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7 Paid Search Strategy Tricks That Are Actually Worth Your Time


Even though people that click on ads are twice as likely to purchase a product, your company won’t see those results with a lackluster paid search strategy. That’s why businesses need to reevaluate their pay-per-click (PPC) strategies on a routine […]

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Facebook Conversions API: What It is and How to Set It Up

If you’re using Facebook ads to reach qualified leads for your business, you want to get every advantage you can to maximize results with your ads. With the Facebook conversions API (CAPI), you can help your business use your data […]

What is a Sales Pipeline and Why Do You Need It to Drive Revenue?


Sales pipeline definition: A sales pipeline is a graphical representation of a prospect's stages before purchasing a product or a service. It helps sales teams track their progress, pinpoint revenue-killing roadblocks, and prioritize their efforts to increase revenue. Are you […]

How to Detect AI Content in 2023

Content Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) detection involves the examination of media files (such as text, images, and videos) using AI algorithms to determine whether a human or an AI program created them. We can't deny that technology has revolutionized how we work, making our […]

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What Is Recurring Revenue, and How Do You Track It?

Recurring revenue is the predictable and regular income a business generates from its existing clients. It's typically derived from subscription-based services, maintenance contracts, or ongoing sales of consumable products. Say you’re the CEO of a software development company. Subscription services, […]

How to Set Up Google Alerts: 4 Easy Steps for Monitoring and Tracking


Google Alerts is a tool that helps you monitor specific topics online. Wondering how to set up Google Alerts or learn more about them and how they can benefit you? That's exactly what we're covering in this blog post! […]

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Ecommerce Conversion Rates Overview


When using an ecommerce site for your products, you want to be sure that you’re earning the most conversions possible. An ecommerce conversion rate tells you what percentage of your prospects are converting. But what is ecommerce conversion rate, really? […]

How to Use a Sales Dashboard to Increase Revenue


Imagine getting a visual representation of your sales data and performance metrics. You could track progress toward your goals and revenue targets, identify customer behavioral patterns, and make data-driven decisions. Well, it's possible with a sales dashboard. You can use […]

What is Personalized Marketing?

Conversion Rate Optimization

In this video, Patrick from our WebFX Internet Marketing team will explain the basics of personalized marketing. Keep reading to learn more! Transcript: One survey showed that more than 60% of online shoppers would cut their loyalty to a […]


Level Up Your Customer Service With a CRM

Marketing and sales are crucial to the success of any business. If you don’t market to people, they won’t buy from you. And if you don’t drive sales, you won’t drive any revenue. But your customer interactions don’t end with […]

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