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How to Use Facebook Sales to Benefit Your Business

Facebook is a popular social networking site that enables users to connect and share content with others online. While this site focuses on interactions between family and friends, it also offers opportunities for businesses to generate revenue.

In addition to in-platform advertising, you can sell products directly on Facebook to generate revenue for your business. Continue reading to learn more about this digital marketing method, and subscribe to Revenue Weekly for more innovative ways to expand your business.

4 benefits of Facebook sales

Using Facebook to sell products comes with various advantages for your company.

1. Reaching more potential customers

Facebook has almost 1.5 billion active users, making it a highly effective resource for advertising your product. By building a following, you gain access to a new pool of customers and can sell your products directly to them.

This option is attractive to potential buyers because they can stay on Facebook to make the purchase and then return to scrolling through posts. Facebook also streamlines the process by saving the customers’ payment and shipping information, enabling them to buy goods easily from your business.

2. Building your brand

Facebook has come a long way from being a site for sharing vacation pictures and inspirational quotes. Now, it offers opportunities to sell goods through Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Shops, two built-in sales platforms.

Facebook Shops allows you to build your brand by offering visual customization features. This helpful resource enables you to design your page to match your website and shape customers’ perceptions of your business.

3. Increasing your return on investment (ROI)

While Facebook sales come with selling fees, you can increase your ROI by posting on the platform for free. Starting a business account enables you to sell products and build a following for your company.

Facebook’s advanced ad targeting features also allow you to improve your ROI. These options selectively show your ads to individuals who want your products most. The ad targeting features create high-quality leads — customers who have a higher chance of purchasing your product or service.

4. Ensuring a high-quality experience

You can trust Facebook to deliver a quality shopping experience to your customers, as the platform also benefits from Facebook sales. The networking site has various policies to ensure only dependable businesses can sell goods, so shoppers will know your products are legitimate.

Facebook keeps product images and descriptions consistent to improve the overall customer experience.

3 ways to use Facebook to make sales

Now that you know the various benefits of Facebook sales, here are some ways you can use the networking platform to generate revenue.

1. Facebook Marketplace and Shops

The most direct way to facilitate Facebook sales is to use Facebook Marketplace and Shops. These platforms allow you to sell to potential customers right on the site. While they have almost the same purpose, their differences make it worth looking into using both.

Facebook Marketplace listings for Funko pops

Marketplace is well-known by individuals who wish to sell items or services as they do on Craigslist. Businesses can also use this platform for advertising products.

Facebook Shops functions more like an ecommerce site. While Marketplace is helpful for listing single products, Shops allows customers to scroll through your items and make multiple purchases.

2. Facebook ads

You can also make Facebook sales by advertising on the social networking platform. Ads appear in potential customers’ feeds in various formats, but they always have the “sponsored” distinction. These ads are successful because of reasons like:

  • Facebook’s large audience: The expansive pool of potential customers enables you to create ads that drive more leads.
  • Effective targeting: Facebook’s advanced features allow you to use factors such as location, demographics, interests, and more to increase the chances of viewers buying your products.
  • Helpful tracking features: Facebook Analytics is an excellent resource for adjusting your advertising campaign to appeal to your audience better.

You can decrease your business’s advertising costs and enhance your sales by using Facebook. Taking advantage of this platform is an effective method for increasing your bottom line and ROI.

Facebook ad for Funko

3. Facebook posts

Posting on your business’s Facebook page is a great way to inspire sales. There are several ways you can use the free post feature to increase your revenue, such as:

  • Introducing new products: Post pictures and videos about your products to encourage your followers to browse. These posts function as free advertisements.
  • Answering questions: Use your business Facebook page to host Q&As and connect with loyal customers. Your responses may be the push they need to purchase your products!
  • Hosting giveaways: The more followers you have, the greater the chance individuals will buy products from your business. Product giveaways can increase your follower count and, potentially, revenue.

Facebook post about Funko Pops

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