re not charged a dime.

Using this form of advertising is helpful because it lets you target essential keywords that you can’t quite grasp with your SEO strategies yet. Even if you’re lagging behind your competition, adding a few PPC keywords can give you an advantage over them that’ll drive traffic and conversions on your site. And then, once your SEO presence is strong enough, you can either continue using PPC or adapt it to other essential keywords for an even broader reach in your market.

6. Starting and maintaining a blog

Blogs give you a chance to show that you’re a reliable authority on your industry. You can post about current events, new trends, and other news relevant to your business, and then you can promote it on social media to make sure people see it.

The key to a successful blog is sticking to a regular schedule that you use week after week. That helps people know when they can expect new content, and it also shows Google that you’re regularly updating your website. Both of those qualities provide a better user experience to help Google rank your business better.

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