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"An overall unified mission towards providing world class service to our clients. Maintaining the team culture and being certain new team members are a cultural fit. The environment facilities continuous improvement and personal growth."

"At WebFX you, and your work, are truly valued. At WebFX, you don't feel uncomfortable reaching out to someone that you've never met because we're all so similar, and we're all supportive of each other. Competition is encouraged but you don't feel like you're being compared to others. The competition is more of a way to push each other to be better! I can't give enough examples of how supportive this company is."

"By looking for talented people as well as making sure their personalities and values match ours has created an amazing work family. We also have amazing learning incentives and they also care about our personal health. Even as the company continues to grow I always feel like I am making key contributions to larger projects and goals. Nothing I do feels insignificant. I leave each day feeling energized and cannot believe how quickly time flies by."

"Everyone from the owner to the intern truly cares about one another and the success of our team. Bill and Karie (our Co-Founders) ask for my advice, asks for my feedback on how they can personally perform better and then....they actually do it! I know this seems so simple, but this is why we love working here. That attention to detail, that care for us sets a fire within each new person to continue to make our team the best it can be."

"All around a wonderful place to work and wonderful people."

"Clear career path, cares about creating good work environment, awesome co-workers."

"Coming to work everyday is like coming to see your family. Even on days where I don't want to get out of bed, I'm happy to do so because I'm coming to WebFX. At my old job, I called off pretty often because it was miserable. Now, on my worst days I can look forward to coming to a place where I am valued, my work matters, and the people support me unconditionally. Working at WPFX isn't really working. It's doing what you love w/ great people."

"Decision makers genuinely want you to be happy here. Anything they do for employees is from the heart."

"Dedicated and open leadership. Career advancement opportunities. Continual growth and improvement professionally and personally. Tons of fun events."

"Each day I go to work I am reminded how blessed and honored I feel to do what I do each day. I truly love what I do and have been able to grow tremendously within the last two years. Not only have I been able to tap into my potential, but I truly enjoy putting in the hard work each day. My company recognizes my success on a regular basis, which motivates me to put in time and effort necessary for the success of my personal career and the company."

"Every employee is a valued part of the team, we have a lot of autonomy and ability to make our own decisions, lots of room for growth, great training and ongoing learning opportunities, and it's a great place to come to work every day"

"Everything that this organization does makes it a place where people would want to work. From rewarding you for learning more in the industry and for staying healthy to providing incredible educational resources and the most supportive, encouraging, helpful, and trustworthy leadership and managers, WebFX is absolutely unlike any other company. We work hard with integrity, have fun, and give back to others, and I'm so grateful to work here."

"First, this company keeps finding new and more ways to make its employees feel happy, secure and continually driven in our work. Second, this organization is continually providing new process, new tools, new incentives, and countless opportunities for its employees to achieve greater workplace skills and knowledge as well as personal goals in life. This organization has shown a true commitment to my well-being in and out of the workplace!"

"For me, by far the most incredible aspect of this place is that they truly, truly believe in and encourage you here, more than any other company I've been with or heard of. It's an awe-inspiring, incredible feeling of true empowerment. I've worked for several companies, and this is.Working here is one of the first times I've been truly proud of myself, and they've helped me do that."

"Friendly environment. Everyone goes above and beyond to help"

"Full time happiness manager, frequent company events, sponsored after hours groups, amazing office, competitive benefits and pay, flexible time off, work from home, flexible schedules, frequent promotions, constant surveys and feedback requests, tuition reimbursement, HR, tight hiring guidelines, financial reporting for all employees, macro company stats available, referral bonuses for employees friends, steady growth, engaged leadership, family"

"Great benefits, community and culture. A focus on education and self-improvement."

"Great people, no micro management, very secure environment and leadership does its best to always put employees first when they can. Clients are well vetted to match values and core, we don't take work just to grow, we take projects that we're going to be passionate about."

"Great perks (ongoing learning program, flex work time, casual dress, weekly coffee, pool table, gym, bring your pet to work month, pet-friendly work space, monthly goal rewards, parties, etc), yearly promotions and raises, charity program, plays to individual strengths, tons of initial new hire training, friendly environment, room for professional growth."

"We have a positive work environment and company culture overall."

"We have a rigorous hiring process to ensure we have the best team mates possible bc that is really want makes people want to come to work everyday - their team mates"

"We have so many programs and resources that make WPFX a great place to work that I often forgot some of them. To name a few, ongoing learning program, our happiness manager, flexible work schedule, our awesome offices and work spaces, random surprises like brunch, our own coffee barista, hiring the best people to work with"

"We have incredibly fair compensation, an impressive benefits package that continues to evolve, work that is both rewarding and challenging towards ourselves and clients, a thriving campus in the heart of a growing city (Harrisburg), and last but not least, the best team of individuals who feel like family. WebFX raises the bar every year - and that does not go unnoticed."

