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The 6-Step Guide to Creating a Sales Plan That Works


Since revenue is the heartbeat of every business, any respectable company will have an overarching sales plan and departmental procedures explaining how each team will do its bit to bring that goal to fruition. But what is a sales […]

How to Choose the Right Marketing Vendors for Your Business


Luna’s pet store has been enjoying moderate success since it opened. She plans to grow her small business but can’t afford to hire full-time marketers. So what’s an entrepreneur got to do? Hire a marketing agency. If you’re like […]

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What is an SEO Landing Page and How Do You Optimize One?


What is an SEO landing page? A search engine optimization (SEO) landing page is meant to attract organic search traffic relevant to one’s business and to drive conversions. Think of SEO landing pages as high-value fish bait. In a sea […]

Boost Your Conversion Rate by Following These 12 Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Trends

Conversion Rate Optimization

Did you know that only 22% of companies are happy with their conversion rates? If you’re not happy with your conversion rate, you’re not alone. Many companies look to improve their conversion rates to help boost company sales and revenue. […]


What Is Brand Positioning? How To Frame Your Brand

Brand positioning is the key to getting people to buy from your business. Your brand represents your team, values, and goals. Whether you work in software or manufacturing, your brand positioning can establish your company as the best option for […]

What is Contact Management and Why Do You Need to Invest in It?


Do you struggle to build relationships with prospects? Do you have trouble delivering messages at the right time to get prospects to convert? If so, you need to invest in contact management. Contact management helps you keep track of critical […]

What is Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Why Should You Track It?


When you run marketing and sales campaigns, what’s your ultimate goal? For you and every other business, it’s to earn revenue. But to do that, you need to drive sales. And you can’t drive sales without first having leads and […]

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5 Sales Pitch Deck Examples That Convince Prospects to Buy


A prospect has shortlisted you and requested a presentation about your business and products. Congratulations! The work doesn't end here, though. In fact, consider the next steps as the most crucial ones, as your sales presentation can make or break […]

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8 Benefits of Influencer Marketing You Don’t Want to Miss out on

Influencer marketing is more than just getting a celebrity to talk about your brand to their millions of social media followers — it’s about partnering with an influential industry figure who can help you expand your brand’s reach and much […]

LinkedIn ad types

Your Comprehensive Guide to LinkedIn Ad Types and How to Launch Them

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to promote your business, especially if you’re a business-to-business (B2B) company. But with so many different LinkedIn ad types, how do you tell the difference between them all, let alone run them? In this article, […]