Digital Marketing Resources for Ecommerce Companies

If you’re an ecommerce business, you’re selling your products online — and you need to market them online too! These ecommerce digital marketing resources will help you get started with doing that. Plus, you’ll get an overview of ecommerce digital marketing on this page.

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Creating an Ecommerce Marketing Plan

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Ecommerce digital marketing resources

Check out some of our top articles about ecommerce digital marketing:

What is ecommerce digital marketing?

What is ecommerce digital marketing?

Let’s break it down.

Ecommerce is the practice of selling your products online, and to do so, you need a solid online presence. From SEO to ads, you need to understand how to drive traffic and how to turn those visitors into customers. As the search engines’ algorithms, user behavior, and marketing tactics change, you must constantly evolve your strategies to keep up with the fast-paced digital world.

Types of ecommerce digital marketing strategies

A well-planned ecommerce marketing strategy will help your online sales grow an exponential amount. Here’s a list of techniques to help you through the planning process!

Google Shopping ads

Utilizing Google Shopping ads is a way to get your products to the search engine results page (SERP) and drive traffic to your site. You can connect Google Merchant Center to Google Ads to have Google automatically create ads for your products. These shopping ads include the price, picture, and product page.

Remarketing with display ads

The average conversion rate on Google Shopping ads is around 2%. This percent seems low, so why take the time to create these ads?

One reason is that you can remarket them with display ads.

Reel in on-the-fence visitors. Remind them about your product on social media and other sites they visit. Seeing your product again may just change their mind to make the purchase.

Use Instagram Shopping

To improve your digital marketing for ecommerce, consider utilizing Instagram shopping. Use social media for more than just brand awareness and receive conversions through the app. After setting up a business account, you can tag your product in posts and pictures. With Instagram shopping, your followers can click on the items to see if they are interested and convert without leaving Instagram. This is a great way to provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience.

1. Show off your customer reviews

When you shop online, how do you decide if a product is good enough to purchase?


That’s what most online shoppers use to make purchase decisions.

Customer reviews are the best way to increase conversion rates and instill trust. Seeing reviews from former customers proves that you can deliver what you promised. Adding customer reviews to your product pages helps to change page views to conversions.

2. Utilize pop-ups to promote cross-selling

Pop-ups may seem annoying, but they work!

This ecommerce digital marketing tactic upsells customers by offering a deal or discount to encourage them to add another item to their cart.

3. Encourage referral marketing

This ecommerce digital marketing tactic allows you to harness the power of your fans to promote new business. Referral marketing refers to the practices of identifying your customers to tell others about how much they love your products. So, utilize that and get more customers! Potential customers trust their friends and family more than they’ll ever trust your marketing.

Tips for ecommerce digital marketing

How can you use digital marketing to promote your online store? Here are some of our top ecommerce digital marketing tips.

1. Seek out advice

Digital marketing for ecommerce is a lot to take in, and it’s okay if you feel overwhelmed. Feel free to seek out advice. Whether through your research, asking a friend, or consulting a professional digital marketing agency, you can find the support and resources you need to make your ecommerce site thrive.

2. Use personalization

Find ways to cater to your visitors based on where they are in the purchase funnel. Whether you use their name in an email or recommend products based on their history, you can move them through the purchase funnel faster.

3. Follow up post-purchase

Once a shopper makes a purchase on your website, don’t forget about them! Follow up. If they agreed to receive emails, ask them how their experience was a few days later. Use their feedback to improve the user experience for future customers. These follow-ups help to foster a two-way street of communication. Post-purchase follow-ups are an essential part of ecommerce marketing. Don’t forget about it.

4. Reduce cart abandonment

We’ve all done it. Put something in our shopping cart and then left the site and forgot about it. When this happens to you, send these customers an email. A gentle reminder can help nudge customers in the right direction.

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Ecommerce optimization is critical if you want to improve your audience’s experience on your site and increase revenue for your company. However, if you aren’t sure how to optimize your ecommerce store, WebFX can help.

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