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How to Use Screaming Frog for SEO (+ Key Features)


With so many search engine optimization (SEO) tools out there, knowing the benefits, features, and operations of each one can be challenging. That’s why finding and learning one tool can be the most helpful choice. Enter our Screaming Frog Guide. […]

10 Sales Intelligence Tools to Help You Streamline Your Sales Process


One of the best ways to streamline the process of earning and converting leads is to use sales intelligence. Sales intelligence is where you gather, organize, and analyze various types of sales data to help you learn more about your […]

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The What, Why, and How of UX Analysis

Web Design

Did you know that users are 44% more likely to develop a negative view of a company after a negative experience? Or that users are 52% less likely to engage with a company due to a bad mobile experience? And […]

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Generative AI in Search: an Overview of AI in Search Engines


Generative artificial intelligence (AI) continues to take the world by storm and become an integral part of business practices. Big companies like Google and Microsoft are no exception­­–– they’re now using generative AI in search to help enhance the online […]

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What Is Generative AI? A Tell-All Guide for Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT. Bing AI. DALL-E. You’ve heard these names thrown around online, with talks of how artificial intelligence (AI) will take over a lot of tasks. These tools, known as generative AI tools, are something you'll want to get […]

Will AI Replace Marketing Jobs? the Truth About AI Use in Marketing


Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are evolving every day. With that, new use cases are constantly emerging, causing more businesses to complete tasks with AI. This growing dependence on AI has a lot of people asking, “Will AI replace marketing jobs?” […]

Amazon Attribution: Your Guide to Amazon Attribution Links


If you sell products on Amazon, you’re always looking for ways to make more sales. To help you make more sales, you need to understand your audience and how they interact with your shop. Amazon Attribution can help you do […]

Marketing Leaders Weigh in on Top Trends Shaping the Digital Space


Research from our team shows that 53% of business leaders plan to invest more money in digital marketing in 2024. But where should you focus your time and budget to get the best results? To help you get the most […]

What to Expect from a Marketing Agency Onboarding Process


In this video, Nicole from our Strategy team will talk about what you can expect when you first partner with a marketing agency. Keep reading to learn more! Transcript All aboard the Marketing Express! Everyone make sure you have […]

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When to Hire an SEO Company: 6 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring SEO Services

Last updated: October 23, 2023 Even though 75% of businesses invest in search engine optimization (SEO), many question whether they should consider hiring an SEO company. On this page, we're exploring when and why you should hire an SEO […]

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