"I am constantly receiving encouragement from my coworkers and supervisor. I always feel the work I contribute is appreciated. I feel very valued at WebFX. I feel as though the people I am working with genuinely care about me, both in and outside of the workplace. Employees well-being matters and is a top priority. Management encourages feedback and suggestions for how to make the environment better, as well as more productive."

"I have made many suggestions that have been implemented as process improvements. Learning, Health & Fitness are all incentivized and help us be better at our jobs and in our personal lives. There is also a tremendous amount of room for growth for the company and for me as an individual (job training/promotions/etc.)."

"I have worked at other places and this is the most engaging environments that I have ever been a part of. This feels like a true creative culture."

"I never have dread on Sunday nights to go into work tomorrow - I look forward to it. There aren't enough characters for me to go into everything, but WebFX is the most wonderful place to work for these reasons (and MANY more): free coffee bar Mondays, monthly "Lunch & Learns," the Happiness Manager, company outings, support for family life (insurance/leave/flexible work hours) & progress-driven promotions. I know I am valued at WebFX."

"I was extremely nervous moving into the workforce after graduating from college 2 years ago. WebFX has helped make my transition into my professional life seamless while helping me maintain a healthy work life balance. I constantly feel challenged to grow as a young professional and I feel incredibly supported in my role here."

"Ideas are openly heard and considered. Management and leadership totally live the values and clearly communicates our company goals and I feel like a big part of the progress toward those goals. We have a program for EVERYTHING. The updates and expansion of our workspace have been amazing."

"Incentivizes ongoing learning/steps (with fitbit) (who doesn't love a free cruise/TV?); Enables me to grow in every way/incentivizes good/hard work; Applies any and all feedback when it makes sense; Flex time as to save up PTO; huge growth (rewarding to be a part of); always improving with efficiency/making job easier; incentivizes goals w/companywide trip; free coffee every Monday; free snacks everyday; super approachable leadership; great team"

"It has the "cool" factor - amazing views from the office, a barista who makes you coffee drinks every Monday morning, desks where you're able to sit or stand at - just cool features that make the day more enjoyable, also, you get intense, hands-on training for the first year of your job so you feel like you're adequately performing your work, awesome benefits and everyone in the company is super nice and friendly"

"Leadership truly cares about each employee as a person and not just a number!"

"My favorite thing about working at WebFX beyond all of the benefits and programs is feeling like I'm contributing to the success of the company every single day. I've worked at companies before where I've really questioned whether or not my role was even necessary, but at WebFX I know without a doubt that my work means something and is also appreciated by management. The feeling of self worth is more important than any benefit program."

"My manager genuinely cares about me as a person. Asks questions to better understand me as a person, and what type of work structure is most effective for me. He provides ongoing feedback and guidance in a continual effort to grow and succeed. We do great work for our clients, and there is a bigger purpose we are all working towards. The work is challenging, but the people we work with make it all worth while."

"My manager treats me with respect, I am rewarded for performing well at work, there are incentives in place to encourage me to push myself, the company is growing at such a positive rate."

"No organization could care more about their employees & about making a positive difference in the lives of others. They are constantly looking for ways to improve themselves as an employer & make this the best place to work."

Our feedback is always appreciated & acted upon & everyone is treated like a valued member of a family. I truly do feel this is a family and I feel I am a better person because I work here, both personally & professionally.

"Not only are we invested in our clients, but we're invested in our co-workers. Positivity and kindness breeds more positivity and kindness. Random acts of kindness occur every day, whether they're shout outs on our portal or a hand-written note of appreciation. There are also several events each week catered to all types of interests: books lovers, runners, gardeners, etc. We earnestly care about the company culture and our co-workers."

"Not only do they promote ongoing learning and growing as a person, but they also reward you for it. They are extremely positive and constantly coming up with ways to show that everyone in the company matters as an individual. I learn something new every single day. I feel like I contribute the company as a whole."

"One of the best things WebFX does is put a lot of thought and consideration into hiring new people. If the person is not the right fit, for any reason, they will keep looking until we have the right person. There are many other things WebFX does as well, such as community groups, company parties, food trucks, rewards for hitting our goals, and more!"

