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Welcome to WebFX

Working at WebFX means being part of an innovative community of people who are dedicated to helping our clients succeed and to our company’s POSITIVE code.

We’ve created a unique atmosphere of support that leads to coworkers becoming more like family.

Life at MansionFX

In the spring of 2014, WebFX moved into a restored mansion in Harrisburg, PA.

The riverfront property includes a gym in the basement, garden and grill out back, kitchen, desks for all employees, meeting areas, and a gorgeous sun room and walking deck at the very top.


Our large kitchen space allows room for company meetings, game nights, and Lunch ‘n Learns.

Bring Your Pet to Work Month

Benn with his dog Gorgo

Earned Media Department

A local artist painted the Harrisburg skyline.

Our View from the Top

Need a break? Go up to the roof to enjoy the view.

Game Night

Crowd around our fire pit out back to toast marshmallows and play games.

Lunch Time

Employees eating lunch and playing games in the kitchen.


Employees planting a garden with tomatoes, beans, lettuce and cucumbers.

Can You Dig It?

Employees help start the MansionFX garden


Xander leads an optional meditation time to prepare employees for the day.


We encourage our team to live well, which is why in 2015 we’ve introduced a meditation time, the ‪#‎MansionFX ‬garden, and gave each employee a FitBit!

Happiness Managed!

Heather, our happiness manager, hands out fresh basil (from our garden) tomato and mozzarella sticks.

Company Kayaks

Shane and Daniel take a midday break to go kayaking in the Susquehanna River.

Noon Workouts

What better way to break up the day then to workout in our gym doing T25 or Zumba videos.

Fun Events

At WebFX you’ll find a tight-knit group of passionate men and women who know how to work hard and play hard.

From sushi cooking classes to our annual Senators baseball game to paint and wine nights, check out some of these fun after-work activities we host for employees and their families.

Senators Baseball Game

The team enjoying our annual baseball outing.

Funny Friday

Caricature Drawings of Employees

Paint and Wine Night

Keeley and Bill painting their African safari.

Beer Tasting

Employees get together to share their favorite beers.

Company Senators Game

Shane catches a shirt at the baseball game.

Paint and Wine Night

WebFX invited an artist to teach us how to paint an African safari in honor of our FXBuilds project.

Specialty Drinks and Coffee Cart

As a reward for reaching a company goal, WebFX hired a coffee cart for a day.

Sweet Treats

Our happiness manager likes to inspire and reward employees throughout the year with sweet surprises and tasty treats.

The best way to start a day at WebFX? A full breakfast buffet with waffles, pancakes and fresh fruit!

Waffle Wednesday

Our happiness manager surprises everyone with a yummy breakfast!

Ice Cream Truck

Bill and Karie, our co-founders, surprise employees with an ice cream truck.