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Everything You Need to Know About a CRM Strategy


Today's customer relationship management (CRM) systems are far more than customer information databases — they monitor customer activity, automate marketing efforts, and give insights into business performance. CRM systems are becoming increasingly complex and crucial to business success. That's […]

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Ad Waste — Definition, Causes, and How to Prevent It


Ad waste happens when you spend money on advertising and marketing campaigns that don’t bring in any profit for your business. Every dollar matters when you spend on advertising. You want to make sure that your advertising strategies are working […]

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What is a Business KPI Dashboard? Benefits, Examples, and Tips


When running a business, customer data generated by your digital marketing efforts is your greatest ally. With a business key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard, you can make the most of your customer data and identify key trends and patterns that […]

SEO Copywriting Help That Will Earn You Better Rankings


To help your business succeed with search engine optimization (SEO), you need to publish content on your website. SEO copywriting can help you establish yourself as a thought leader and highlight your products and services to customers. SEO copywriting involves creating […]

lead enrichment

What Is Lead Enrichment? Here’s a Guide for Marketers

Lead enrichment definition: Lead enrichment is the process of collecting, analyzing, managing, and adding information to lead records to understand them better, effectively nurture them, and increase conversion rates. Picture this: Your landing page has generated a lot of leads […]

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5 Lead Routing Best Practices to Improve Lead Response Time


Lead routing definition: Lead routing is the process of automatically assigning leads among your sales representatives. Automated lead routing qualifies, sorts, and assigns leads to designated reps to improve speed to lead and nurture relationships with your prospects. How […]

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How to Recession-Proof Your Business in 2023 (+ Insights from WebFX Leaders)


Let’s be real — the word “recession” is scary. At WebFX, we’re human, and we know that the idea of a potential recession is unsettling. But we also know that a strong game plan and the right strategies can help […]

A Marketer’s Ultimate Guide to B2B Intent Data


Business-to-business (B2B) intent data definition: B2B intent data gives insights about an Internet user's intention to buy from you or your competitors based on their online behavior. Fun fact: 74% of B2B customers conduct 50% of their research online before […]

What is Data Activation and Why is It Important?


In this video, Jackie from our WebFX Marketing team will give an overview of data activation. Keep reading to find out more! Transcript: You’re probably here to find out what data activation is, so let me define it. Data […]

A team reviews their paid search strategy

7 Paid Search Strategy Tricks That Are Actually Worth Your Time

Even though people that click on ads are twice as likely to purchase a product, your company won’t see those results with a lackluster paid search strategy. That’s why businesses need to reevaluate their pay-per-click (PPC) strategies on a routine […]

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