"Organizes awesome events both inside and outside of work, emphasizes ongoing learning, family-like atmosphere, happiness manager, merit-based promotions, friendly and knowledgeable management."

"Outstanding coworkers and company leadership"

"I love all of the amenities like the snack bar, etc that make life a little bit more comfortable. We have kayaks, monthly team events, free food somewhere in the office almost every day, each team has an appreciation day, we have fun events held at the office weekly. They invest in our interests and have built communities for us to connect and build friendships with team members"

"I honestly learn something new every day. I'm so lucky to have a job that I love, do what I love, and to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are motivated, thought-leading, and enthusiastic. I love everything about my job!"

"The amount that WebFX invests in its employees really shows how much they care not only about their employees and the business as a whole, but also shows how much they care about their clients. I also really value how that investment isn't just at the beginning of your career but continues through your development. This is a genuinely positive environment where people want to do their best and continue to grow and develop, it's amazing."

"The company culture at WebFX is amazing. I honestly never imagined I'd like working for a marketing agency this much. I feel like there can be a negative stigma associated with marketing and PR, but that's a stigma that this company does not confirm at all. I feel that things here are done ethically. Career advancement opportunities are transparent, clearly communicated and accessible. Everyone is so positive and committed to company goals.


"The coworkers at WebFX are the best I have ever worked with! All team member help each other continually learn and grow!"

"The culture at WebFX is insurmountable. Every employee here is valued and acknowledged for the work they put in."

"The culture is very positive, empowering, supportive, progressive, and inspiring. There is always so much more to learn and there is room for everyone to contribute. Everybody is competing against themselves and not one another. There's great work life balance, and there is so much flexibility and trust in employees. Everyone they hire inspires me to become a better person. We also have so many initiatives to give back to the world which is great"

"The organization hires hard working individuals and gives us the tools needed to succeed at our job as well as providing an amazing set of co-workers for support and guidance."

"The organization provides room to grow as an individual and professional, they provide the opportunity to progress and advance in your career at your own pace, they provide perks and benefits for both living an active lifestyle and continuing to learn by reading, and they plan social activities to get to know coworkers and create a more collaborative work environment."

"The people here is what makes it such an amazing place. You won't find another company with such positive, inspiring and brilliant coworkers and leadership. We also have CRAZY AWESOME employee programs. Usually something happens each day that makes me look forward to going to work. Coffee carts, pet offices to bring your pets, incentivised learning program, gym, paid maternity leave. Fresh organic produce is delivered each Wed. for everyone."

"There are plenty of perks, bells, and whistles that make WebFX an enviable place to work. What really resonates with me is that the people around me are positive, have a great attitude, and are generally all-around good people. It's hard to find a place to work where you feel that way about EVERYONE, so it's great to have found one."

"There is a consistent overall theme of family and working together toward a common goal. There's great transparency, great benefits, work and life balance, and everyone truly cares about each other here. There's a commitment to growth but also to keeping the culture a huge focus in growth"

"There is a ton of recognition for employees. They make sure that each employee is recognized for significant contributions and make sure that we each feel valued for the work that we do. Every day that I come in I'm greeted with a smile by my supervisor and I know that I can depend on her. There's a huge emphasis on team-building, which helps you feel like you are really a part of the family, no matter how new you are."

friendly and caring coworkers you could ever hope to work for. We are entrusted and empowered in our careers to make our own decisions, take calculated risks all to help our clients thrive. We learn, grow and give back."

"WebFX provides extensive training to employees when they first start working here. The entire team supports everyone's growth and we share in each other's successes. The company encourages ongoing learning and clearing explain how employees can grow with the company. They also include fun work events both during the day & after standard working hours for employees to have fun and mingle with each other, which contributes to the fun culture. WebFX truly cares about the happiness and successfulness of its employees inside and outside of the workplace. We have programs that promote work-life balance, ongoing learning, wellness, and family. WebpageFx fosters a positive culture and one where people are appreciated for the work that they so, both for our clients and within the company. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes and ways to make our lives easier."

"WebFX truly values its employees and their happiness. We have a happiness manager who truly gets to know each and every employee and does her best to make us happy. They drive progress with great rewards--for instance, we were all taken to a Harrisburg Senators game last night as a reward for making all of June's goals. We also have a snack wall and a coffee barista that comes in every Monday, which makes Mondays SO much more bearable."

"While all of our benefits and events are amazing, the best thing is that they truly support you as a person and want you to learn and grow. Love that we are challenged by what we do every day, and have a supportive and fun team atmosphere!"

"You are given a clear outline of what needs to be accomplished prior to your yearly review in order to get a promotion/raise."