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What is Content Marketing? (And How Does Content Marketing Work?) [Guide]


What is content marketing? It's a type of marketing used by more than 50% of companies. Content marketing focuses on creating and sharing resources like blog posts, infographics, and videos to help readers learn about a topic, product, or business. […]

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Marketing Design: a Complete Guide to Invigorating Your Site

Web Design

When building a business, you want to create a brand that delivers more than a product or service to your customers. Marketing design helps you deliver an experience to your customers and prospects. But what is marketing design? Marketing design […]

Is Fiverr Advertising Worth It? a Review of Fiverr Advertising Gigs


If you’ve been searching for advertising services, you’ve probably come across Fiverr, or even browsed its offerings. With all the cheap advertising services offered on the site, you probably can’t help but ask, “Is Fiverr advertising worth it?” Today we’re […]

How AI Works in Digital Marketing


Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing how we work, live, and interact with technology at a breakneck pace. AI automates jobs that typically need human intellect by analyzing massive quantities of data and employing algorithms to seek patterns, predict outcomes, and take the appropriate action. […]

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Content Marketing

4 Tips for Creating Content That Drives Sales

  Looking for top tips for creating content that drives sales and revenue? Then this page is for you! Using content as a method to drive sales is not a new tactic. But it certainly has increased in popularity […]

The Witty, the Funny, and the Inspirational: 250+ Engaging Instagram Caption Ideas to Use in 2023

A picture is worth a thousand words, but what about its caption? While Instagram may be geared toward eye-catching photos and videos, the right caption for your post can improve user engagement and entice more people to follow your brand. […]

What is Conversion Rate? CVR Meaning, Formula, and Reason to Track

Conversion Rate Optimization

When you dive into the world of marketing, you’ll hear a lot of terms thrown around that you need to know. As you sift through the sea of marketing jargon, you come across one term repeatedly: Conversion rate (CVR). So […]

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What is Data Segmentation, and Why Do You Need It?


What is data segmentation? Data segmentation is the process of dividing up your company data into different groups based on similar characteristics. When I was a kid, I loved Lego. I accumulated tons of sets, adding up to thousands of […]

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5 Steps for Creating an Integrated Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing

Integrated content marketing is a deliberate method of attracting and retaining a clearly defined audience by developing and delivering valuable, relevant, and consistent content across many media. It strives to maximize all marketing initiatives' effect and return on investment (ROI) by aligning […]

artificial intelligence statistics

30+ Artificial Intelligence Statistics for Marketers in 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a science-fiction movie concept. AI is a fast-growing technology that’s gaining popularity worldwide. Governments, enterprises, and small businesses adopt AI to streamline their processes. Organizations are turning to AI to grow their bottom line […]

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