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2019 was the fifth year in a row that WebFX was named the #1 place to work in Pennsylvania.

Whew…what a ride we’ve been on! At WebFX, we’re always thankful for what we have, and we were thankful to have four #1 wins under our belt. We didn’t think we could be more thankful — that is, until 2019 when we were named the number one place to work in Pennsylvania for the FIFTH year in a row!

The truth is, we know that we work with the best coworkers in PA — we know that our drive is strong, our tenacity is top-notch, and that our snack wall is something to be envied. However, we’re always humbled by a win like this one, and this year was no different.

We’ve done it again! FIFTH #1 win in a row! blue arrow

Other top contenders

We were up against some pretty big names in PA and were thrilled to take the number one slot. Here are the top ten businesses in the medium business category:

  • 10 Marquette Savings Bank
  • 9 1st Summit Bank
  • 8 The Graham Company
  • 7 Goodville Mutual Insurance Group
  • 6 Global Tax Management, Inc.
  • 5 Ritter Insurance Marketing, LLC
  • 4 AWeber
  • 3 Traffic Planning and Design, Inc.
  • 2 1847Financial
  • 1 WebFX

The always-anticipated after-party

This year, we had a Snape look-alike, sweets galore, and even a pony with FX shaved into his hair! We love celebrating with the best coworkers in PA, and this was one heck of a party!