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When developing an online strategy for social media platforms, over 70% of marketers name brand awareness as their top goal. Having an audience recognize your architecture firm on the Internet builds trust amongst potential clients.

Another benefit of building your brand awareness on social media involves giving your followers and subscribers more value. Relevant content keeps followers and subscribers returning for more and persuades them to choose your architecture services for their next project. 

Keep reading to get inspired by these eight social media ideas for architecture businesses. You can also sign up for our free newsletter, Revenue Weekly, to join our list of over 200,000 subscribers who receive the latest marketing tips and strategies delivered right to their inboxes! 

1. Share a day in the field

Showing your day-to-day tasks offers one way to produce content and increase site engagement on social media platforms. To capture your followers’ interest and attract new clients, consider sharing the following elements of your workday:

  • In-progress drawings or computer-aided designs (CAD)
  • Determining projects’ environmental impacts
  • Estimating costs and determining timelines
  • Preparing contracts for building subcontractors
  • Overseeing construction processes

After sharing behind-the-scenes content about how your team works on a project, interact with followers and subscribers by responding to their comments and questions. 

2. Display a before and after photo

Photos posted on social media platforms provide a way to build your credibility for your architecture services. Treat your feed like a way to share high-quality pieces of your portfolio with:

  • Drone shots of land and architecture
  • Interior and exterior images of a renovation 
  • Detailed results of floor, wall, or window detailings
  • Final results created through finishing touches

Utilize the character count allotted in comments to describe how your unique services transformed a space from start to finish, with relevant details like square footage, the timeline, and how you pleased the client. 

3. Provide project details

Posts about your projects show your company’s relevance. Drive more traffic to your uploaded content about upcoming or current projects by inserting keyword phrases into your descriptions when you post:

  • Announcements of a new project with a client
  • Blueprints or renderings of upcoming projects
  • Schedules or timelines of architecture processes
  • Plans for using materials innovatively
  • Eco-friendly or sustainable methods you use 

Switch things up every now and then by showing a throwback to a specific project you completed for a client and highlighting what worked well in the description. 

4. Livestream or host a webinar

A live video or online event such as a webinar provides a way to give your followers and subscribers helpful or engaging information. Encourage interaction amongst your audience, such as telling them to ask questions or leave comments while you livestream:

  • A job site inspection for a construction project
  • Instructional content about industry topics 
  • A reveal of a finished renovation with a walkthrough
  • An interview with an employee, client, or another architect 

Boost the attendance on your live videos by promoting the date and time in advance and offering incentives like discounts or entries into a prize raffle for participants. 

5. Show your company culture

Content about your workplace and employees gives potential and current followers a glimpse into your architecture company’s culture. Connect with clients using brand storytelling and stand out amongst others with: 

  • A detailed biography summing up your mission and services 
  • Celebrations like employee appreciation day and work anniversaries
  • Holidays your company celebrates with office decorations and events 
  • Employee testimonials about why they love working with your company
  • Volunteering and giving charitable donations to organizations you support

Share any awards your company wins, and highlight impressive milestones your employees achieve throughout the year so that your social media followers can celebrate with you. 

6. Give industry insight

Posts with valuable information show your expertise. Aim to teach past, current, and future clients with helpful instructions or data-driven content by publishing the following on your social media:

  • Current statistics about architecture
  • Insights with graphics and imagery
  • Tips for project planning and budgeting
  • How to request design and building services

Link helpful blog posts or other resources to your company’s site, so your followers can learn more after reading a snippet or condensed version on your social media platform. 

7. Post interactive content

Engaging content grabs your audience’s attention while they’re scrolling and keeps them focused on your platform longer. Persuade your audience to interact with your brand online and keep coming back for more until they turn into leads by implementing:  

  • Questions asking them to comment below the description
  • Polls asking for their design and construction preferences
  • Contests requiring them to like and share your content 
  • Promotion for using your brand’s clever and catchy hashtags
  • Quizzes, design simulators, or cost calculators on your site 

Assess the effectiveness of your interactive content by testing how many consumers click on your content, complete the requested activity, and convert into clients who hire you for your architecture services.

8. Leverage trends

Posts relating to trends allow you to gain more exposure and recognition for your company. Research current digital marketing trends to get inspired and publish content, such as:

  • Favorable color palettes and materials of the year
  • Top renovation projects to increase property value
  • Technology incorporated into new homes and businesses
  • Unique and innovative developments in construction
  • Ways to achieve the current styles or reasons why readers shouldn’t

In addition to focusing on trends, include other helpful content about creating a classic or timeless look to appeal to many audience members researching architecture. 

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