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Did you know that Google Ads drive $8 for every $1 spent?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an excellent strategy for helping you earn more clients for your property management company at a higher return on investment (ROI). But with a strategy like PPC, you may not know how to maximize your campaign to drive the best results.

With PPC for property management from an expert company like WebFX, though, you can maximize your ROAS and ROI.

With over 25 years of experience, WebFX knows how to craft PPC campaigns that help you obtain more qualified clients looking for a property management company. Keep reading to learn more about what we offer with our PPC services and find out why we’re the best option for your business!

If you’re ready to launch your PPC campaign, WebFX is prepared to help. Contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about our PPC services!

What to expect with PPC for property management from WebFX

When you choose WebFX for PPC for property management, what can you expect?

Here are a few key things you’ll get in your package:

Keyword research and development

A key component of PPC for property management is keyword research and development. For your ads to appear in relevant search results, you need to bid on the right keywords. At WebFX, we do keyword research and development to help you get your ads in front of qualified leads.

We’ll conduct keyword research to identify long-tail keywords containing three or more words to use in your ads. These long-tail keywords help you drive more qualified leads while also keeping your costs low, so you can maximize your budget.

Once we identify keywords initially, we won’t stop there. We’ll keep track of your keyword performance to determine if your terms drive results, while researching and optimizing your ads for new keywords that can drive even better results.

Ads on multiple networks

When you create paid ads for property management, you want to reach as many qualified leads as possible, which may mean advertising on multiple networks for your business.

At WebFX, we can help you launch ads on multiple networks, including:

We can help you expand your reach, so you can obtain more clients for your property management company.

Ad campaign copywriting

A big part of paid ads for property management is copywriting. Your ad copy is a critical component of your ad because it entices people to check out your ad and ultimately click. At WebFX, we know how to create compelling ad copy that entices more people to click on your ads.

We’ll help you create relevant ad copy and add ad extensions to enhance your ad’s performance.

Ad testing and optimization

Crafting paid ads for property management isn’t a once and done deal. You need to continually optimize your ads to improve their performance and help you drive better results for your property management company.

As your property management PPC company, we’ll help you test and optimize your ads to improve performance. From your ad copy to your keyword selection, we can help you continually make your ads better to increase your company’s clients.

Bid management

When you do PPC advertising for property management, you must bid on keywords. Your bid amount is the most you’re willing to pay when someone clicks on your ad. At WebFX, we include bid management to ensure you’re getting the most from your ads.

We’ll monitor your current bid amount and continually optimize it to help you get the most from your budget.

Google Analytics setup and ad tracking

When you launch your property management PPC campaign, you want to track your ad performance to ensure it’s driving the results you desire.

By partnering with WebFX, we’ll help you set up your Google Analytics account to track ad performance. We’ll continually monitor your ads to ensure they’re driving the results you desire, and if they don’t, we’ll optimize to improve them.

Lead tracking through MarketingCloudFX

When you do PPC advertising for property management, one of your main focuses is obtaining more leads for your company. You want to keep track of these leads to turn them into clients for your business.

With WebFX, you’ll get access to our proprietary software, MarketingCloudFX, to help you track leads.

Our lead tracking software enables you to understand which paid ad campaigns are driving leads for your business. You don’t need to play guessing games about which ads are working — you’ll get access to accurate data right at your fingertips.

Traffic attracted through PPC advertising yields 50% more conversions than organic advertising.

Are you leveraging PPC in your marketing efforts? Let’s get started.

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Hear What It’s Like to Work With WebFX!

Five gold stars

“WebFX has been fantastic to work with! Their knowledge and consistent communication of tasks and project milestones is exceptional. I never feel like I am being sold to and instead I am able to have conversations about specific SEO and web related topics that I was unable to have with other SEO vendors.”

Property Management Company In Pennsylvania

Why choose WebFX for property management PPC

When it comes to PPC for property management, WebFX is a top-tier PPC company that can help you obtain more clients for your company. We take a client-first approach that enables us to deliver custom campaigns built uniquely for your business.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s why you’ll want to partner with us:

We have a team of experts

When you hire a property management PPC company, you want to work with one that has experience — they should know the ins and outs of working with PPC and how to optimize campaigns to improve them.

At WebFX, we have over 28 years of experience running PPC campaigns for our clients. As a Google Premier Partner, you can feel confident that we’ll deliver campaigns that help your property management company grow online.

We offer transparency

When you invest in paid ads for property management, you want to know what you’re getting and how much it costs. You don’t want to get left in the dark and not know if a company’s services work with your budget.

That’s why, at WebFX, we offer transparency.

We publish our pricing and packages online so that you can browse them at your leisure. You can see what we offer and how much it costs, so you can determine if our packages suit your needs best.

We offer more than PPC

As you continue to grow your property management company online, you may find you need additional services to help you expand your reach. If you hire a property management PPC company that doesn’t offer other services, you’ll have to hire another company for the additional services you need.

Not only does this scenario make it harder for you to have a cohesive campaign, but it requires you to continually communicate between the companies, taking up valuable time in your day.

With WebFX, you don’t have that problem. We’re a full-service digital marketing company that offers over a dozen services besides PPC, including:

We make it easy for you to keep your campaigns under one roof, so you can contact your dedicated account representative for updates on all your campaigns.

We keep an open line of communication

When you invest in PPC advertising for property management, you want to know what’s happening with your campaign. You want to stay in the loop and know that your investment will help you obtain more leads for your business.

At WebFX, we provide you with an open line of communication, so you can always keep tabs on your campaigns’ performance. You’ll get a dedicated account representative that you can contact with questions or concerns.

Plus, your account representative will provide you with monthly reports.

We drive results

When you partner with a property management PPC company, you choose one that drives results because you’re looking to drive leads and revenue for your firm. At WebFX, we know how to craft campaigns that help our clients succeed online.

In the past five years, we’ve done the following for our clients:

  • $6 billion in revenue
  • 24 million leads
  • 7.14 million phone calls

Our client-first approach enables us to drive stellar results for our clients that help them thrive online.

Partner with a team of ecommerce masters!

WebFX campaigns have delivered more than 14,936,451 ecommerce transactions in the last 5 years

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Get started with PPC for property management today

PPC advertising is an excellent way for you to reach more qualified clients for your property management company. But creating an effective campaign starts with choosing the right PPC company. If you’re looking for a top-tier marketing company, look no further than WebFX.

Our team of over 500 marketing experts is ready to help you craft a PPC campaign that enables you to obtain more clients for your property management company.

If you’re ready to start growing your business online, contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about our PPC services!

We Drive Results for Property Management Companies

  • 24 million leads generated for clients
  • Dedicated account manager backed by 500+ digital experts

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When you partner with WebFX, we’ll conduct in-depth competitor analysis to help you outshine your biggest competitors and always stay one step ahead.

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